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By now we’ve all heard the rumored swap, the subsequent denials by both front offices, and the hopeful voices of many a Lakers fan begging Mitch to “Do it!”.

I’m here to tell you why it would be a nice idea in theory, but more importantly – I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t make sense – without even touching the financial aspects of the trade.

Let’s start off with the reasons for the trade shall we?

1. Bosh is a superior player to Bynum – I know most Lakers fans, me included, see Bynum as a potential 28 & 12 guy that has showed flashes of being over the last two years before the consecutive knee injuries, but as of now he just simply is not that player… yet.

Bosh is 24 & 11 right now, has offensive range that makes Gasol look like Bynum, and is an athletic mobile defender who anchored an Olympic Gold Medal winning defense. I hate to say it, but Bosh is clearly the better player right now.

2. Bosh’s skill set meshes really well with Gasol – Gasol has more of a back to the basket game, Bosh can drive to the basket better and has more range, plus it’s safe to say that Bosh is more athletic than Gasol. This tandem works better for the Lakers than the current pairing, because right now, Gasol has to use his secondary skill set (face up game) more than his primary skill set (post up game).

This pairing allows Gasol to be naturally more effective than the current one.


Dwight had a few words about our own, Cannon Brown, as well as some other thoughts on the dunk contest.

NBA FanHouse: With Howard saying he’s bowing out, he mentioned three dunkers he would like to see battle for the title. “Shannon Brown, Derrick Rose, DeMar DeRozan (a rookie who shares an agent with Howard in Aaron Goodwin) might be in it,” he said. “Those are the only three I can think of.”


This is incredible. To think of all the great teams in the league history, especially the Celtics (yes, give them credit), it’s amazing to get to this milestone! Purple n Gold!

Lakers BasketBlog: Time to self-congratulate.57643338

The Lakers became the first franchise in NBA history to reach 3,000 wins after a tough win in Dallas on Wednesday night.

Win number 3,000 snapped a four-game road losing streak for the Lakers and improved the 2009-10 squad to a league-best 30-9 record.

In Minneapolis, the Lakers won 457 times in the 1950’s, leaving 2,542 victories in Los Angeles, where the franchise moved prior to the 1960-61 season.

They’ll go for 3,001 against the Clippers on Friday night.


Kobe lit a fire up under Ron and Odom; who both contributed in the biggest win of the season against the Mavericks last night!

L.A. Times: Bryant spoke to Odom and Artest earlier in the day, later providing a synopsis of what he said. “What the hell are you guys waiting for? You’ve been sitting around, waiting for me to bail your [butts] out all the time,” Bryant said. “Get going. It makes us a better team. Don’t worry about me. You’ve got to be aggressive.”


Yahoo! Sports: Kobe Bryant went from having a slow night because of a sore back to nailing the go-ahead jumper with 28 seconds left, lifting the Los Angeles Lakers to a 100-95 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night in a matchup of the top two teams in the Western Conference.

While the Lakers became the first NBA team to reach 3,000 wins, Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki became the 34th player in league history to score 20,000 points when he hit a 14-foot jumper early in the fourth quarter. He scored 15 of his 30 points in the quarter, including a tough 3-pointer that tied it at 95 with 42.5 seconds left. He also grabbed a season-high 16 rebounds.

Bryant played only nine minutes in the first half and was hardly part of the action while in the game. He scored eight points in the third quarter, but made only 1 of 4 shots in the final period—the one that counted the most, a 20-footer over Josh Howard with 28 seconds left that made it 97-95.

Dallas’ Erick Dampier missed a pair of free throws that could’ve tied it. After Los Angeles’ Andrew Bynum made 1 of 2 foul shots, the Lakers double-teamed Nowitzki in the corner, forcing him to pass. Howard ended up taking a wild shot.

Continue reading ‘Kobe’s late basket lifts Lakers past Mavs 100-95′


The Lakers put an end to their four game road losing streak with a 100- 95 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night.

The Lakers played the best they have on the road in quite some time. They shot and took care of the ball much better than in any of the previous four losses, and finally played efficient enough defense to hold a team under 100 points as they allowed the Mavericks to score only 95 points on 43% shooting.

Still bothered by his back spasms, Kobe was forced to sit much of the first half.

The rest of the team led by Lamar Odom and Ron Artest provided a nice balanced attack to keep us in the game for when he was able to return in the second half.

Our far too often inconsistent bench finally showed up tonight as well. They were plus 10 to the Mavericks bench and made up for the continued struggles of Derek Fisher, who shot a miserable 1-8 for only 3 points on the night.


The (29-9) Los Angeles Lakers conclude their Texas two-step in Dallas to face the (25-12) Mavericks for the third time this season.

The Lakers lost to the Spurs and are now looking to snap a four game road losing streak. Some people in the media have decided to start the negative talk about the Lakers; that the team is in trouble as well as all of the other faults of the team. It has gotten to the point in some circles that some people have to be talked off of the ledge.

True Lakers fans and true NBA fans realize that an NBA season isn’t a sprint to the finish, it is a marathon. A road that is filled with pot holes, roadblocks, injuries, set backs and other obstacles. Veteran teams like the Lakers with a tremendous amount of experience and leadership have been there before can and will endure.

The fact of the matter is that the Lakers lost a game without Pau Gasol, a banged up Kobe Bryant not finishing the game, but it counts as only one loss. There were some negative things that came out of that loss, but there were some positives such as Andrew Bynum’s performance (23 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 blocked shots) almost matching Tim Duncan’s numbers. Kobe Bryant knocking down seven of his ten shots before exiting early, and Lamar Odom’s 12 rebounds and 5 assists.

The Lakers have split the two games with the Mavericks this year. However, the last game against Dallas was an outstanding 35-point beat down; the Lakers shot 63% from the field, 58% from behind the arc, but it really wasn’t a true representation of that team. The Lakers at home put together a great effort and caught the Mavericks on an off night. Tonight’s game will be tougher. Dallas does a good job of doubling and rotating defensively, the Lakers have to use excellent ball movement and excellent player movement to out-work this team.


Kobe will talk the talk and walk the walk. And then there is Garnett…

Yahoo! Sports: According to his peers, Kevin Garnett is the biggest trash talker in the NBA.

“Sports Illustrated released the results of a new poll that asked NBA players who was the league’s biggest trash talker,” wrote Alan Hahn of Newsday. “Super-intense Kevin Garnett took first place by a landslide of 62 percent out of 173 NBA players polled. Kobe Bryant (7%) was second, followed by Rasheed Wallace (5%). Fourth on the list was Nate Robinson (3%), who tied with Paul Pierce.”


Kobe isn’t panicing about all the injuries. Here is what he had to say…

L.A. Times: Bryant was asked if he was concerned about his team’s injuries.

“No,” Bryant said. “It’s part of the business. I won’t allow my guys to even think about that or have the attitude. Pull up your boots, get ready to play.”

Bryant said he was “pretty sure” that he would play Wednesday night against the Mavericks.

He said he knew he faced a difficult flight from San Antonio to Dallas Tuesday night.

“It doesn’t make it easier,” Bryant said, trying to smile. “I’m not going to drive my [butt] to Dallas, that’s for sure.”

The Lakers have lost four consecutive road games, three by double-digits They have lost three of their last four games Dallas won’t be any easier.

“This is just a period in the season right now where it’s a tough stretch,” Bryant said. “But you have those every once in a while.”


The Lakers continued to struggle on the road as they got beaten by the Spurs Tuesday night. The Spurs pretty much controlled this game after the first five minutes, holding at one point a 20 point lead.

The Lakers made a late run in the fourth to make the game interesting, but the Spurs finished with the final run to rout the Lakers.

The Spurs bench really stepped up tonight with four players scoring 8 or more off the bench. Parker and Duncan killed the Lakers tonight as they combined for 47 points. As a team the Spurs shot over 57% from the field, one of the highest the Lakers have allowed in quite some time.

San Antonio had 29 assists to only 10 turnovers, whereas the Lakers had 13 assits to 14 turnovers.

The Lakers just weren’t in sync tonight as the Spurs got their hands on more loose balls and hit the open jumpers.

Now, the bests of the day…


Here are some small updates on some injuries the Lakers have. Add Ron, Odom, Sasha and Kobe to new-injuries list; the bug has hit the team, unfortunately, officially.

Thanks to the tweets of Kevin Ding

  • Phil thinks Kobe will play in DAL tomorrow. About Pau playing: “It’s up to him.”
  • Phil says Artest’s sprained right index finger makes him questionable for tomorrow in DAL.
  • Artest shot 3 for 12 and hobbled off court just now favoring right foot (plantar fasciitis).
  • Trainer Gary Vitti hasn’t been on Lakers bench, presumably back in locker room dealing with Kobe’s back.
  • Besides Kobe’s right index finger, Odom is still wearing tape over his sprained right index and middle fingers.
  • Sasha (strained rt hamstring)


This is NOT good news. Maybe the ONE injury Kobe can’t play through…

O.C. Register: Kobe Bryant didn’t play in the fourth quarter Tuesday night in the Lakers’ loss to the Spurs after back spasms flared up in the first quarter.

Bryant still scored 16 points on 7-of-10 shooting and had three assists in 32 minutes. But after playing through a fractured index finger that continues to give him some problems, Bryant sat down for a chance because of the back.

Bryant headed to the locker room late in the first quarter with back spasms and re-emerged for the second quarter after getting his back loosened by core-strength specialist Alex McKechnie, one of the Lakers’ trainers. Bryant periodically showed signs of immobility and then seemed to stiffen up late in the third quarter.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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