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It seems that Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum will play tomorrow, while Luke Walton has a pinched nerve in his back which will keep him out with no return date as of now. Thanks to this information from tweets from O.C. Register’s Kevin Ding and L.A.Times’ and Mike Bresnahan.

On Kobe

Guess the rest agreed with Kobe. He is in full team scrimmage right now … And his team just won on Fish jumper.

Kobe and Bynum practiced today, will play tomorrow against Warriors. Luke Walton, however, being shut down indefinitely because of back pain

On Bynum

Bynum says less pain in bruised hip and he will play tomorrow vs. GSt, tho he didn’t feel great during scrimmage.

On Luke

Walton has same pinched nerve in back and — to be frank — is unlikely to help rest of season. Could affect trading Morrison.


Here is the latest rumors involving the Lakers, Bulls and Blazers…

Yahoo! Sports: The Portland Trail Blazers were telling teams over the weekend they had a chance to acquire Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and wondered whether teams might have an interest in obtaining him. This prompted several executives to suggest the Blazers were working on a three-team trade, including one Eastern Conference general manager who had been told the elements of the package included Thomas and Vujacic to Portland, the Bulls’ Kirk Hinrich to Los Angeles and the Lakers’ Adam Morrison, another expiring deal and a first-round pick to the Bulls.

“What has, or will kill this,” one GM said, “is that Portland just won’t take Vujacic on.” The Lakers guard is owed $5.5 million next season.

More so, here is a secondary source breaking it down even further:

ESPN: The word out of the All-Star Game late Sunday had the Lakers recruiting the Portland Trail Blazers as a third team in trade talks with the Bulls. According to one source familiar with the discussions, the Lakers would get Hinrich, the Bulls would get Adam Morrison, Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw and Juwan Howard and the Blazers would land Tyrus Thomas and Sasha Vujacic. Such a deal would lessen the amount of money the Lakers would be adding to their payroll next season.


Pau wins back-2-back European player of the year awards!

The Global and Mail: Spaniard Pau Gasol has been voted European player of the year for 2009, winning the award for the second year in a row, the governing body FIBA Europe said on Monday. The 2.15-metre centre won an NBA championship title with the Los Angeles Lakers and followed that up by helping Spain to win their first European championship gold medal in Poland in September. Gasol came in ahead of Germany’s Dirk Nowitzki and Serbia’s Milos Teodosic in the voting by fans and a panel of experts


Kobe was named after a steak, now kids being named Kobe after a basketball legend is becoming common.

Press Enterprise: When Kobe Bryant’s team emerged from a timeout trailing by one in the final seconds of a USA Basketball intrasquad game almost three years ago, more was at stake than just bragging rights among some of the sport’s biggest stars.

Riding on the outcome of that final possession was also the name of a Sacramento couple’s first-born son.

If Bryant sank the game-winning shot, Derrek Gillespie’s pregnant wife promised her husband he could name their boy after his basketball idol. If Bryant either missed or didn’t shoot, Renay Gillespie won the right to choose any name she wanted.

They shook hands to seal the wager. Twelve days later, Kobe Adrian Gillespie was born.

“I always wanted to name my son Kobe because his work ethic and will to be the best are traits I want in my son,” Derrek said. “My wife wasn’t too thrilled about the name at first, but now she’s become a big Lakers fan and a big Kobe fan. She’s happy with it now.”

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If anything’s been made clear over this past week regarding our team’s stellar play, it’s not that we don’t need Kobe – it’s that we don’t need Bynum. So… Bynum for Bosh right? Not quite. Think less raptor, and more bull. What? Chicago Bull. Make that bulls.

For the last several years, many Laker fans have fanatically clamored for the services of Kirk Hinrich, and only up until this year have the stars come as close to aligning as they ever have before in this pursuit. The Lakers now have at their ready-disposal the expiring deals of both Morrison and Farmar while the Bulls have on their end a strong desire to clear some extra salary cap space for this summer’s free agent fest. And in all actuality, adding a capable defender and solid shooter like Hinrich would only further cement our Championship-repeating chances and alleviate some of our deficiencies in speedy-point-guard-defense.

But my question is… why stop with one Captain? Could it be, in our mad haste and obsession with the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, we’ve totally forgotten about another effective captain who was once able to man his own ship full of wild animals in the midst of a great storm? Why yes, I’m talking about that crazy, animal-loving-son-of-a-gun, Noah. Joakim that is.


This is respect where its due, and for Kobe, its been due for a while now. Congrats Black Mamba!

Kobe Bryant, a 13-time All-Star, 4-time NBA champion and a 1-time NBA MVP and Finals MVP. What is it that this man has done in his career that has all the fans wooing and going crazy when ever he steps on the court?

Well how about establishing himself as one of the most, if not, the most clutch player in this history of the game. Whether he is 1-12, 8-20, or 0-36, he will take the last shot of the game and he will get it in. It is that killer instinct that fuels him to stick the dagger into the hearts of the opponents and to tell the crowd to sit down and be quiet (on the road).

He has been able to add four rings to his basketball records, 13 All Stars (missing All Star 2010 because of injury) and not to mention the fact that he will light up anyone that guards him. He has had over 100 40+ point games and a few 60+ point games including his 3 most famous ones, an 81 point game against the Toronto Raptors setting a record for second most points scored right after Wilt’s 100, 61 points in Madison Square Garden which set an all time record for most points in that building, and his 62 points in 3 quarters against the Dallas Mavericks which is really mind blowing!

Now he might not be as popular as LeBron in terms of media and commercials but has that stopped Kobe from achieving his goals of becoming the best he can be and win more NBA Championships? Well no, in fact, it has been an advantage for him because that way he isn’t distracted by all the cameras and flashing lights.

Kobe earning this honor is not only big for him, but big for LA and the Laker fans. The man that represents this wonderful franchise has been named player of t


Live reactions from the web during the 2010 NBA All-Star Game!


One reports suggest the Lakers are talking trades with the Blazers.

Yahoo! Sports: The Lakers have tried to move Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic to shed some salary before Thursday’s trade deadline. One league source the Lakers have even had discussions with one of their Pacific Division rivals: the Blazers. The Blazers, the source said, seem more focused on landing a big man.


The Mavs picked up Caron Butler in a trade today; a trade which that makes the Mavs on the same level as the Lakers, says Kobe.

ProBasketball Talk: Kobe, does the trade put the Mavericks on par with the Lakers?  “No question,” Kobe said Saturday when asked by our girl Gina Miller whether the trade moves the Mavs to the Lakers’ level. “I hate to say it, but it’s true. … Trust me, I don’t like it by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s a great move by (Dallas). It pains me to say it. But you guys made two great pickups.”


Shannon talked briefly about his dunk contest dunks…

Twitter: Brown was just as surprised as we were that he missed his first 360. He was disappointed, but still enjoyed himself overall.

Twitter: Brown said that on Kobe’s alley-oop, he was going to bring the ball down to windmill, but was too high in air & had to go early.


Not the best of dunk contests.

With the dunk contest minutes away, people anticipating Shannon’s first dunk and awaiting to see what he will do. Shannon walks in as the fan favorite, DeMar DeRozan walks in after winning the dunk in the previous night, Gerald Wallace enters as the most athletic of the group and Nate enters the dunk contest looking to capture his 3rd title.

Shannon walks onto the court showered with cheers and applause. With Shannon’s first dunk, he starts at the back court and takes a run up, with a 360 spin in mid air, it looked great till he flunked the dunk. Catching the ball, he walked over to the back court again, looking like he will attempt the same dunk but this time as he reached the free throw line, he jumped up with the ball in the right hand but changed to the left in mid air. That dunk gave him a score of 37.

His second attempt was something to look forward to, because not only would it be better than his first dunk, but to see how Kobe’s participation in the dunk would help Shannon. So starting at mid-court, Shannon takes a run and approaching the baseline, jumps up from an alley-oop from Kobe and Shannon finishes ferociously with the left hand, but sadly, it was a matter of too little too late as he received a score of 41, his final score was 78 which Gerald Wallace also received.

The final showdown was between the 2 time dunk contest winner, Nate Robinson and the rookie DeMar DeRozan. Nate would win with 51% of the fans’ votes and captured his 3rd dunk contest trophy.

The Dunk Contest for this year was a disappointment overall, nothing new and original was displayed in the dunks and maybe that after so many years of the dunk contest, it is hard to come up with anything new that will keep the fans guessing what will happen next.

Charles Barkley was right when he said “maybe no one should in it”. But since someone has to win, it was Nate.

All the hype around Shannon seemed to have been in vain as he failed to surprise the fans. But keeping in mind, it was his first dunk contest in the NBA and as long as he stays a Laker, nothing lost and nothing gained.

By the way, next year’s All Star is at the STAPLES Centre in Los Angeles and I’m sure dunking in font of the hometown fans would give Shannon the motivation to do better. Let Shannon Dunk Next Year!


Kobe gave his thoughts on who will win the ASG ’10 MVP.

ESPN: With the reigning MVP of the All-Star Game sidelined for this year’s event, who will win the honor this year?

“Dirk,” Kobe Bryant said Saturday. “He should, he should come out and play the way he plays in Dallas.”

Bryant shared MVP honors last year with Shaquille O’Neal, but will miss the game with a sore left ankle. Western Conference coach George Karl tabbed Mavericks forward Nowitzki to replace Bryant in the starting lineup.

Bryant believes the All-Stars will follow usual game tradition of trying to set up the hometown player.

“I certainly would,” Bryant said. “He should go out there and just play his game. He’s well deserving.”



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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