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Phil on Pau… no other way to put it.

ESPN: In the Lakers’ last two losses, a three-point overtime loss in Miami on Thursday and a five-point loss in Dallas 10 days ago, production from Los Angeles’ three-time All-Star Pau Gasol was conspicuously absent.

Gasol, who is averaging 17.0 points and 11.1 rebounds this season, averaged 10.5 points and 7.5 rebounds in the two losses while playing his normal amount of minutes (33.5 minutes in the two games as opposed to his season average of 36.6).

“I really don’t like to talk about that aspect of a person’s game … other than the fact that he’s been weak and sickly,” coach Phil Jackson said before the Lakers played the Bobcats on Friday, setting up the delivery of the jab with a pregnant pause.

When asked to clarify, Jackson said that Gasol has been feeling “under the weather” and he will have to monitor his 7-foot power forward’s playing time.

“I’ll start to work the bench a little more and see if I can’t spell some minutes for these guys,” Jackson said.

After Thursday’s loss, Jackson reserved judgment on Gasol, simply saying, “He just had a tough night tonight.” Gasol, while stretching out on the Time Warner Cable Arena court before the game, acknowledged that he has been affected by a cold.

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A little info on Shannon Brown and his contract situation…

RealGM: Shannon Brown, his agent Mark Bartelstein and the Lakers all know that it would be advantageous to opt out and get another deal before this contract is up after the 2011 season.

The collective bargaining agreement will expire after that 2011 season, and there have been threats of a lockout by the NBA owners.

If Brown opted out of his deal this summer, the Lakers would own his “Early Bird” rights and could sign him to a deal for up to five years and up to as high as the mid-level exception; the current mid-level exception pays $5.8 million in the first year.

“We’ll look at that at the right time,” Bartelstein said. “Shannon loves it in L.A., and that’s where he wants to be.


This is very cool…

ESPN: It’s safe to assume that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant haven’t talked privately about giving the world what it wants – the dream NBA Finals matchup between James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. But in January, the two superstars talked about giving another gift to the basketball world, or at least to the basketball world’s greatest players.

James and Bryant decided to buy each member of the 2010 NBA All-Star team a pair of custom-made “Beats by Dr. Dre’’ Monster headphones. James bought them for his 12 Eastern Conference teammates, while Bryant did the same for the 14 other Western Conference all-stars.

Speaking via blackberry, James and Bryant settled on getting Dre’s $350 “Studio’’ version headphones. They then contacted Dr. Dre and asked him to customize each set of headphones by making them in the All-Star colors (blue for the East, red for the West) and putting each player’s number on them. That cost an extra $100 per set.

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It looks like Fisher wants to finish his career as a Laker; despite this summer the Lakers having 3 free agents in Farmar, Brown, Fish.

L.A. Times: Fisher, who will be 36 next season, will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.  Fisher has been on record saying he wants to continue his career with the Lakers. He’s in the last year of a deal that pays him $5.048 million.


It’s called the “charity stripe” for a reason. It is an opportunity to score freely in a game; no arms flailing about to hinder your vision, no opponents chasing you down, little disturbance on the court while other players wait until your release before they make any movements, etc. Free throws are basically complimentary points.

The only catch is… you have to make them.

Not every player in the league is savvy at the free throw line. Many, like Shaquille O’Neal who is shooting just under 50%, certainly are not. In 53 games, he has missed 124 free throws — 124 points! Some players do have the touch from the line. Steve Nash is the best free throw shooter in the NBA at 94%. In 62 games, he has only missed 11!

In light of another loss, the Lakers should take some time to think long and hard about how they let this game against Miami get away from them. A close-fought battle, this game could have gone in either team’s favor. The Heat led by nine points in the second half, which the Lakers retaliated with a late run. More timely shots from clutch-ready Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher gave the Lakers an opportunity to take this game at the end of regulation.


Ron is gaining confidence and that is going to be much needed in the playoffs!

O.C. Register: Ron Artest was wondering out loud about what kind of numbers Dwyane Wade wound up with against Artest and the Lakers on Thursday night. So I offered Artest the box score I had in my hand.

He took it and studied it, and even though Wade’s season-high 14 assists stood out, that 9-for-21 shooting and those six turnovers weren’t too pretty. So it was odd that Artest ended up making a gruff, unhappy noise before dumping the box score inside his locker, smiling a little with some embarrassment.

Artest was actually dissatisfied to see that he had failed to get a single rebound in his 44:52 to playing time. That’s what prompted him to grunt in dismay.

Overall, though, Artest sang a pretty cheerful note, even though the Lakers lost. He has an incredible 16 steals in his past three games against Carmelo Anthony, Danny Granger and Dwyane Wade. (Artest played a few shifts guarding Quentin Richardson but spent nearly his entire Thursday night on Wade.) Artest expressed excitement about just how quick he’s feeling post-plantar fasciitis and at a lighter weight suggested by Lakers trainer Gary Vitti.

“I’m feeling really good; I feel really, really positive,” Artest said. “I’m just happy that my feet are moving.”

He got left behind a few times by Wade, but Artest noted: “Not everybody’s Dwyane.” Artest suggested that if he could hang this well with Wade, imagine what he will do as the season moves on against anyone “who is not as quick.”

“Beware,” Artest said. “To everybody, beware.”

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Description: The Los Angeles Lakers are the defending world champions. Gold runs in their blood. As they make their final push towards the post-season and a 2nd consecutive NBA title, there will be those to stop them.


The Lakers made a great late comeback to put the game in overtime, but it wasn’t enough Thursday night as the Heat made the final run.

Kobe Bryant did all you could ask for as he brought us back making incredible shot after incredible shot. He also should have won us the game, but the refs blew a big call late as Wade fouled Kobe in the closing seconds of the fourth.

Six Lakers hit double figures, shooting over 50% for the game and even higher in the second half.

The downside tonight, aside from the loss was the lack of ball movement. The Lakers only had 15 assists all night as they watched Kobe take over.

Wade didn’t particularly hurt the Lakers tonight even though he had 27 points and 14 assits. The Dagger came from Richardson who hit a guarded three to put Miami up two as he finished with 25 points.

Now, the bests of the day…


The (46-15) Los Angeles Lakers are on the road playing the first of a 3-game road swing against the (30-31) Miami Heat.

No one can forget how the game ended the last time these teams played on December 4th 2009. Just for the few who missed it; the Lakers were down by two with 3.2 seconds left, Kobe was prepared to drive to the basket and tie the game, his foot slipped when he got the ball, Miami’s defense forced him into taking an off balance three point shot that he banked off the glass at the buzzer to cap a 33 point effort and give the Lakers a 108-107 victory.

Bryant’s game winning shot was one of his four buzzer beaters this season. These teams have played several close games, but these are two different teams than the ones that face off in December. The Lakers have the best record in the Western Conference and the Heat are hovering around .500 once again and fighting to make an appearance in the postseason.

The Heat are scoring and allowing 95 points per game, they are 15-14 at American Airlines Arena, and 6-4 in their last 10 games. The Lakers have won eight of their last 10 games.

The difference for the Lakers, once they limits their turnovers, has been consistency, execution down the stretch, and defense.

Ron Artest has played outstanding defense, it is time to gloss him with the nickname ‘the Sheriff’ due to the way he has been locking players up.

It would be a travesty if Ron Artest name, like coach Phil Jackson’s when it comes to Coach of the Year awards, name isn’t mentioned. He has to be in consideration for the Defensive Player of the Year. It might not have been immediate, but he has shown what type of advantage he can bring to the Lakers.


Jeanie spoke about Phil and how this is a very different situation than that of 2004.

ESPN: “Phil, I don’t think was ready to leave, I wasn’t ready for him to go. There was some tension that is now being repeated in the media,” she said. “It’s convenient to bring all that up again because Phil is in his last year of his contract and it’s almost like déjà vu, but it’s nowhere near the same situation. I think that while there was some tension back in 2005, there isn’t that tension that exists today.”

Roland Lazenby authored a book about Jackson, “Mind Games: Phil Jackson’s Long Strange Journey.” Recently, Lazenby suggested at, that tension amongst Buss family members might prevent Jackson from returning for the 2011 season.

While not addressing Jackson’s contract specifically, assuming history will repeat itself would be a mistake, Buss said. “Phil got to come back and on completely different terms than when he left. That was an interesting part of the drama, and so I can see where it’s convenient to bring that up again.”

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Ron’s defense has been absolutely everything it was hyped up to be. He’s proven himself in big games and has played very superb defense all season. The question is, do you think it’s enough to win D.P.O.Y.?

Here is a look at his recent defensive efforts:

  • A.Iguodala 5-15 ( 13 pts)
  • S.Marion 5-11 (10 pts)
  • R.Gay 7-17 (17 pts)
  • P. Pierce 4-9 (11 pts)
  • C. Maggete 4-13 ( 17 pts)
  • C. Anthony 7-19 (21 pts) 8 to’s
  • D. Granger 2-9 (9 pts) 4 to’s

Even ESPN has this to say (ranked #2 on their list):

ESPN: Ron Artest, Lakers: If you need proof of his work, hit play on the DVR and watch how he frustrated Carmelo Anthony on Sunday when the Lakers topped the Nuggets. (Last week: 3)


What influenced Artest to lose weight? The fact that he could become a better defender… that and Gary Vitti.

O.C. Register: As if Lakers trainer Gary Vitti wasn’t doing enough in building Kobe Bryant’s bionic index finger and selling Jerry Buss on the need to insure Andrew Bynum’s fragile knees by re-signing Lamar Odom, now we can credit Vitti for colossal midseason improvement in the Lakers’ team defense.

It was Vitti who suggested to Ron Artest that he lose some weight.

Artest took the advice – and took it to his customary maniacal lengths, going to jog at 2 or 3 a.m. some nights to make sure it happened. Not only has the lighter load at 255 pounds eased Artest’s plantar fascia pain, it logically has enabled those feet to move far faster than early in the season, when he peaked at 268.

Since the All-Star break, Artest has been a titan for the Lakers on defense, bringing back his original calling card and making it look like it could be the Lakers’ trump card this season.

“Getting back to how I know how to play,” Artest said Tuesday night after throttling Indiana’s Danny Granger in the Lakers’ victory.

The old Artest is who he expects to be come playoff time, when he plans to be down to 250 pounds. Yet in another sense, Artest wants to give the Lakers a new Artest.

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Being a fan of Modern Family, this makes me VERY happy.

O.C. Register: The final score of the Lakers-Pacers game might have been laughable, but the real funny stuff came afterward when Kobe Bryant filmed a segment of “Modern Family,” the ABC comedy.

Bryant, who has appeared on, among others, “Sesame Street,” “Moesha,” “In the House” and “Sister, Sister,” will be playing himself on an upcoming episode of the new comedy that centers on three unique families.

“I’m just winging it,” Bryant said of his acting. “I’m playing myself, so I can be myself. I can be a smart (expletive.)”

Modern Family stars Sofia Vergara and Ty Burrell filmed a segment for the upcoming show during the Lakers’ popular in-game “Kiss Cam,” with Vergara planting a kiss on Burrell, whose character has a not-so-subtle crush on Vergara’s Gloria.

Stay tuned.


Shannon will play through a minor injury.

O.C. Register: “I jammed it or sprained it or something,” Brown said. “I don’t know if I bent it or jammed it. It just hurt.” Brown said the thumb injury wouldn’t keep him out of any games on the Lakers’ upcoming three-game trip, starting with Miami on Thursday. “I played the rest of the minutes tonight, so I don’t think I’ll miss any games,” he said.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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