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It looks like Pau has an idea of what is needed to get their offense going…

NBA FanHouse: “Kobe is a great player, the best offensive player out there … but at the same time, we need to find some balance with our interior game, develop it a little more, moving the ball and changing sides,” Gasol said gingerly, knowing he was treading on sacred territory by questioning Bryant and the offense of coach Phil Jackson. “We need to get focused on that a little more, to find balance, to find some flow.”


It’s been 217 games since the Lakers have had a 3 game losing streak. With a loss to the Magic, that streak is no longer. The fellaz dissect this team, and discuss if the Lakers poor play is simply a bad stretch, or something internal that has the Lakers off their A game.

The Lakers held a meeting to clear the air, and Kobe spoke up, Bynum says the team is angry at each other, Phil says Pau looks sickly, and J.R. Smith is going at Kobe again via Twitter.

The guys are not buying Lebron’s respect for Michael Jordan, and Dan Patrick asks Kobe if its possible that he opts out this summer.

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The Lakers must’ve forgotten what happened the last time they were in Orlando. They forgot that in their last visit with Dwight Howard and company, they played like the better team, the more experienced group of players, the ones who wanted the championship the most. They forgot what helped them win last year — that collective effort on both sides of the court, a fearlessness to stand up to the defensive player of the year, and the intelligence and heart to know what the outcome of the game would be before tip-off.

Those were Lakers that have shown up this season every so often, but not often enough to let even themselves believe they could hoist that Larry O’Brien trophy again, not if they continue to play like this.

The Magic remembered. They remembered how they got blown out in the first game of the Finals at Staples center by 25 points. They remembered the Lakers celebrating the championship on their homecourt.

The Magic remembered… but the Lakers have forgotten.

A win against Orlando might’ve been a small bite-size of redemption from the first two losses on this road trip. Despite the unbelievable number of fouls called on both Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard, it appeared to be anyone’s game in the first half with both the Lakers and the Magic shooting under 40% from the field.

The Lakers had only four turnovers to the Magic’s eight, in the first half, a welcome stat considering the Lakers’ horrible turnover tendencies in the last few games.

Kobe Bryant also seemed to have found his shooting touch.


In this edition, someone was gracious enough to put together this gem. I’d like to hear your thoughts on all the antics including a ball fake to Kobe’s face (unnatural basketball act Mr. Stu Jackson?). Sound off on the antics of Matt Barnes (which Barnes wasn’t even ejected).

Bryant had this to say about Barnes in the post-game:

“Um … uh … (long pause, smiling) … He’s entertaining.”

Barnes had this to say on his twitter after the game:

Twitter: Haters I wanna thank all u please keep it cumin. U lucky I can’t cuss no more but I still luv u guys. I told u 2day was gonna b a good day


Just a note on what an unbelevable effect Pau Gasol has had on the Lakers since their acquisition of Gasol back in February of 2008.

In 217 games with Pau Gasol, the Lakers, for the first time, have lost 3 straight games.

This should be indicative of how fortunate the Lakers are to have Pau Gasol; despite the harsh criticism from the media and fans, at times.


So Ron Artest interacted with his fans on twitter and donned this specialized hair style during the game against the Magic.

Despite the loss, you have to admire his uncanny hairstyle and a potential way to draw in energy to the Lakers.

His hair consisted of a Laker gold color, with “DEFENSE” inscribed around his head in three different languages.

The Lakers lost to the Magic but played inspired basketball, including a tough resiliency down to the last missed shot.

What are your thoughts on Rodman’s Artest’s hair?


The (46-17) Los Angeles Lakers are in Florida, attempting to avoid losing three straight games for the first time in two years in an NBA Finals rematch against the (43-20) Orlando Magic.

The Lakers have staggered through this road trip allowing a win to slip through their fingers against the Heat and an embarrassing effort in their annual struggle with the Charlotte Bobcats.

The recent losses suffered by the defending Champs can be attributed to the Lakers not playing like a defending Champion; not playing with a sense of urgency, not matching the intensity of their opponents, not taking care of the basketball, being allergic to the free throw line, settling for too many jump shots, and not enough bench support.

There is nothing more disgusting then seeing our Lakers beat themselves with mental mistakes.

The Lakers has had close games and struggled against the Heat and Bobcats for a few years, however that is no excuse for losing back-to-back games to a couple of .500 basketball teams.

They have several questions to answer, to include their now porous team defense as well as hearing and reading about them being written off as a team that will fall early in the playoffs. The questions are getting louder by the day and will continue to be out there until the Lakers consistently play well and silence their critics. It’s clear to see that the Lakers aren’t playing their best basketball, but the reality is that the team has 19 games to turn things around and start playing like a Champion.


At least they realize there is a problem.

L.A. Times: Phil Jackson had seen enough, so he turned Saturday’s scheduled practice into a miniature version of a clear-the-air meeting.

The Lakers had been stumbling, losers of two consecutive games to quasi-.500 teams, making it an appropriate time to let players vent about their porous defense in the hopes they could turn it around before their game Sunday against the Orlando Magic.

Kobe Bryant provided reporters with only a few scant words about what he said, though he still seemed annoyed as he sat on the bottom step of the bleachers at tiny Rollins College, ice bags on each knee.

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It’s a start…

O.C. Register: “(Bryant) brought up a notion of determination,” Jackson said.

Bryant declined to get into the specifics of what he said — noting the words were meant for his teammates to hear — but was brusque when asked how his teammates received his words: “I don’t give a (crap).”

Bryant had told reporters Friday night: “You have those periods during the season where you are kind of stagnant. The important thing is that when you hit those stretches, you don’t go backwards. You just kind of weather the storm, and you come out of it as a better ballclub.”

Jackson was also wary of saying much about Bryant’s words to the team but suggested Bryant’s point was that there is a “willfulness” that is necessary to be a great team that plays great defense.

I asked Jackson if he was glad Bryant spoke up, and Jackson said: “He wasn’t the only one.”

In fact, Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol stayed on the court long after all their teammates had wandered off, talking through more positional theories about defense with assistant coach Frank Hamblen. Josh Powell, one of the team’s connectors despite not playing much, also had more to talk through with Bryant and later with Fisher. Orlando runs a lot of pick-and-roll plays, this season leaning heavily on one with Dwight Howard and Vince Carter and increasingly using Carter with point guard Jameer Nelson lately.

Jackson described the team Saturday as “somber” and gave players “a personal day” on the court to do as they wished or opt for rest.

“They’re frustrated,” Jackson said.


More hand injuries? Great!

ESPN: It’s been a story of all hands on wreck for the Lakers this year and Ron Artest is the latest player for Los Angeles to come down with a finger injury.

Artest sprained the thumb on his left hand in the third quarter of the Lakers’ game in Miami on Thursday. He played on Friday against the Bobcats with the thumb wrapped heavily in the same fashion that reserve guard Shannon Brown has on his right thumb after spraining it while blocking a shot in the second half against Indiana on Tuesday.

Artest also sprained the index finger on his right hand on Jan. 12 in a game in San Antonio.

“We’ve had a series of hand injuries,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said before Friday’s game. “It seems to be a hand-injury year. It started off with Kobe [Bryant’s], then Pau [Gasol’s], and ultimately we’ve had a rash of them with Jordan [Farmar], Shannon and then Ron last night.

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ESPN: The final seconds ticked down and Michael Jordan slowly rose from his seat. He waited until the final buzzer and then briefly clapped.

Jordan showed little emotion after the Charlotte Bobcats won their first game in three tries since he agreed to buy the team. And why not? Beating the Los Angeles Lakers has become routine for this franchise.


No matter the personnel, coach or even the impending owner, the Bobcats own the defending champions. The combination of Stephen Jackson (21 points) and Gerald Wallace (17 points, 10 rebounds) overcame 26 points from Kobe Bryant on Friday night in Charlotte’s 98-83 victory.

“I really don’t know,” Wallace replied when asked to explain Charlotte’s seven wins in the past nine meetings. “You can say that about them and you can say that about Cleveland.”

Indeed, the Bobcats are 3-1 against the NBA-best Cavaliers this season. Oh, and they’ve lost twice to the six-win New Jersey Nets. It’s why they’re still a game behind Miami for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

“Those top teams bring out the best and they bring out big crowds,” Wallace said. “Come to a New Jersey game and we probably have 500 people.”

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With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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