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The Los Angeles Lakers are in the drivers seat with a 2-1 series lead. Tonight’s game present’s them with an outstanding opportunity to take a commanding 3-1 lead. The Celtics had visions of winning at home and making this a series before their dreams were shattered by the Purple and Gold clad warriors. The Lakers coaching staff provided the team with a one sentence message that spoke of the only thing that matters, “2 wins to go”.

The Lakers have had a 2-1 lead in the Finals 16 times and have won it all 16 times. Oh, I’ve taken the liberty to add this season to that number. It’s no mystery that the Celtics are a desperate team faced with two must-win games.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has been reduced to lobbying/complaining to the league about the officiating. The officiating has been atrocious in the Finals for both teams and as professionals, the players have to adjust. Rivers seriously needs to stop because we’ve reached the embarrassing level.

Tonight’s contest is Boston’s game seven. I expect them to pull out all of the stops in an attempt to even the series. I’m also expecting the Lakers to match the intensity of the Celtics and pull out another close win. Kobe Bryant, the second best thing that came out of the Lakers Game 3 win, was the emergence of Lamar Odom and the bench.

Kobe Bryant had been the main focus of the Celtics defense until the fourth quarter of game three when Derek Fisher showed the Celtics that he too possesses the clutch gene. Strangely enough the Celtics seem to have forgotten about Derek. The Double D’s (Derek and the Defense) won Game 3.


Mind games don’t work on Fisher, you hear that Doc?

ESPN: “I don’t have a reaction, really,” Fisher said during Thursday morning’s shootaround before Game 4. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I’ll just keep doing my job. I’m sure he’ll keep doing his job.”

“What do they expect him to do?” Fisher said. “He’s coaching a team trying to win a championship. He’ll pull out every stop, so just play.”


Tony Allen, despite falling down from screen, received a kick from Kobe and isn’t happy about it.

RotoWorld: Tony Allen took eight stitches in his upper lip, and also said he suffered a neck injury in Game 3 thanks to Kobe Bryant’s foot.

Allen’s not sure how he hurt his lip, but says that Kobe kicked him while he was down in the fourth quarter. “I slipped and he actually kicked me in the neck,” Allen said. “That’s what he did. I ain’t too happy about that, neither. But he kicked me in my neck and it is what it is.”

Keep an eye on Allen and Kobe tonight, but the fact remains that it’s probably a good thing Kobe didn’t kick him in the knee, instead.


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This is great news! Good thing we have him in the Finals, his contributions are needed.

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum said Wednesday his right knee has improved since receiving treatment and he intends on playing in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Bynum, who has played with a torn meniscus throughout the postseason, limped through the Lakers’ Game 3 win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday. He played only four minutes in the fourth quarter after tweaking the knee with 5:17 left in the third, and afterward declared the knee “questionable” for Thursday’s game.

“There was swelling after the game yesterday, but it’s come back down,” Bynum said Wednesday, adding he could play 30 minutes or more if needed.

“Definitely,” he said. “This is it. We’ve got two more games to get and I want to be in for the rest of the show.” Bynum insisted the increased pain during Game 3 didn’t represent a setback.

“No, no, no,” he said about the condition worsening. “That’s gonna happen. The doctor told me about that. … It’s just something I have to deal with. It’ll hurt every now and again.”

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14 down, 2 to go…


Having the series tied at 1 a piece, going into Boston with the media against them and things weren’t going to well for them. All hope was lost… until the outcome of the game where all was forgiven.

Thanks to Derek’s heroic plays towards the end of the game, the Lakers managed to 1-up Boston in the series and grab a 2-1 series lead and draw within 2 wins away of the franchise’s 16th NBA championship in 31 tries, also drawing to within one championship of the hated Boston Celtics.

Caught in all the glory, the Lakers managed to make the Laker legends proud by snatching their first Finals win at the TD Garden since the 4th of June, 1987. The last time the Lakers won there, it was a nail biter with Magic hitting the “junior” skyhook to give them the 107-106 lead and Larry Bird went on to miss the game winner. That was the last time the Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in the Finals but that drought is now over thanks to Derek Fisher’s heroic play to help lead the Lakers to a 91-84 win.


Even though his defense has limited actress Paulina Pierce, he still thinks its not good enough.

ESPN: I haven’t been happy with my defense. Next game I really want to come out and play better defense. I’m not happy with the defensive job I have been playing. Next game I’m going to come out real aggressive, within the rules. Really aggressive within the rules. You know, move my feet, play defense the way I know how to play, because I’m really not satisfied with how I’ve been playing defense. … Next game I’m definitely going to come out and play better defense. I’m definitely not satisfied.


Not good, we need Bynum to battle against Perkins and at times, Garnett.

ESPN: “I stopped real hard and I just felt like a twinge,” Bynum said. “I notified the training staff and everything so I came out then.”

“[I felt a twinge] again on that block on Perkins,” Bynum said. “I think it was just quick movements and sudden things I feel it and then the pain normally goes away and it did.”

“It’s going to be a little questionable Thursday,” Bynum said. “There’s a lot of swelling in there because of the couple of little tweaks I got today. What I’m going to do is attack it all day [Wednesday], probably get three treatments in and then take it from there.”


The final buzzer sounded and they shared an embrace… again. Two teammates, who in their 14-year career have started in 116 playoff games (more than any other duo in NBA history) and have won four championships together. One is a global superstar who is as skilled as he is ferocious. The other is a local hero who is as intelligent as he is calm.

What makes them different is what makes them leaders on this Laker team, but one thing they have in common is what makes them winners — FEARLESSNESS. Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher are not captains of this defending championship team simply because of seniority. They lead this team into battle everyday because, frankly, they’re good at it and tonight’s Game 3 was just another display.

Having lost Game 2 on their own home court, the defending champions sought to gain their advantage back — on the road. Though the Lakers had won their previous two regular season games on the parquet floor, the last playoff memory they had there was a devastating one, but they showed tonight, in front of a Laker-detesting crowd, that 2008 was a long time ago.

“We didn’t doubt our ability to win here,” Derek Fisher said. “We understand when you want to be the best, you have to win wherever, whenever.”

Wherever was TD Banknorth in Boston, MA. Whenever was Game 3 of the NBA Finals and the Lakers still want it… to be the best.

It appeared when the game began that the Celtics had pocketed some momentum in their Game 2 win. Kevin Garnett, ineffective and unproductive in the last two meetings, scored the Celtics’ first six points on his way to a 25-point game. After a 7-point Celtics lead had exposed the Lakers’ slow reaction on defense, not to mention an apparent difficulty to score, Ron Artest had suddenly picked up two quick fouls after just 2:15 of game. It didn’t look good for the visiting team.


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With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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