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Editor’s Note: Been a real busy couple of days for the Lakers Nation since our Los Angeles Lakers defeated the much-hated Boston Celtics in an ep-ic Game 7. So we apologize for bringing you these last three episodes of VOTN late. Expect the much anticipated Episode #100 later this month!

Episode #97 -

The Los Angeles Lakers are 1 loss away from another heartbreaking summer care of the Boston Celtics.

The Lakers were defeated in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, and G-Small and D-Bricks went live to discuss the Lakers 3-2 deficit, and also took calls from The Lakers Nation.

Tune in, as this may be one of the last shows of the season!

Audio courtesy of NBAtv.

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Download Link: Voice of the Nation – Episode #97

Remaining last two episodes after the break…


It looks like the Lakers are pursuing Raja Bell.

Yahoo! Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers and guard Raja Bell will enter free agency with a strong mutual interest to reach agreement on a deal, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Kobe Bryant has become a strong advocate for Bell, a former nemesis. After missing most of the season with surgery to repair ligaments in his non-shooting wrist, Bell is still expected to be a coveted bench player among contending teams. He could give the Lakers another strong perimeter defender and a solid outside shooting threat.


It looks like a new cover story on Phil is coming from Sports Illustrated, furthermore, it looks like Phil’s daughter believes Phil could be done coaching in the NBA.

Twitter: Latest Sports Illustrated cover story on Lakers includes quote from Phil’s daughter Chelsea: “I think this is it. I think he’s done now.”

As we all have heard, it could be a potential health issue for Phil. Either way, we hope Phil makes the best decision for him and his family! As Lakers fans, assuming his health is good, we ABSOLUTELY want him back to solidify this new dynasty!.


It looks like Bynum will have a mini-vaca before returning and having knee surgery.

Twitter: Andrew Bynum got his knee drained again today, and said he’s going to have surgery around July 18. Heading to World Cup 1st.


Jordan Farmar made it clear he’d like to move on to become a leader of a point guard. Here are some quotes courtesy of Kevin Ding’s tweets:

  • Farmar: “I love L.A. but I think it’s good for somebody to get away sometimes”
  • More Jordan: “I need to establish myself as someone who can lead a team, play big minutes and be the lead guard”
  • Farmar said that of course he wants to win, but really wants to see what kind of player he can become. He wants to lead a team.
  • Farmar said he feels that he can do “so, so, so much more,” and is hoping for that opportunity.
  • Farmar told Phil/Mitch how he loved being true PG on scout team in playoffs. “I need to establish myself as somebody who can lead a team.”
  • Farmar: “My role hasn’t expanded in my four years.”


A risky move, huge contract, but is a big time shot maker.

NBA: If I were the Lakers, I’d go for LeBron or Bosh. But if Kobe did not want that kind of ego and personality around, Arenas may make sense. He is from L.A., he’s been a huge scorer in the league at point guard and really is more a tweener guard, which fits Phil Jackson’s two guard front in the triangle. Jackson’s never needed a classic, true point guard. Just to get rid of Arenas and his money, you figure the Wizards would take some combination of Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton and a sign-and-trade for someone else, maybe even Lamar Odom.


Well, he wasted no time with this one. Strike while the iron’s hot, I guess! Adding onto the flurry on post-Game 7 Ron Artestmania — Here’s the official video for Ron Artest’s single, Champion. Thought’s on the video? Besides that it was quickly put together, please.


I honestly thought this column would be easy – like cracking a joke about Glen Davis, who unashamedly tried to eat his own face during Game 4. I foolishly believed the right words would effortlessly splash on the page, perfectly illustrating the magnitude of an NBA Finals victory over the detestable Celtics.

In hindsight, I probably should have taken a queue from Paul Pierce about making premature assumptions.

It was a game that was instantly carved into history – one that produced a record smashing 3,085 tweets per second on Twitter and gave the NBA its best TV ratings since MJ was winning championships more than a decade ago.

For the younger fans, it was the physical manifestation of a historic rivalry only witnessed through the words of the NBA legends lucky enough to be a part of it. For the older fans, it was simply another gripping chapter in the lifelong story of Boston vs. Los Angeles. For every member of the Lakers Nation, it was a series, and a final game, that pushed us to the brink of devastation, only to leave us on the mountain top of exhilaration.


The Boston Globe has celebrated the Celtics losing season by this banner ad in the Boston Globe. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Boston. Take a look, have a laugh. A group of the Celtics’ most famous fans, ranging from actors and comedians to other Boston-area pro athletes, has honored the team with a full-page advertisement in the Globe this morning.

“You are our 2010 World Champions. You defeated D-Wade, “Superman” Howard and “King” James. You took Kobe to 7 with Perk missing the last game” reads the ad.

[The ad] was signed by television personality Maria Menounos, comedian Dane Cook, actor Eliza Dushku and musician/actor Donnie Wahlberg. Patriots Wes Welker and Vince Wilfork and Wilfork’s wife, Bianca, also signed the ad, as did several others from the entertainment industry: — Chris Evans, Michael and Michelle Chiklis, Chris Ivery, Ellen Pompeo, Keven Undergaro and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

You can laugh check out the full size ad by clicking here.


It looks like Crittenton will be on the Lakers’ summer league roster. I know a lot of player were sad to see him go in the Gasol trade – ok maybe a little – but he’s a nice addition to keep an eye on.

Draft Express: Javaris Crittenton (#13) made $1.4 million “playing” for the Washington Wizards this season, but was cut midway through the season and did not have the fourth year option on his rookie contract picked up last summer. He’ll try to earn a contract playing summer league with the Lakers in Las Vegas from July 9-18.


For those who are still a little weary of tomorrows today’s Lakers Championship parade — here’s some last minute info you should read before leaving your house (if you haven’t already).

The parade starts from STAPLES Center on Figueroa and goes about two miles to Jefferson. There has been some confusion, but to clear things up, there will not be a rally. Due to many reasons — low budget (no help from the city), violence, and bad fan behavior from last year are tops on that list — the team decided to take a pass this year. The team will not get off the double deckers and prance around. Each bus will be equipped with a mic and speakers for the players.

The turnout for today’s parade is expected to be HIGH. Fans will be lined up throughout the two mile stretch, it might get a bit chaotic.

Broadcasts from the parade will be available on all local channels, along with Fox Sports West. The parade can be viewed online at

For more information on the parade, check out the official release.

Good luck finding parking, hope to see you all at the parade. Let’s have a good time and close the door on the 2010 season.


Very interesting. Let see what Mitch does.

Bleacher Report: Tracy McGrady would like to sign with the 2010 NBA champion Lakers, and has forwarded that sentiment to his agent and close colleagues, according to sources within the Lakers’ front office.

…Ron Artest, the defensive-minded role player who played a huge factor in this year’s Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals, has reached out to McGrady to “end his career as a champion.”



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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