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This is a masterful article for those poor, twisted, conflicted souls who still think they should hate on Kobe Bryant. Read up, enjoy. As another NBA season is now behind us and Kobe Bryant has picked up his fifth title, his place in history is up for debate. Bryant who was once the clear cut poster boy for the post Jordan era of the NBA, is now the most polarizing figure in all of sports. Millions of people love the Lakers star, and millions of people hate him, but every basketball fan has an opinion on Kobe and are pretty passionate about it. It has gotten to the point where when someone asks whether or not you are a Kobe fan, it almost defines you as a person. It’s like asking if you are a Democrat or a Republican. While trying to debate Bryant’s place among NBA greats, I was amazed by how many Bryant haters there were. The number of haters was so great that I didn’t even find it fair to throw them all into one group. So just to be fair, I broke the Kobe Bryant haters up into groups so they are easier to identify.

When you ask most Kobe Haters (we will call them KH for short) to talk about Kobe, the first thing you will hear is, “he’s not Michael Jordan.” What exactly does that mean? Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player who ever lived – is not being better than him a bad thing? I wonder if I brought a 7’6” man into these peoples living room if the first words out there mouth be, “he isn’t the tallest man to ever live.” I’m guessing they would be thinking more along the lines of, I don’t know if he is the tallest person to ever live but he damn sure is tall, and if he isn’t the tallest person ever, he sure is close. Saying Bryant is no MJ really isn’t saying anything, its just ignoring who he is because of who he is not.

Then there is the group of haters who always seem to think Kobe is the second best player in the league no matter what. Let this group tell it, Bryant has been the second best player in the NBA for over a decade, but the number 1 player changes every other year. Somehow the number 1 player always seems to fall down the list but Kobe just never moves up. There was the he’s not better than Iverson debate that lasted for a couple of years, then there was the he’s not better than Tracy McGrady campaign which was followed by he’s not better than Steve Nash era — hell even Chris Paul got his name mentioned for a year as the one guy in the NBA who is better than Kobe.This is the fan who has become a diehard Cavs fan out of nowhere. He is the same guy who years ago said that if Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady ever played with the best center in the NBA they would win a title too. His favorite line use to be “Kobe will never win without Shaq”, but he never seems to remember saying any of that. He often has a lot to say in the regular season, but not so much in the playoffs.

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This is an interesting tidbit on the the new rookie.

Bleacher Report: With the 43rd pick of the 2010 NBA Draft the Lakers selected Devin Ebanks from the University Of West Virginia. Wait doesn’t this sound familiar? (Trevor Ariza was the 43rd overall pick by the New York Knicks back in 2004).

At first it was surprising. I knew the Lakers had received a steal as soon as I heard his name.

I’m taking a wild guess that most people don’t know much about Ebanks, so I’ll give you the rundown.

Career Stats

2008-2009 Season: 10.5 (PTS), 7.8 (REB), 2.7 (AST), 47% from the field.

2009-2010 Season: 12.0 (PTS), 8.1 (REB), 2.4 (AST), 45.7% from the field.

As you can see, Ebanks can play efficiently and well. He may not have eye-popping numbers but he was consistent and solid. When a forward can average close to a double-double every game throughout his career, he can obviously play.

Coming out of Bishop Loughlin High, Ebanks was an instant prospect. He was ranked 11th overall top high school player coming into West Virginia.

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All 60 picks were graded and the Lakers’ picks were graded not too good and not too bad.

Bleacher Report: The Lakers lost their first-rounder as a part of the infamous Pau Gasol deal, and nabbed two big college names with their pair of second-rounders.

Devin Ebanks:

Ebanks was a guy projected to potentially go in the first round in several mock drafts, but slipped all the way to No. 43. He’s seen as a point-forward type with nice ball-handling skills and an effective transition game. He’s 6’9″, but weighs just 205 pounds, meaning he could struggle to stay with some of the bigger forwards on defense. Ebanks isn’t a great shooter either, and has no three-point range to speak of. He seems like a less talented version of Lamar Odom.

Derrick Caracter:

Caracter is huge at 6’9″, 280 pounds, but his size means he lacks explosion and isn’t a great athlete. He’s a fairly offensively-polished big man, and uses his great strength to his advantage. Ironically, a knock on him is the reported prevalence of character issues. Not a bad pick for No. 58 overall.

Grade: C

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Kobe joined George Lopez on his 100th episode to talk hoops. Check it out here, great stuff:


Shaw looks at the Cavs head coaching vacancy.

L.A. Times: The Lakers continued to be a franchise in flux, as Phil Jackson mulled his future, Brian Shaw received permission to interview with the Cleveland Cavaliers and, almost a footnote, two players were selected in the second round of Thursday’s draft.


UPDATE: Interesting, according to Jeff Goodman, a senior basketball writer for, “The Nuggets “tried like hell”, but couldn’t pry DC from the Lakers.”

With the 58th pick, the Lakers selected Derrick Caracter, Caracter averaged 14.1 points per game and grabbed 218 rebounds in 27 games as a junior.

Here’s the scouting report on Caracter, courtesy

Huge body, with incredible strength. Long armed shotblocker and active rebounder on both ends. … Above-average shooter from middle and long range. … Similar to Walker with his array of skills, as he can shoot it from outside, dribble the ball in, and has excellent passing ability. Can grab a rebound, take the ball the length of the court, dribbling through defenders, and pull up on a dime and hit a three-pointer. Excels using his strength backing defenders in, as he did to Greg Oden at the 2004 ABCD camp.


The Lakers are holding two second-round selections (43rd and 58th overall).

With the 43rd pick, the Lakers selected Devin Ebanks, 6-9 forward who was a 3rd Team All Big East player as a sophomore. Avg. 12.0 pts, 8.1 rebs.

Here’s the scouting report on Ebanks, courtesy

An offensive minded wing with good scoring ability … At 6’8,” gets a lot of elevation on his jumpshot and boasts a nice looking stroke with a high release point … Very tough for defenders to check or block his shot … Has a lot of potential because of his length and coordination … Should be able to “put it all together” when he adds strength and better balance … Takes and makes difficult shots … Nice arc and form on his shot … Capable of handling the ball to an extent and should be able to improve his ability to create shots and get to the rim … His game is tailor-made to play the role of a scorer …  His huge wingspan enhances his athleticism making up for decent but not extraordinary leaping ability …


Here is an interesting tidbit regarding Lamar, though he’s used to being in the middle of rumors.

L.A. Times: “With the local careers of Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison thought to be over, there’s speculation within the organization that Lamar Odom may be moved to save money.”


Looks like the fans and his teammates all think alike – bring this champion back to Los Angeles!

LATimes: Lakers guard Derek Fisher remained upstairs at the Lakers practice facility for quite some time. But he wasn’t saying sentimental goodbyes in the possibility he’ll be gone after July once he becomes an unrestricted free agent. He just had plenty of business to discuss.

That, of course, partly involved his future with the Lakers, but it also included distributing the playoff revenue to his teammates as well general topics, such as the events surrounding President Obama and Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. It surely reveals Fisher’s comfort level in familiar settings.

Sure, there are plenty of details the team will have to iron out. The Times’ Mike Bresahan and Broderick Turner reported that Fisher, 35, will likely have to take a pay cut from the $5 million he made last season, though Fisher wants more than the veteran’s minimum of $1.4 million for a player of his experience level (14 seasons). Fisher also labeled remaining a starter a “priority,” but not a “deal breaker.” And he acknowledged he’ll field offers from other teams so he’s fully aware of his market value. Nonetheless, Fisher’s stance remains clear: “I won’t make a decision before I know exactly where I stand here.”

“I’ve never mixed any statements or positions about winning,” Fisher said, “and wanting to be associated with winning championships and being on the best team in the NBA.”

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Byron Scott shows his interest in coaching the Lakers.

UPDATE: Scott intrigued by Cavs job but Lakers are his dream. Would be between him & Brian Shaw likely. Kobe & Magic & Buss all like Byron.


Twitter: Byron Scott thinks he can get Lakers job if Phil retires. In fact he might even wait a year if Phil comes back to try (another) three-peat


ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson used it as a running joke this season when asked if he was leaning one way or another regarding his coaching future. “I’m leaning against the wall,” Jackson said in a tunnel in Oklahoma City and later, “I’m leaning against the podium,” before a playoff game at Staples Center.

He dropped the joke and got serious about his decision Wednesday.

“I’m leaning towards retiring but I have not made up my mind,” Jackson said.

The 64 year old coach told Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss that he planned on completing a series of medical tests and evaluations by Thursday. He then plans to drive out to his summer home in Flathead Lake, Montana on Friday, spend a week checking in on the results of those tests and make his final decision a week from Friday.

“I’ll take a week after the medical tests are done,” Jackson said. “Some of it’s about health, some of it’s about that’s the way I feel right now. I’ve had vacillating feelings about it. It’s hard not to feel like coming back when you’re speaking to these players and have an opportunity to coach a team that’s this good. But, it’s what I feel like right now and what I feel like in the process that’s gone through. It’s just something I’m going to sit with and feel out and after I’m through talking about all the rest of it with the doctors, then I’ll make the final decision.”

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With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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