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LD2k is bringing a huge video package to the Lakers fans one more time. Check out some of the details – and teaser trailer – here!

The best in the game deserves the best compilation of Kobe highlights around. In this 4-video package, I’ve compiled all of Kobe’s: and-1’s, three’s, jams and blocks from the 2009-2010 season into their own video for the worldwide fans.

The times are subject to change but I will be releasing them starting this week into next week. Here are the current times:

JAMS – around 20 minutes*
BLOCKS – around 7 minutes*
AND 1’s – around 20 minutes*
THREE’s – 30 minutes long

This is something I’ve wanted to do since the season ended and what better time than now as we head into the new season. Soon to be released, witness one of Kobe’s most clutch seasons in the 4-video package, “Kobe Championship Series 2!”


Reports about both rookies looking good is a great sign of what’s to come.

L.A. Times: “Devin’s reacting really well defensively. … Offensively, it’s still a little bit of a mystery to him. But he’s got the ability to find open spots and take shots and get down the court and be real active in our offense.” – Phil

Phil referring to Devin’s defense on Steve Blake. He out-hustled Blake and really gave him trouble.

“I never really got to see him play, but wow I didn’t know we had that talent right back at home,” said Artest. “He’s doing great.” – Ron


Laker fans are happy for you Ron, you earned this one!

L.A. Times: Mark it on your calendars. Today is “Ron Artest Day” in Las Vegas where he will be given the keys to the city today at 4 p.m. in a ceremony hosted by Mayor Oscar Goodman at the Mirage Hotel, according to a press release from “it” Girl Public Relations. Artest is honored for his work with Xcel University, which works with community centers and schools to identify high-risk students. Artest is also involved with The Mental Health in Schools Act, which plans to be reintroduced to Congress in February during the 2011 legislative session and would provide $200 million in grant funding involving mental health issues.


It’s a good idea to limit Kobe. His knee will need all the rest it can get now in October, so he won’t need to rest in June.

L.A. Times: Bryant didn’t practice Monday and didn’t speak to reporters afterward. The Lakers have three exhibition games in the next week, beginning Wednesday in Las Vegas against Sacramento, and Jackson says he plans to play Bryant no more than 16 to 18 minutes in those contests.


It sounds like Kobe may not be ready to go for the season opener due to his knee. We’ll see what happens. Thankfully, despite injuries, titles are won in June NOT October.

Yahoo: Kobe Bryant is still trying to get his right knee stronger after having surgery in July, and Andrew Bynum hasn’t begun to practice after surgery on his right knee, the Los Angeles Times reports. Bynum could be out till late November or December. Coach Phil Jackson said that Bynum and Bryant likely won’t be ready to go when the season kicks off, adding, “So we have to bring up the game and have a concept on how we want to play the game. That will be done during these next preseason games in the next week and a half.”


A great compliment from his Airness, but Top 10 All-Time would’ve sounded a lot better and more accurate.

USA Today: Of course, there’s always the comparison of you and Kobe Bryant. Where does Kobe stand in the status of NBA players through history?
It’s so hard to say. I think he is always going to be within the conversations of some of the greatest players who’ve played by the time he is finished. Where does he rank among those, if you are talking about positions? If you are talking about guards, I would say he has got to be in the Top 10.


I really love hearing this from the players. It shows they’re committed to winning and as a fan, you’d love to know that.

L.A. Times: Last season, Ron Artest came to camp weighing over 265 pounds. This season, he said, he came to training camp at “250 to 260 pounds.”

His goal is to weigh “245 by the playoffs.”

“I feel I’m able to maintain some more with the quicker guys,” Artest said. “I knew with Kobe’s knee, he is going to need reinforcement so I’m going to have to be able to guard quicker guys.


This is crazy! Phil really knows how to discipline his players. This was a great idea on Phil’s part. Usually, coaches would just brush it off, but we all know, Phil is no ordinary coach!

L.A. Times: Jackson worked his players for three-plus hours at the team’s training facility.

He said it was because his team “is not playing well” after two exhibition losses in Europe, because the Lakers were “out of focus a little bit” and because they didn’t “have a lot of practice time” while in London to play the Minnesota Timberwolves and in Barcelona, Spain, to play FC Barcelona.


I think Ron should give away his game jersey rather than the ring.

Twitter: Here goes another dum idea. I think my tweeters should write a one page essay on how we can make america better. Best essay win my 2nd ring

I think I might my second ring:) But I do think somethings are more important than material things:)


Pete, here’s some advice: Don’t mess with the best player in the game today. You can mess with LeBron, sure go ahead, but not with Kobe.

HoopsHype: We had a little conversation on the court that went like this… Kobe said to me “Hey, this game might get you in the NBA,” trying to be a smartass. “If you think that, then put your money where your mouth is,” I replied. “I put your $10 million against your $100 million.”

One hour before the game I was told Ron Artest said “Pete who?” when they asked him if he knew who he was going to guard. “Anyway, it really doesn’t matter what he said. It had no factor the way I play. He doesn’t even have to know me at all. I could care less what any guy says, good or bad. I’m a team basketball player. He started off physical, tried to show his physical strenght, and I didn’t back down at all. This is our gym, our home, they came to Barcelona to play us. I don’t really want to get into what happened with Artest on the court. I don’t know him at all, just saw him on TV and I had never played him.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a massive increase in retirements from NFL and boxing in the next few years.

NBC Sports: After I’m done with my basketball career, I want to box and I wanna play football -probably tight end position. I’ve been training for three years for boxing. Probably after this contract, I’ll probably do football first and then boxing. I’m definitely serious about those two things I wanna do. I wish I could do it now.


The Lakers wore their home gold jerseys, and the rules of the game were referred to as “hybrid” for its combination of NBA and FIBA rules and regulations, but there was no mistaking who the home team was. At the Palau Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona, Spain, the defending NBA Champions were faced with a formidable opponent in FC Barcelona, but as fortune would have it, on their side was one of the city’s most beloved natives – Pau Gasol.

From winning the opening tip to a late-game baseline drive into a reverse dunk, Gasol did not disappoint the arena that was surely filled with his family and friends, not to mention a hoard of loyal fans. Gasol was his usual productive self, collecting 25 points and 10 rebounds. It took him 21 attempts and 11 free throws to get there, but both teams suffered through periodic offensive droughts, neither reaching even 40% of their field goals. Gasol got going early in the game, but the opposing team was ready to swarm their fellow Spaniard with their own big men and starting center, Fran Vazquez got the bulk of the assignment. Gasol, however, still managed a double-double.

Kobe Bryant, having only played for nine minutes in Monday’s game against Minnesota, appeared in good spirits, whether he was fouling an opposing player, missing and then eventually making his shots, sitting on the bench or playfully reacting to a foul. This short visit to Europe must be like a homecoming for Bryant, having spent so much of his childhood in Italy. Though he said that he does not feel any pain in his newly-repaired knee, he claims that it remains at 60% and it showed. His first made field goal did not come until the 6:43 mark in the third quarter when FC Barca’s Terrence Morris bit on Bryant’s signature head fake and the shot went in and one. He finished with 15 points on 2-15 shooting, not have a stellar offensive game by his standards, but Bryant found other ways to contribute. He played defense, deflecting/intercepting passes – one leading to an easy dunk for Gasol and another that led to a fast break by Ron Artest. He also contributed to three if not all 4 of Juan Carlos Navarro’s personal fouls.


A hilarious, yet true, answer from Ron Ron. Its just Ron being Ron.

HoopsHype: What’s the proudest moment as a Laker aside from the ring? Maybe stopping Kevin Durant in the playoffs?

RA: That was tough. He’s a good player. I had the challenge, the opportunity, the assignment to guard him and it was fun.

What’s the key to stop a guy like him?

RA: You gotta be Ron Artest. If you’re not Ron Artest, you don’t have a chance!


A little sightseeing and promoting the NBA has been messing with practices and basketball related activity.

ESPN: The Los Angeles Lakers were selected by the NBA to travel to Europe this preseason to promote basketball on a global scale. So far, the team has gotten the promotion part of the trip down pat. They’re still waiting for the basketball part to kick in. “We’re doing pretty good in the NBA Cares clinics, we’re not doing so great with our own practices,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said after the team’s practice at the Palau St. Jordi on Wednesday. “Five guys missed the team bus this morning. I’d blame Pau [Gasol] for that but we won’t hold it against him. He took them out last night and showed them some of the sights in Barcelona. So, we got a little bit behind the eight ball, I think, on this trip.”



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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