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How many of you picked up Call Of Duty: Black Ops? Did that commercial that Kobe was in entice you to buy the game? Although Kobe had 2 seconds of screen time, it tempted me enough to think about buying the game.

Speaking of the ad, there is someone among us that is totally against it. Not among us fans, but among us in the sporting world; the media. You might have seen this man on the ESPN program “First Take.” Many of you know him as Skip Bayless.

This man seemed to be a hero to Laker fans because of his endless arguments of how LeBron is a “Prince” and will never surpass Kobe. He put the heat on LeBron after his elimination in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Magic and you really don’t want to know what he said about LeBron after being eliminated by the Celtics. This man would talk about LeBron whether he was the subject of the matter or not.

Lately, all that turned around for Laker fans which means LeBron is catching a break. Apparently, Mr. Bayless here thinks that Kobe’s Black Ops ad “crossed the line.” Elaborating on his point, he goes on to argue “Does Kobe Bryant really need this money, this badly? Doesn’t he have a couple of daughters, last time I checked? He is smiling while wielding an assault rifle in combat, while we have troops overseas at this moment, doing the same thing for real!”

It seems that Skip doesn’t have anything important to talk about in the sporting world so he decided to change the subject to video games. Regarding what he said, Laker fans can argue against the point because all Kobe was doing was have some fun and you could see that with the smile on his face (just as Skip said). He said that he demands Kobe to be disciplined by the NBA for his participation in the ad. So now he is running for David Stern’s job? This comment will surely spark a lot of hate from Laker fans. Mr. Bayless, brace yourself.

Skip is just being melodramatic. Is he trying to use this ad to make himself look like a good guy and make Kobe look like the bad guy? Maybe he’s just jealous of him cause Kobe got to be in a Call Of Duty ad and he didn’t. Under all that hate that we call Skip Bayless, maybe he has a softer side for the athletes and he’s a big Call Of Duty fan… wait, who are we kidding?


A big body till Drew returns will do just fine, no need for long term contracts we might regret in the future.

UPDATE: Paul Davis is currently in Spain, so he will most likely stay in Spain unless offered a long-term contract.

L.A. Times: They have talked to the representative for free agent Jake Voskuhl, a 6-foot-11 center known for his physical play, and they are also interested in Paul Davis, a 6-11 center as well. Voskuhl, 33, has career averages of four points and 3.4 rebounds a game. Davis, 26, spent three seasons with the Clippers before playing only two games with Washington last season. He has career averages of 2.6 points and 1.9 rebounds.

Another possibility remains veteran Erick Dampier, though it might not be a perfect match. Dampier is expected to want a guaranteed contract for the rest of the season, while the Lakers are looking for a little more mobility in the post.


Definitely good news. Almost there Drew, one step at a time.

L.A. Times: In the latest shift of time, Lakers center Andrew Bynum said he hoped to return to practice soon but wouldn’t be appearing in any games until early December.

“Hopefully in a week or so, I’m practicing,” he said Wednesday, backing off his earlier plan to be playing by Thanksgiving.


It’s that time of year. The NBA 2011 All-Star Game ballots were released today.

The NBA All-Star ballot lists 120 players — 60 each from the Eastern and Western conferences — with 24 guards, 24 forwards, and 12 centers from each conference comprising the list. Voters select two guards, two forwards and one center from each conference. Among the NBA players listed are six Lakers players — Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, and Derek Fisher.

Ballots are available in all 30 NBA arenas (technically 29), or you can vote online. Make sure to get your votes in daily for your favorite Lakers.

The 2011 NBA All-Star Game will be played at STAPLES Center on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011.



The Lakers are now 10-2, and have looked good in the first two games of the current 3 game road trip.


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  • Lamar is okay, Theo Ratliff is out
  • Lakers plane nearly crashes?
  • Derek Fisher not playing so bad after all
  • Latest on Andew Bynum, and what Rhianna said about Big Drew
  • Miami’s “Fan Up” video
  • And Much MORE

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Four minutes and 59 seconds into the game, Rip Hamilton was called for fouling Kobe Bryant. Clearly frustrated (or perhaps not), the Detroit Piston veteran continued to jaw at NBA official Derrick Stafford until he was forced to hand Hamilton two consecutive technicals, resulting in his early game ejection. Hamilton took off his faceguard, took off his headband, untucked his jersey, and walked off the court. There’s your leader, Detroit. No wonder you look so lost.

The Bad Boys’ era is ancient history, and the hopes of more Championship Pistons Basketball disappeared the minute Chauncey Billups was sent packing off to Denver. Not even the monster signing of Ben Gordon could revive the Pistons and the last couple of seasons have begged the question: What or who is going to keep this Detroit team running?


Ever watched a game and felt like the referees missed a call and yelled at the TV? Happens all time time, it’s part of being a fan. You get to vent your frustration. The players do it a lot in the game, but for them, the consequences are a free-throw for the opposing team and getting fined.

Seems fair, right? Yes, actually it does.

If you break the in-game rules, get into a scuffle with the opponent, or just do the infamous “Rasheed Wallace “Nooo!” runaround in protest”, you deserve a technical foul. The game doesn’t need to put up with that sort of misconduct and the rule is set to keep the game in control.

Last season, technical fouls weren’t handed out often (Perkins and Sheed will argue against this point). They were handed about every solar eclipse or so. If you were to get into the face of your opponent, you get a tech. If you yell at the top of your lungs for/against a foul, you get a tech. If for some reason, you call an official (insert insult here). you guessed it, you’ll get a foul.

Get where I’m going with this?

Well this season, the NBA decided to “revamp” that technical foul rule for the “better” of the NBA. It seems that David Stern was sick and tired of seeing his players complaining. So, the new rule goes like this: If you raise your arms in protest to a call from the referee, if you dare to look at the referee/opponent, or just play the game of basketball, you will be issued with a technical foul. Sounds absurd, don’t it? The fines have also been doubled to $2,000 for each technical foul. The fine is nothing but a mere deterrent, scaring players into not complaining.


The (9-2) Los Angeles Lakers are in Detroit, amid a crazy rainstorm, to face the (4-7) Pistons in the second game of the Midwestern road swing.

The Purple and Gold started off the road trip the right way by scoring a season-high 118 points while Bucks were allowing 89 points per game coming into the contest.

Led by Kobe Bryant’s game-high 31 points, the Lakers snapped a two-game losing streak with a win in Milwaukee. The Black Mamba was in attack mode and school was in session by getting to the charity stripe with ease and making all 11 of his free throws. Also, an excellent thing to see was that he had good elevation on his shots. As usual he set the tone; Pau Gasol followed suit with a double-double and the reserves produced 39-points. Highlighted by Shannon Brown’s impressive night, going four-of-four from behind the arc in route to 16 fourth quarter points.


For a moment, it was like déjà vu. Three pointers raining in from everywhere, it seemed – from Brandon Jennings’ hands, Earl Boykins, Drew freakin’ Gooden. Milwaukee Bucks? Looked like the Phoenix Suns for minute there. The only difference was that after hitting 6-10 from downtown in the first half, the Bucks actually went cold, going 3-14 the rest of the way. And the Lakers? They didn’t fall in love with their three as much as the home team did, though such couldn’t be said of Shannon Brown, who shot 4-5 himself from behind the arc. No, the threes didn’t make this game what it was, but the D sure did.

The Milwaukee Bucks boasted a formidable defensive reputation coming into this game. They’ve held teams to 43% shooting, haven’t given up more than 91 points a game and they’d won four of their last five contests. It has been an impressive beginning for a team coming off their first playoff appearance in years. Tonight, however, those stats were pushed back by the defending champions who shot 54% to accumulate 118 points.


A big body in the paint but I’m not so sure.

ESPN: “We’ll just have to short up a little bit here for the next month and put it together,” Jackson said. “We’ll look at some outside talent and see what’s available out there to help us out, but there’s nothing we have that guarantees we can bring in somebody to fit in.”

One name the team has tossed around already is Erick Dampier. The 6-11, 265-pound center is 35 years old and looking for a team after a 14-year NBA career when he averaged 7.8 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game with Indiana, Golden State and Dallas.


Good news on Theo’s status. Hope for a speedy recovery.

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers reserve center Theo Ratliff underwent successful arthroscopic surgery to perform a partial meniscectomy on his left knee, the team announced Tuesday.

The 30-minute procedure was performed by Lakers team orthopaedist Dr. Steve Lomardo in Los Angeles. The timetable for Ratliff’s return is set at a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

“We’re not surprised [about Ratliff’s surgery],” Lakers head coach Phil Jackson said after shootaround at the Bradley Center as his team prepared for Tuesday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “He’s had some issues trying to get on the court after back-to-backs or practices and stuff. We knew something was going [on] even though he was game trying to go through it.”

Ratliff produced averages of 0.3 points, 1.6 rebounds, 0.63 blocks and 8.4 minutes in the eight games he played this season. He sat out the Lakers last two games before an MRI on Monday determined he would need surgery.

“I think some of that time off will do him some good and [he will] just come back ready to go,” Kobe Bryant said about Ratliff.

Continue reading ‘Theo Ratliff has successful knee surgery’


The Los Angeles Lakers are in Milwaukee to face the Bucks in the first game of a three-game Midwestern road trip.

Despite a record-shooting night by the Suns, the Purple and Gold were somehow in position to win the game until the most ridiculously timed technical foul was called on Lamar Odom. I realize that the league has told the officials to call technical fouls for excessive reaction, but three things come to mind; 1) basketball is an emotional sport, its impossible to remove emotion from the game. 2) The outcome of the game should be decided by the players on the court and not the officials. 3) That call should not have been made with under a minute to play.

The new policy on technical fouls is a horrible rule that needs to be abandoned. No?


Moderately good news, but it’s sad to hear Ratliff will be missing time. L.A. got good news relating to Odom, as the MRI on a sore right foot came back negative. The MRI did confirm what Phil Jackson had previously described as a “bone bruise,” but the lanky lefty can play on it and will stay in the starting lineup against Milwaukee.

Blake is also expected to play in Wisconsin, as he was feeling better and did make the trip with the team.

The news is not so good in Ratliff’s case, however, as the 37-year-old center will have arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday morning in hopes of discerning the problem with his sore left knee.


The Los Angeles Lakers went from being invincible to a two game losing streak.

David and G give their quick comments on the recent slump


  • Post-game reaction to losses against Nuggets and Suns
  • Lakers begin 3 game road trip
  • A look ahead to the next show on Friday

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With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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