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The shot clocks at Energy Solutions Arena weren’t the only things broken in this game. Number one in the league from 3PT, the Lakers shot just 4-15 from behind the arc tonight, scored 33 points on 68% shooting in the first quarter but got outscored 29-17 in the second and shot just 42% for the game. The Laker bench couldn’t buy a hoop going just 5-21 from the field, and the defense by the visiting team? Porous, slow and disconnected.

The Lakers led by as many as 19 points in the second quarter, getting practically everything they wanted on both ends of the floor. Lamar Odom (16 points on 5-8, 10 rebounds, five assists) dribbled from Utah’s basket to the Lakers’ hoop numerous times, meeting little to no resistance. Neither Paul Millsap nor Andrei Kirilenko could stop him and he knew it, but he scored eight points in the first quarter, yet only eight points across the final 36 minutes. His defense on Millsap was solid early on, and he drew two fouls on the Jazz forward early in the first quarter to take him out of the game, but he lost sight of or stopped accounting for Kirilenko often enough and got burned when he did.

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The (13-2) Lakers are in Salt Lake City, Utah to face the (11-5) Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena.

The Utah Jazz season has been defined by poor starts and spectacular comebacks. However, the Jazz have played three home games against playoff teams from last season and have dropped all of them.

Tonight will be the first of four games this season against the Utah Jazz. Tonight will also mark the first shot at revenge for the Jazz, due to the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers swept the them in last year’s playoffs. They’re a talented team that has been completely dominated by the Lakers. The’ve won 10 of 14 regular-season games, are 18-3 against the Jazz all-time at Staples Center and have gone 12-3 against the Jazz in the post season.

In Utah, the Lakers have dropped six of their last 10 regular-season games. They have to limit the multi-faceted assault of Jazz point guard Deron Williams. He’s one of the best point guards in the NBA and the centerpiece in the Jazz. The Lakers have had success defending Williams; in the playoffs, Lakers limited Williams to 38.7 percent shooting and 22 points. They will have to limit his impact on tonight’s game.


And the war of the words begin!

WEEI: After overpowering the Nets while scoring 25 and hauling in 11 rebounds, Celtics center Shaquille O’Neal — who owns four NBA championship rings — proclaimed the 2010-11 Celtcs to be “the best team I’ve been on.”

“This is a great team. The best team I’ve been on,” said O’Neal. “They’ve got a lot of weapons on this team, so on any given night anybody can be the leading scorer. The team’s very unselfish. … .”

O’Neal confirmed that assessment in response to a follow-up question when asked to compare the Celtics to his three championship Lakers teams and the 2006 Heat.

“Yes. Best team,” O’Neal repeated. “As far as players….as far as guys being really close…I know we’ve only been at this for two months, but hopefully the outcome to be a good one.”


Is Stan Van Genius hating? Just remember Stan, 11 rings and counting.

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Hoops World: Phil Jackson has been known to play mind games with his opponents. On Tuesday, he did just that in an interview with ESPN 1000 regarding a potential coaching situation in Miami.

“The scenario that sits kind of behind the scene is that eventually these guys that were recruited — Bosh and James — by Pat Riley and Micky Arison, the owner, are going to come in and say, `We feel you [Riley] can do a better job coaching the team,'” Jackson said. “‘We came here on the hopes that this would work,’ and whatever, I don’t know. That’s kind of my take on it, is that eventually if things don’t straighten out here soon, it could be the [Stan] Van Gundy thing all over again.”

While Erik Spoelstra wouldn’t get into Jackson’s comments during morning shootaround, aside from saying he laughed about them with his assistant coaches, Stan Van Gundy had some strong words for the Los Angeles Lakers head coach after being called out.

Van Gundy hadn’t heard the comments prior to speaking with reporters but after being told what was said, he shook his head and laughed.

“Well first of all, obviously Phil has no idea what the ‘Van Gundy situation’ was. Even though he coaches in our league, he certainly had no inside knowledge of that so any analogy he would make to my situation would be totally useless because he doesn’t have any clue what the situation was in that case,” Van Gundy said.

He was also taken aback that another head coach would make those comments.

“First of all, to second guess another coach and to comment on a situation he knew nothing about is inappropriate and it’s also ignorant. I don’t mean that commenting on Phil’s intelligence; he’s obviously a very smart guy. I mean that as ignorant because he doesn’t know what that situation was and he doesn’t know what the situation in Miami is now. I don’t think, unless their relationship has changed drastically, that he and Pat talk on a regular basis so I doubt he would have any information whatsoever on what’s going on in Miami,” Van Gundy said.

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What The Lakers Nation is thankful for.

We would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe some day we could all get together as one big Lakers family, with the Larry O’Brien trophies as the table centerpiece — but that seems a little out of reach. Hope you have a great day discussing Lakers basketball with your family, whom otherwise you would have absolutely nothing else to talk about.

Although we have plenty of be thankful for this past year; as a fanbase, this takes the cake… and the pie… and the turkey… and the gravy…


Lakers Fans have much to be thankful for as the Lake Show has started the season with a 13-2 record. David and Greg come to you on this special Voice of the Nation Thanksgiving Edition.


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  • Kobe influenced by another MJ?
  • Phil Jackson on Pat Riley taking over in Miami
  • INTERVIEW: Eric Pincus – Senior Writer –
  • Grading the Lakers 15 games in
  • What Glen Rice is up to these Day’s
  • Kobe has a word for the “greedy” owners
  • And Much MORE

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Athletic, young guard.

Sports a bunch of tattoos.

Comes off the bench.

Can leap straight out of the building and right into your heart.

Great three-point shooter.

Has the ability to go on hot streaks.

Lots of potential.

Adam Morrison.

Yes. I mean, no. But close.

If you had given me those descriptions in a game of Taboo two years ago, I would have confidently yelled out ‘J.R. SMITH’ while simultaneously jacking up 10 make-believe three-pointers 50 feet away from your face to further mimic J.R.’s distinct style-of-play (while also probably helping some other group in another universe win their game of NBA Charades). These days however, I’m more inclined to yell out SHANNON BROWN anytime I hear anyone use such adjectives to describe a certain NBA player. Except with Shannon, you’d also have to include the words ‘grounded’ (ironic choice of words, I know) and ‘dedicated’ to his list, while also adding ‘head-case’ and ‘enigmatic’ to J.R.’s.


Enough with the double-digit blowouts.

Enough with the perfect games.

Enough with the starters sitting out the fourth quarter.

If Laker fans and NBA analysts were waiting for the Lakers to be truly tested, tonight was definitely the night. The young Chicago Bulls, led by future All-Star point guard Derrick Rose (30 points, eight assists), and coached by former Celtics defensive coach, Tom Thibodeau, came into Staples center with their 7-4 record, a whole lot of energy and a whole lot of swagger, and who could blame them? Derrick Rose, fresh off a World Championship gold medal kind of summer, is averaging 25.2 ppg and 8.1 apg. Alongside him is teammate Joakim Noah (19 points, 13 rebounds), a player second in the league in rebounding with 13.3 rpg. The Lakers surely had their hands full with Phil Jackson’s old team, but in the end, showed the visitors exactly why they’re defending champions.

Champions don’t expect perfect games from themselves every night, but they demand the perfect effort and the Lakers put in the work despite not having everything work for them for a change. The home team took this win despite being outrebounded (46-38), despite gathering 12 turnovers, despite shooting just 39.5% and despite a bad game from the most efficient Laker of all, Pau Gasol.


Great news. One step closer to his return.

L.A. Times: Bynum, who had surgery to repair a torn cartilage in his knee, will continue to get therapy and see how his progress goes.

He has been cleared to jump and dunk, but now Bynum expects to be able to do some lateral movement drills.


The leaders of the Pacific and Central divisions collide tonight as the (12-2) Lakers return to Staples Center for a match-up with the (7-4) Chicago Bulls.

The Purple and Gold are on a four-game winning streak; the Bulls are 2-1 on their seven-game Western Conference road trip. The Bulls had a four-game winning streak snapped by the Spurs, but bounced back nicely for a big win over the Mavericks.

The Bulls are a talented young team moving in the right direction. They have gotten out to a fast start. Surprising after hearing the news that free-agent pick up Carlos Boozer would be sidelined for the first six-weeks of the season as some considered this team to have been left for dead. The Bulls felt differently and have found a way to persevere; it is safe to say that the light is starting to come on.


Return delayed but what’s the rush?

O.C. Register: Andrew Bynum said he’ll undergo an MRI exam on his right knee Tuesday, and with medical clearance will then begin jumping and lateral movements on the court. He said, however, he will not join team practice for a week or two weeks after that, meaning he’ll miss his goal of doing that by Thanksgiving by a significant margin. Phil Jackson has projected a Dec. 10 season debut for Bynum, even though Bynum told Jackson the timetable was probably a week later than Jackson was suggesting. Bynum’s comments Monday jibe more with a Dec. 17 debut. “It’s not a good feeling, but at the end of the day, I have to be healthy for the long term,” Bynum said. “My career is still young, and I want to be able to play as many years as possible.”


Kobe Bryant didn’t make a move to the other side of the court. He merely toss an underhanded pass to Lamar Odom who was already halfway to the Laker basket – dunk.

Odom grabbed a rebound, threw a cross-court pass to Steve Blake, who passed it to a running Shannon Brown – layup.

A few minutes later, Luke Walton grabbed a defensive rebound, sent a long pass to Derek Fisher, who shovel-passed it to Pau Gasol, just flying in through the paint for a drop-in two.

In the third quarter, with the Lakers still holding a 31-point lead, Blake threw a long cross-court pass to Odom, standing under the Laker hoop, and in a split second, Odom touch passed the ball to an approaching Gasol who dunked it in.


Kobe Bryant’s arms lay on the backs of the seats on either side of him as the final minutes of the fourth quarter waned. Matt Barnes sat on his right, elbows resting on his knees and a towel wrapped around his back. Both looked on, the end of their 3-game road trip coming to a perfect 3-0 close. A season ago, such an image would’ve been impossible to imagine, with the latter faking an inbounds pass in the face of the former. This season, however, it’s as if the incident never happened.

On a night where he shot just 8-27 from the field, Bryant scarcely appeared frustrated or anxious. Maybe it’s because he’s not concerned about his stats. Maybe it’s because he knew that despite shooting so poorly, if it came down to it, he would hit that game winner if need be. Or maybe, Bryant was reminded again, that he no longer works alone. He not only has one or two superstar teammates to compensate for a bad shooting night, he’s got a whole bunch, and tonight, Barnes offered one of his best games as Bryant’s new teammate.


The (10-2) Los Angeles Lakers are in Minnesota, a state bordering on Lake Superior and on Manitoba and Ontario, Canada to face the (4-9) Timberwolves. Minnesota is the most northerly of the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

Tonight’s match up will be the second game against the Timberwolves in eleven days.

Tonight’s contest completes the Lakers three-game Midwestern road swing. The Purple and Gold are looking to end to this trip 3-0. They were all business in Detroit and completely dominated the Pistons. Lakers jumped out to an early lead, said lead eventually grew to as many as 26-points.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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