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On behalf of the Nation, I’d like to say congratulations to Shannon and Monica on tying the knot and hope for a successful marriage.

Rap-Up: Monica and Shannon Brown are officially husband and wife. The L.A. Laker has confirmed reports that he tied the knot with the Grammy-winning singer.

“It’s true. That’s my wife and I’m her husband and we gonna continue to make positive things happen.”


As many of you know, Mark Cuban and Phil have had a ‘war of the words’ over the past few years, with one countering the other. It was Cuban’s turn to try and 1-up Phil and he did just that. About 2 weeks ago he took a jab at Phil, calling him ‘Jeanie’s boy-toy.’

Phil didn’t seem too bothered by it and neither did Jeanie. In fact, both of them embraced Cuban’s comment.

Well yesterday, Cuban had a few comments about his respect for Phil:

“I like him a lot. Anybody who can intellectually give you some [expletive] instead of ‘Your mother wears army boots’ quotes, you’ve got to like that. He takes it and then he gives it back.”

He went on to say he was just ‘messing with Phil.’ Giving the media something to talk about and apparently, getting them to use the word ‘boy-toy.’ Well Mr. Cuban, that worked.

However, in all seriousness, Cuban did give his take on Phil’s possible last year coaching. The Mavs owner said he’ll miss Phil if this is indeed his last year coaching but said it won’t be hard to know what Phil’s doing:

“I’ll go to and see what he’s up to.”

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Lakers shot 62% after the first quarter. They led by 10 points in the second quarter. Pau Gasol had 17 points, the Mavericks were outscored 30-16 in points in the paint, and the Lakers had just two turnovers after the first half…then the second half came.

Suddenly, the Dallas Mavericks had found themselves. After a six-game losing streak, the only direction they had to go was up and tonight they finally rose to the occasion, and at the expense of the defending champions.

Dirk Nowitzki (14 points on just 5-15) hobbled every now and then, and Tyson Chandler (6 points, 10 rebounds) was fighting the flu. It’s a good thing the Mavs have such a prolific supporting cast. Before Jason Terry checked into the game, they had gone just 0-8 from behind the arc. They went 12-16 the rest of the way. It was reminiscent of the game against Phoenix earlier in the season – Dallas just couldn’t miss, and the Lakers have only themselves to blame.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Your (31-12) Los Angeles Lakers are in Dallas to face the (26-14) Mavericks for the first of three games this season.

It is both strange and sudden when discussing what a difference a few days, a few games and a few injuries can make.

There is a fine line between winning and losing in the NBA. About two weeks ago, the Mavericks were battling the Spurs for the best record in the Western Conference. Dallas was on a roll, losing only five times in 29 games.

In the month of January, the Mavericks and the Lakers have gone in different directions. The Mavericks are experiencing a season-worst six-game losing skid and free falling in the Western Conference standings. They’re seeking to avoid its longest losing streak in 12 years.


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Step aside, young fellas – the old geezers are coming through…and they haven’t forgotten how they beat you last time.

For all the criticism that the Lakers get for being unable to keep up with the younger, more athletic teams in the league, you’d think they were using walkers to get up and down the court. The known fact is the Lakers are not a running team. Their strength is not in the fast break, but in the halfcourt. They beat you with patience, not speed. The Lakers failed to play to their strengths in the final quarter of yesterday’s loss against the Clippers, and they paid the price. Tonight, there were no ultra-dramatic runs, no fights, and, surprisingly, no technicals. The Lakers just played their game, their pace, and the young Thunder paid price.

Kevin Durant must have nightmares about Ron Artest. In last season’s first round of playoffs, Artest defended Durant into shooting just 35% from the field for the series, and tonight, it was business as usual. Durant leads the league in points and regardless of how badly he’s shooting, he’s still going to find a way to score. But damned if Artest didn’t make it a struggle for the NBA phenom to get the ball in the hoop. Tonight, Durant scored 24 points but needed 24 attempts to get there; below his average of 28.5 ppg on 48% shooting for the season.


Durantula and the OKC Thunder are in town tonight to take on the Champs (7:30pm PT), and we’ve teamed up with The Forest Lab to giveaway another T-Shirt. Tonight, you’ll have the opportunity to win any one of these TFL shirts (you pick).

In yesterday’s loss to the Clippers, the Lakers lost the 4th quarter 31-21.

For your chance to win, tell us (1) who will win tonight’s 4th quarter and (2) what the 4th quarter box score will be (e.g. Lakers 27-22). Go ahead and leave you guesses in the comments section below, or on our status update on Facebook. Due to the number of entries we typically get on these contests, please keep it to one entry per email address.

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Last week, Lamar announced the filming of his new E! Reality TV show alongside his celebrity wife, Khloe Kardashian… this week, we learned that Kobe has filmed a movie (yes, a real movie) promoting his latest Kobe VI shoe and coming apparel line, “True Colors”.

Per details first reported by Kevin Ding, the ‘movie’ was directed by Robert Rodriguez and Nike plans to build a viral campaign around it during the All-Star break. Thanks to our buddy Kurt Helin over at NBC sports, we have a leaked trailer for you below. Enjoy!

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

And this is why Phil Jackson wasn’t impressed with the team’s 7-game winning streak. Expectations for this Lakers team are high, as they should be, so a winning stretch against mostly sub-par teams was nice, but not remarkable. The theme over the last few weeks, however, was that the Lakers were finally starting to find their groove, playing more focused basketball, trying out a revamped defensive system, etc. But just when they appeared to have turned a real corner in all areas that needed improvement, they came into today’s game and simply went back a step.

After one quarter, the Lakers were fortunate to be down only by five points, considering they shot just 39% to the Clippers’ 52%. They met resistance in multiples each time they came close to the hoop, and their defense was ineffective, with the Clippers beating them 14-8 in points in the paint and the threeball falling for the home team. Despite Blake Griffin’s three fouls in the first half, the Clippers fared more than just well against the Lakers.

They rebounded aplenty, refusing to allow the Lakers more than one chance at scoring and the Lakers put up little resistance, grabbing just 11 offensive rebounds. Pau Gasol (13 points on 5-7, eight rebounds) and Lamar Odom (10 points on 4-8, six rebounds), typically rebounding hoarders, had a combined three offensive rebounds in today’s game. THREE.


David Brickley, Gregory Small, and Jason Riley went live on Saturday evening. They discussed, and gave you updates on everything Lakers related!


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  • Sasha and Jordan return to Staples
  • Ron Artest finding his way
  • INTERVIEW: Mark Medina – LA Times Lakers Blogger
  • Why Lamar Odom is getting so many All-Star votes and it has nothing to do with his play
  • What do Shannon, Artest, Barnes, The Game, and Snoop Dogg have in common
  • Kwame Brown’s biggest fan
  • Life after Phil Jackson
  • Lakers vs. The Blake Griffins
  • INTERVIEW: Clipper Derrell – #1 Clippers Fan
  • And Much MORE

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Look, we don’t agree on everything that happens in the Lakers universe (e.g. Bynum, Odom). Even so, there are two things that bring us together as THE Lakers Nation:

Our love for the Lakers.
Our hatred for the Celtics.

In a couple weeks (Sunday, 1/30), the Celtics will return to the scene of their Game 7 demise to take another shot at the champs… which means that now is a great time to get your Boston Sucks gear from the TLN store!

Place your order by Wednesday (1/19), and we guarantee you’ll have it in time for Boston’s only regular season visit to Staples Center.

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Image

Kobe Bryant drove baseline and hammered it in over Sasha Vujacic. Minutes later, he blew past Jordan Farmar and scored on a one-handed reverse layup. Welcome back to L.A., fellas.

A chance to extend their winning streak to a seventh game, the Lakers came into tonight’s contest knowing they’d be warring with a pair of familiar faces, and knowing that this New Jersey Nets team sits on the opposite end of the victory spectrum. Though they may say differently, tonight’s was a game that the home team knew they should and would win – and they did.

With a true center in Brook Lopez, the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum had a unique opportunity to test his skills against another big man with similar skill and abilities. Unfortunately, Bynum was called for his second foul with just over eight minutes left in the first quarter and then his third with just over five minutes left in the second. Suffice it to say, it was Lopez testing his skills against the less defensively-formidable Pau Gasol, and he passed with flying colors, getting his 35 points on 13-19, six rebounds, four assists and a block. Bynum, even with just over 22 minutes of playing time, managed just two points on 1-5, five rebounds, and two blocks.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The (29-11) Los Angeles Lakers are at Staples Center tonight hosting the (10-28) New Jersey Nets.

The Lakers beat the soon to be Brooklyn Nets 99-92 in New Jersey on December 12, 2010. The Lakers have swept the season series with the Nets for two consecutive years; a win tonight will raise that total to three. The Lakes have won eight of the last nine games against the Nets, including the last six straight.

The Purple and Gold are riding a six game winning streak. They’re a rhythm team currently playing in an excellent rhythm. They’ve improved due to their defense, energy, focus and half court execution.


Backup center, Theo Ratliff, participated in some conditioning drills with the reserves on Thursday for the first time since having arthroscopic knee surgery on November 17th.

He is expected to participate in his first full practice on the short road trip at Dallas (January 19th) and at Denver (January 21st). The Lakers will have a day off practice the day after they return to L.A., so his first team practice will likely be on January 23rd.

Ratliff, not known for being an offensive threat, has really helped tighten up the second unit’s defense. His mere presence in the paint along with his reputation of being a notorious shot blocker will have players thinking twice about challenging him.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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