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If there’s one game you’re going to see during the regular season, this is it! Be there LIVE and in person to watch the Champs take on the Celtics in their only visit to Staples Center (Sunday, 1/30, 12:30pm PT). TLN Tickets has a ton of seats still available, from the 300’s, all the way down to court-side.

Check out the inventory here, or look for ticket to another game here.


Ever wonder who owns the most luxurious of all luxuries? Well this new chart from The Hollywood Reporter is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you thought that Jack Nicholson was the “King of Courtside” — think again. Steven Jackson, CEO of ACI International, claims 8 courtside seats.

Ari Emmanuel, some of you better know him as the real life inspiration for Entourage’s Ari Gold; holds 4 courtside seats that he tends to give his famous clients. No, Vincent Chase isn’t real. Not to be outdone is Westwood One’s radio mogul, Norm Pattiz (gentleman with the rolled up paper, surely you’ve noticed him), who owns two pairs of courtside tickets himself, next to Ari.

To get the full scope of the arena, check out the list over at The Hollywood Reporter.

No, we still don’t know who the lady with the glasses is. It appears her name is Yori.


We’ve shown you a pair of trailers for Kobe’s upcoming movie, “The Black Mamba.” Nike announced today that the world premier will take place on Saturday, February 19th at 1am PT.

How can you see it? Well, Nike has made that VERY easy. The film, in it’s entirety, will be streamed LIVE from Nike Basketball’s Facebook page. You can see their Facebook invite here.

As much as we don’t like all the potential distractions that constantly surround this Lakers team, we will absolutely be in front of our computers on 2/19 to watch this.


We here have a long history with Kevin Garnett. Thanks to The Basketball Jones for the heads up.

What you see above is the newest colorway of Garnett’s KG1 sneaker, cleverly titled “Beat L.A.” It’s not been explicitly stated, but I’m guessing these will see their debut during Sunday’s matchup with the Lakers in Los Angeles. Just a hunch.

The 152-120 labeled on the shoes tongue represents Boston’s regular season record against the Lakers.

We’re still looking for the 83-79 score that surely found its way somewhere in the shoe. Maybe it’s inside the sole.


So, here’s the deal, Laker Nation…

A couple of weeks ago, we asked if you guys would come to a TLN Viewing Party if we hosted one. You responded, so we went out and made it happen…

We will be hosting our first public TLN Viewing Party on Saturday, February 5th, 4:30pm at the Parlor in Hollywood. The Lakers are in New Orleans to play the Hornets that evening at 5pm. Come eat, drink and catch the game with the rest of Laker Nation!

Our friends from Phiten, the Forest Lab and Sports Enemy will be there to give away a bunch of Lakers prizes and apparel… and right after the game, D-Bricks and G-Smalls will be LIVE, on location, to record an episode of Voice of the Nation. We expect it to be a blast and we hope you guys will come catch the Lakers victory with us!

We will have a lot of reserved viewing areas for everyone, but ask that you please help us out with logistics by giving us an RSVP if you plan on coming. We need your first/last name and the # in your party. You can either drop it to us in an email, or go ahead and leave it in the comments section below.

Please let us know if you have any questions (email). If you need a map and/or directions, here you go. We’ll see you there!

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

A 29-point win. It’s no 55-point rout but the Lakers will take it, especially over a quality team like the Utah Jazz (recent slump notwithstanding, they’re still 27-18). The three-day lay-off did the “aging” Lakers some good, apparently, because they looked fresher and more energized than they have in awhile. There was a spring in their step, an extra gear in their defense and the ball movement was, simply put, beautiful to watch.

During the Lakers’ practice before tonight’s game, Kobe Bryant said that they’d played the Utah Jazz so much, that the two teams could switch jerseys and run each other’s offense. If that’s the case, then Utah needs new playbooks because the Lakers have them absolutely memorized.

The Jazz are a slow-starting team, often giving away the first quarter then eventually recovering in the final three. After experiencing this “recovery” first-hand in the loss in Utah, the Lakers were keen enough to lay the smackdown early…then kept on smacking. Tonight, the home team led by 15 after the first 12 minutes, 28 after the second and third quarters, and, before the final 29-point victory, toyed with 30+ point leads. Utah shot just 33% in the first half, and eventually finished with a 42% field goal percentage. When the opponent shoots 62% as the Lakers did, adding insult to injury with some lockdown defense, there wasn’t much that Utah could do.


A couple of weeks ago, the trailer to Kobe Bryant’s movie leaked (see it here). This week, we’ve got another intentionally released ‘leaked’ trailer for you.

The movie, ehh, short film, is expected to debut during all-star weekend to promote Bryant’s Kobe VI shoe and upcoming apparel line True Colors. Robert Rodriguez of Sin City fame directs, and it appears that Bruce Willis will be making a cameo appearance as well.

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The (32-13) Los Angeles Lakers are back at the Staples Center tonight hosting the (27-17) Utah Jazz.

The Lakers did a good job of meeting the challenge of their opponent by bringing their ‘A Game’ against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers are in search of consistency in their play. The have to be at their best because the schedule will continue to get tougher.

The Lakers need to shake this trend of not getting back in transition, late close outs, poor or late rotations, needless double teaming non-threatening post players,  allowing too many three-point shots, and shooting poorly themselves.


The higher Blake Griffin’s chin continues to rise above standard, 10-foot NBA rims, the lower Lamar Odom’s chances at making the all-star game become. And in all likelihood, barring a league-wide decision by all of the coaches to award Odom with a lifetime achievement bid, it will be Blake Griffin taking Lamar Odom’s place in the 2011 NBA All-Star Game here at Staples Center come February. There’s a bit of sad irony to be had here if such an occurrence does indeed happen, for it was about 11 years ago that Lamar Odom was in Blake Griffin’s same exact shoes, being fitted with those same lofty expectations as a rookie, donning that same troubled Clipper jersey, being billed as the franchise’s savior – one of the most versatile 6’9 forwards to ever grace the hardwood floor. The fact that LO could potentially be replaced in the All Star game, being held in Los Angeles of all places, by this 6’9 rookie prodigy who’s managed to excel in the role that Odom himself was never quite able to uphold in his 4 years with the Clippers only adds more insult to injury. But at least he got his extra shoves in against Blake Superior the last time the two faced off, right?

I just hope Lamar doesn’t let the inevitable disappointment get to him for too long, for as is the case with most players who play for the Lakers instead of the Clippers, Lamar’s got ‘bigger fish to fry’ anyway – it’s the Laker who’s usually aiming for something greater in the end. For Lamar, it’s that Sixth Man of the Year award, not a fleeting All-Star bid, which should be holding the most weight in his mind.


A few days ago, Jerry West said the Lakers were ‘too old to play defense well.’ Many Laker fans weren’t too pleased with these comments, mainly because it came from a Laker legend.

However, not all were displeased. Phil had a few comments of his own, mainly agreeing with West’s comments.

“He’s right. We have to do a lot of things right to play defense the way we want to. Most of it is about controlling the tempo of the game. Some of it is about speed and outright speed. We’re not the fastest team on the boards. We can do it if we control things the right way.”

It’s obvious that the Lakers are aging. They have 10 players on the roster aged 30+ years. But could that be the reason they haven’t been playing championship level basketball? Are they pacing themselves, waiting for the playoffs to turn it up?

What do you think Nation? Sound off!


Join David Brickley and Jason Riley as they broadcast LIVE the Voice of the Nation from the Fox Sports Radio Studios.

Roland Lazenby author of Jerry West, The Life And Legend Of A Basketball Icon joins the program.The Guys also take your calls and ask where you were 5 years ago today, when Kobe dropped 81.


  • Lakers win vs Nuggets a Melo-drama
  • Kobe Bryant used to be in Melo’s shoes
  • INTERVIEW: ROLAND LAZENBY – Author and Sportswriter
  • Lamar Odom and Hugh Hefner have something in common
  • Dwight Howard describes how it is to be dunked on by Kobe
  • Chris Bosh must HATE Google
  • CALLER GIVEAWAY: Where were you when Kobe Scored 81?
  • Barkley not impressed with Lakers
  • Phil Jackson has some more words for Miami
  • Why David and Jason must now buy Clipper jerseys
  • And Much MORE

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Nation, do you think the Lakers are getting too old to defend or are they just waiting to gear it up?

O.C. Register: The Lakers legend told a group of automobile dealers in Irvine the reason the team can’t seem to hang onto leads because they are “getting long in the tooth.”

“If there’s a loose ball now, how often do they get it?” West said.

West said Thursday that he doesn’t expect the current lineup to be “good for much longer.”

Does West think the Lakers will pick up their third consecutive NBA title this season?

“I think Boston is a very dangerous team,” he said. “I would not want to play them every other night.”

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Pau Gasol drove in but fell short on his fingerroll. Offensive rebound – Ron Artest. With a new shot clock, the Lakers had another chance to score, but Gasol missed the jumper…and Artest grabbed another offensive board.

Those were the only two rebounds that Ron Artest had in this game, but it’s not so much the quantity but the quality of these boards that made all the difference for the Lakers. The loss in Dallas was a senseless one, especially since they knew they had the struggling Mavericks on their heels after they’d taken a double-digit lead. But the Lakers lost their focus, and it cost them the game. That was not the case tonight and Artest’s alertness in grabbing those two offensive boards was a tell-tale sign.

In the first half, it looked like Arron Afflalo would be the Lakers’ killer for the game. They have one in every game it seems. With Ron Artest providing some solid defense on Carmelo Anthony, and neither Chauncey Billups, Nene nor the Denver bench putting up much of a challenge, it was the UCLA product putting up the points. Afflalo, despite having to chase Kobe Bryant around, still had the energy and wiles to put up 16 first-half points, taking 4-5 from behind the arc all thanks to some slow Laker defense. But then came the second half, and unlike the game against Dallas, the Lakers actually regained their focus and execution on both ends if the floor, rather than letting it slide.


It’s crazy to think that it’s been half a decade since Kobe spent 48 minutes locked on ‘Eff-You’ mode and smashed the Toronto Raptors with 81 points. In my opinion, it was the single greatest offensive performance in professional sports history and the ultimate “everyone shut-up and just hang on to my cape” moment.

In commemoration of tomorrow’s 5th year Anniversary of “81”, tell us how you experienced Kobe’s historical performance…



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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