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With only one minute to go in the game, all-star Pau Gasol had one made basket.

He would get a lay-up when the game was already out of reach, but his final stat line was nothing to be happy about.

In 38 minutes of action Gasol finished with eight points, just 2-9 from the field, and six rebounds.

Other then Chris Paul’s superb play, Gasol was one of the big reasons the Lakers were not successful in game 1.

It’s up to me to get myself going, be more aggressive, get myself into rhythm,” Gasol said.

A reporter asked if Odom also needed to hike his scoring, and Bryant made clear that wasn’t the problem.

Pau is our guy,” he said. “He’s next in line and gets the responsibility that comes with it

He’s not naturally aggressive,” Bryant said. “Even if I’m tired, I’m naturally aggressive. You just have to rev him up a little bit, get him going.”

Gasol gets a chance at redemption, Wednesday at 7:30pm PST.



David Brickley, and Kevin Figgers come to you for another LIVE edition of the Voice of the Nation.

They give you full post game coverage, on the Lakers game one loss against the Hornets at Staples. Listen up! They also take your calls!


  • Lakers lose Game One, 100-109
  • Phil Jackson Speaks out on lack of post play
  • Pau Gasol is a no show
  • POLL QUESTION: Is Game 2 now a must win?
  • Calls: Live Fan Reaction
  • INTERVIEW: Scott Howard Cooper – NBA TV
  • Lamar says he may regret reality show
  • and Much MUCH More

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Andrew Bynum sat on the bench, his face resting on his folded hands. He looked on as his teammates finished the game on the floor, probably wondering what more he could have done. Bynum’s been on and off the active roster due to injuries this past season, but he has never allowed it to affect his enthusiasm for his game, his team – at least not this season. On a quest with the Lakers to achieve something so very few teams have accomplished, a threepeat, it is this type of attitude that Laker captains Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher have preached time again the last few seasons – pushing and willing yourself and your team through adversity. Based on today’s game, it seems just a handful of Lakers understand this philosophy. Some, unfortunately, still need to be reminded.

Pau Gasol, who averaged 22.3 ppg on a 71% field goal percentage and 12.8 rpg in the sweep of the New Orleans series in the regular season, produced just eight points on 2-9 shooting, six rebounds and six assists in almost 38 minutes of playing time. At halftime, he had attempted just five field goals, tried just twice to score in the third quarter, and hit just his second shot of the game in the fourth and final quarter. Phil Jackson was asked during a break how Gasol could come out of his shooting slump and Jackson said simply, “Shoot the ball.” Gasol spent the afternoon roaming the perimeter, at one time attempting a corner three (?!). His midrange jumper wasn’t working for him today, but instead of being aggressive and fighting his way to the rim, he chose just to shoot less. His offensive production could have been a forgivable part of today’s game, had he at least been productive elsewhere, but even his efforts on the glass were lacking (six rebounds in 38 minutes!) and his defense was even more laughable. Going one-on-one with Chris Paul (33 points on 11-18, 14 assists), he got burned time and again.

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The Lakers went through many ups and downs in the regular season, yet they finished the regular season at (57-25), good enough for the two seed in the Western Conference. The Hornets battled injuries, but still finished (46-35) on the year, to capture the 7th seed.

The Lakers ability to score the ball will be one of the big concerns for the Hornets. The Lakers finished the season 7th in the NBA in offense, while the Hornets finished 19th in the NBA.

The Hornets are limited on what they can do down low. They lost their 2nd best player on the team, David West, with a torn ACL injury, and have had to rely on Carl Landry to fill his role. However, Landry has always played well against the Lakers whether it was being a part of taking the Lakers to 7 games in the playoffs with Houston, or his time in Sacramento.


The Playoffs have arrived. With that, we take a look at what unites a Nation of Laker fans. Welcome to our new home. Laker Nation!

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Well, it was just meant to be for longtime Laker Fan Marco Comia

He will be at Game 1 sitting in Section 114 Row 8 for SUNDAY’S game. (A $700 dollar value) Courtesy

Here is what Marco said when he found out that he won!

Winning these tickets has probably been some of the most exciting news I’ve had in a LONG time. Being so busy with the Marines and work, I haven’t been able to attend a Laker game this season which is really rare and disappointing .You have no idea how excited I am for this. I have never won anything whenever I sign up for these giveaways, and for the first time to be LAKERS PLAYOFF tickets is just too unreal!

I will be taking my brother who is just as much of a Laker fan as I am, and probably the only one who deserves to watch this game with me in my opinion because this previous year has been rough for him as well. Laker Nation has been on my bookmark tab since it was GetGarnett. I love staying updated with current laker news and there is no other site that does it better than

I’ve even purchased some of the merchandise like Kobe’s mock pinky brace!! Anyway, i just want to say THANK YOU so much for this opportunity and you better believe I will lose my voice after this game because I intend to be the loudest fan out there tomorrow! GO LAKERS! THREE-PEAT!

Congratulations, to Marco, and thank you for all that participated. We will have more contests like this throughout the playoffs. So stay tuned to Laker Nation!

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By Ahmed Sedam

It’s the middle of April, the frost is beginning to melt (hopefully), weather is heating up and the Black Mamba is sharpening his fangs.

Through 82 grueling games: 2,078 points, 388 assists, and 419 rebounds, adds to another season in the legendary career of Kobe Bryant. However, when you think about it at the end of the day, it means nothing. Not to Lakers, not to the fans, and especially not to him. All that matters is one thing: holding the trophy at the end of the year, and having that parade in Downtown Los Angeles that we are all so accustomed to.

This is the obsession of Kobe Bryant. This drive and determination is what makes him that good.

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John Amaechi, played five seasons in the NBA, and came out to the public as gay, after his career ended.

Amaechi spoke to the USA Today, about Kobe Bryant’s homophobic slur:

Q: What was your first impression when you heard Bryant’s remark?

A: I’m surprised that people are surprised. This is common language when I played. It was an everyday word that I heard. I haven’t seen anything new put in place (by the NBA) to tackle homophobia. There’s no reason for it to somehow get better.

Q: And what do you think of Bryant’s statement of “apology”?

A: I suppose that’s the typical, “I apologize if you’re offended”‘ type of comment. I doubt very much when he said that that he thought Bennie was a pile of sticks. There’s only one contemporary meaning for that.
The problem we have now is because of the way we don’t address homophobia, the ultimate insult to a man is to tell them either they’re like a woman or worse, that they’re gay.

We have to take it as unacceptable as a white person screaming the N-word at a black person. … I can tell you that I’ve been called a f——- fairly routinely, and yet people seem to hold off on calling me the N-word. We’ve got to mirror that progress.

Amaechi played for the Cavs, Magic, and Jazz. Many know his name, from the stories that he told in his memoir Man in the Middle, a book about being a gay professional athlete.

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By David Brickley – Los Angeles

The Lakers were up 88-70 going into the 4th quarter against the Sacramento Kings in the last game of the regular season.

Yet, it took Kobe Bryant’s 25 footer with four seconds left, just to get the Lakers to tie the Kings, and force overtime.

A lot of that had to do with the Lakers not executing the offense, as a team the Lakers only had three assist’s in the fourth quarter.

A lot of the lack of ball movement rests on Bryant’s shoulders. The “2005-07 Kobe” made an appearance in the games final minutes.

Back then, shooting a fade away 20 footer with three people on him, was probably a better option then a Kwame Brown hook shot.

But this is 2011.

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According to multiple reports, Phil Jackson and the Lakers organization have been fined $75,000 each for comments Jackson made about the likely NBA lockout next season.

Here are the comments, that Phil made about the lockout:

“Who knows what the NBA’s going to look like after this year?” Jackson told a small group of reporters last Thursday. “I think there’s some people pretty convinced there’s not going to be a year next year.”

It may seem harmless, but the NBA states that team officials are forbidden from publicly discussing the collective bargaining agreement between the players and the league.

When you add Kobe Bryant’s fine for the “gay slur”, $250,000 in total fines have been issued by the NBA, in the last couple of days, to the Lakers and its employees.

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After the Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night, they secured the #2 seed in the West

L.A. Lakers vs. New Orleans Schedule:

Game 1 – Sun April 17 New Orleans at L.A. Lakers 12:30PM 3:30PM ABC/R
Game 2 – Wed April 20 New Orleans at L.A. Lakers 7:30PM 10:30PM TNT
Game 3 – Fri April 22 L.A. Lakers at New Orleans 8:30PM 9:30PM ESPN
Game 4 – Sun April 24 L.A. Lakers at New Orleans 8:30PM 9:30PM TNT
Game 5 * Tue April 26 New Orleans at L.A. Lakers TBD TBD TBD
Game 6 * Thu April 28 L.A. Lakers at New Orleans TBD TBD TBD
Game 7 * Sat April 30 New Orleans at L.A. Lakers TBD TBD TNT

The Lakers beat the Hornets all four times they met in the regular season.


David Brickley, Jason Riley and Kevin Figgers come to you for another LIVE edition of the Voice of the Nation. They wrap-up the regular season, and Special Guest Mark Medina, (LA Times Lakers reporter) joins the program.


  • Lakers End Kings Run in Sacramento
  • Andrew Bynum MRI Results
  • Kobe Bryant yells homophobic slur
  • POLL QUESTION: How many games will it take to eliminate Hornets?
  • INTERVIEW: Mark Medina – LA Times – Laker Reporter
  • Steve Blake and the Chicken Pox
  • A farewell to the Kings! Revisiting the memories
  • Lamar’s awkward interview
  • Playoff Predictions
  • and Much MUCH More

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With 9.6 seconds left in the game, and his team behind by three points, Kobe Bryant received the ball, weaved his way behind the three-point line, and sent a shot over 7-foot Samuel Dalembert – swish! In the ensuing possession, 4.8 seconds left and the Kings with an opportunity to win the game, Bryant glued himself to Marcus Thornton and just as Thornton rose up for a shot and play the hero, Bryant knocked the ball from behind and his teammates did the rest, wrestling for the ball until the clock finally ran out.

Overtime went the game, and winning went the Lakers for the 57th time this season. For the road team, this win means a first-round meeting with the New Orleans Hornets. For the home squad, it means a long uncertain summer. For what it’s worth, the Sacramento Kings did fight to get back on their feet after falling behind by 20 points. They tried to send their home crowd out with at least one final win, but in overtime, they just couldn’t hang with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, desperate to maintain their #2 seeding.

With Dallas’ win over New Orleans, this was a must-win and, contrary to their offensive performances in the last few games, the ball movement and inside game were clicking tonight…or they actually made the effort to MAKE it click tonight. They shot 57% after the first quarter, and finished with 51% from the field after the first half.

Photo by Harry How - Getty Images

NBA Commissioner David Stern issued the following statement today:

“Kobe Bryant’s comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable. While I’m fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated. Accordingly, I have fined Kobe $100,000. Kobe and everyone associated with the NBA know that insensitive or derogatory comments are not acceptable and have no place in our game or society.”

For more about this incident, check out our earlier report.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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