Since CBA catered lunches negotiations broke down earlier this week, there was a hushed suspicion that the two sides would quietly meet again before Monday – the day the first two weeks of the regular season is expected to be cancelled – to come to an agreement and preserve an 82-game season.

According to reports this afternoon, that was on the agenda, but will not be happening. The players meeting request was met with a callous rejection by the owners, who also added that no further meetings would be agreed to until the players accepted a 50/50 split in BRI (Basketball Related Income).

Barring an unexpected, unlikely resume in negotiations, on Monday the Lakers will officially lose six (6) home games, and three (3) road games. They are listed below:

11/1 Oklahoma City Home
11/2 Golden State Away
11/4 Phoenix Away
11/6 New Orleans Home
11/7 Sacramento Away
11/9 San Antonio Home
11/11 Denver Home
11/13 Detroit Home
11/15 Washington Home
  • Ripple108

    The owners and players should be ashamed.  Because of their greed, thousands of barely-above-min-wage Staples Center employees can’t pay their rent or work enough hours to have medical insurance!  At this point, none in the NBA warrant our sympathy.  But I guess we are providing job security for the workers at the unemployment office.