Out of Bounds with Jason Riley

The Lakers have been rather un-Hollywood since Pau Gasol returned to the lineup. The last three games have been slightly less exciting than a 60-minute exclusive on global warming with Al Gore.

They completely wiped the floor with the struggling Chicago Bulls (108-93). Did anyone think they would miss Ben Gordon this much? They blasted the surprisingly competitive “Zombie Sonics” (101-85). Most shocking? Sasha knocked down an open jumper. That was almost as remarkable as Kobe’s behind-the-backboard how-the-eff-did-he-just-make-that shot in the first quarter.

Last night, the NBDL Knicks were in town. Once upon a time, this game used to matter. The world was a very different place then – The twin towers still overlooked New York City and Khloe Kardashian was just the fat-scary-chick in high school. New York clanged 22 shots from downtown (not a typo) while the Lakers methodically took care of business (100-90).

With the next three games – Golden State, New Jersey and New Orleans – not likely to provide much more excitement than the last three, it seems like a good time to try something new. Periodically, I get emails/comments/tweets/messages from some of you guys. I have heard everything from I love your column to you are an incompetent moron (both direct quotes). Instead of letting those sit in my inbox, I think we can have some fun with them.

My next column will be the inaugural Out of Bounds Mailbag – and I will be giving away a FREE, 1-year subscription to SLAM Magazine to someone. If you guys enjoy this, we will continue to do them every once in a while. Here’s the deal:

Send me an email, tweet or message (or just fill out the form below). It can be a Lakers’ question or comment, an opinion or rant about the NBA or even a pop-culture reference – anything you would like to see responded to in the next column. I will pick some of the most creative, relevant and intriguing messages and respond to them in my mailbag column next week. If your message makes it, you will automatically be entered into the random drawing for a 1-year subscription to SLAM Magazine. Pretty easy, right? If nothing else, this should help us get through the humdrum part of the Lakers’ schedule.

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    I LOVE THE LA LAKERS!!!!!!!! We are so spoiled to have these guys representing us. We are repeating then three-peating. LETS GO LAKERS!!!

  • roscoe

    Alright Bill Simmons….

  • jmizzo

    R. Kamla and D. Scott on NBA TV had Kobe 2nd and 3rd respectively in the MVP race this year…what a joke…Kamla had Nash #1 and Scott had Melo #1 and Lebron #2….Kobe had carried the Lakers until Pau got back…he was leading the league in scoring and averaging 6 rebs, 6 assists and 3 steals…amazing..