For those of you who are wondering what this is all about, click here for a brief explanation. For the rest of you, I present to you Game 3 of the Lakers, Thunder series, exclusively told by Twitter.


Contrary to what many of us expected, the Lakers began the game in ’91 Mike Tyson form, mercilessly bulldozing the stunned Thunder.

ukuga OKC audio team about to cue Elton John. “I’m still standing!”

therealbenpete Lakers 6/6 so far. These OKC fans wasted their check on these tickets… Unless they are Laker fans.

DavidjBrickley Everybody involved early for the Lakers, 7 straight FG’s to start game. All starters have scored.

SportsFanPJ Kobe hasn’t taken a shot and we’re up 12-3, perfect from the field.

RamneetKB24 An amazing start by the Lakers; I guess the blue shirts aren’t fazing them.

kobethegod Lakers are in championship form… hitting from all angles.

The surprise of the first quarter was the stellar shooting from much-maligned Lakers’ guard Derek Fisher.

therealbenpete Fisher is ready today. I’m tired of people talking trash about my boy. He’s still the captain of this squad.

ritabook11 I am loving @derekfisher right now!! Let’s Go @Lakers

After a mini-flurry by Oak City…

LD2k OKC is on adrenaline rush. When that ends, they may not be sharp enough to win this game. Lakers came to win this game tonight.

SportsFanPJ Kobe goes out and these guys lose their composure and the lead is down

The Lakers held a five point lead, 27-22, at the end of the first quarter.

pasc 1q – Lakers by 5, need to get more boards and shut down thunder penetration.

RamneetKB24 Nice first quarter, but we let the Thunder creep within 5. We have to attack the “bigs” of the Thunder.

SportsFanPJ Andrew Bynum 4/4 while Gasol is 1 / 4 after the first quarter. Gotta continue exploiting the big guys since 1 of them has it going.


As the second quarter got underway, the law-of-averages slapped a notice on the Lakers hot start.

therealbenpete We can’t buy a bucket.

LD2k Lakers need Bynum and Pau back in there. Our size is our CLEAR advantage. Got to get the inside game re-established.

JRiley21 RON, please make open 3’s. Please…

pasc Kobe, where are you? Is it the new splint??

Lamar Odom, the superstar of the Lakers second unit, appeared to have left his game on the set of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

JP810 Lamar needs to post up his man.

LD2k Odom needs to get it going. If he gets it rolling were going to be tough to beat. Nonetheless, Lakers focus is there; ready to win.

SportsFanPJ Lamar Odom has scored 0 so far in the first half after 7:30 minutes of playing time. LO is really struggling, he needs to get it going.

… Luckily for the Lakers, they still have the best player in the world to bail them out of scoring slumps.

TheLakersNation Durant 1/9 (0/2), yet Oak City only down 6, weathered the Lakers early storm. Important 5:39 upcoming.

pasc There’s the DAGGER Kobe! A 3 to hush the crowd…

SportsFanPJ Kobe with the 3 pointer to extend the lead to 6. Says to the crowd: “Sit down and shut up”.

JP810 Kobe is mad at the way he is playing. Starting to make shots

ukuga Kobe. Wow. Kobe.

therealbenpete BLACK MAMBA!

DavidjBrickley It seems every time, right when the crowd is getting into it, KOBE shuts the crowd up with long threes.

Rob_G81 Kobe three 3’s in the last 1:30

Thanks to the long distance shooting from Kobe Bryant, the Lakers led at the half, 50-43.

JRiley21 Durant a little too excited. When he calms down, OKC will make a strong run. Scary…

JP810 Kobe: 14 points; Pau: 9 RBS; Harden: 15 points; Durant: 11 RBS; Lakers 50, OKC 43 at half.

SportsFanPJ We take control of the first 5 minutes of the second half, we’re gonna win this game.


After a stalemate through the first 6 minutes of the 3rd quarter, things started to get interesting.

SportsFanPJ Much better play in the 3rd quarter so far from Gasol. 6 points in the first 5 minutes to begin the half.

DavidjBrickley Can we all give Fisher a round of applause! Playing great offensively 14 points on 6 shots. Fish wake up during playoff time!

Despite some questionable calls (and non-calls) from the refereeing crew in the 3rd quarter…

YvesCuaton Lakers’ only free throws were the three that D-Fish took. Damn refs.

ukuga Kevin Harlan feeding Doug Collins the FT totals, but Collins refuses to run with it and provide analysis.

JP810 Hey we got a foul and we are going to the line!

The Lakers, somehow, managed to hang on to a 1-point lead, 75-74, heading into the fourth quarter.

TheLakersNation I think “clinging to a one-point lead” is a pretty good descriptor right now; Ford Center is “thundering”… literally. Who wants it more?

ukuga You knew this run was coming. Now it’s time for the Lakers to show their championship mettle.

therealbenpete Thunder I hope you know what’s coming up in the 4th…. BLACK MAMBA

LD2k This is what champions are made of. Right here, right now. Kobe’s rested… Time for the mamba to strike.

DPorterLA I hope to see the Mamba strike in this 4th quarter. Also our bigs Pau and Andrew have to do work too.


And with the series on the line for the Oak City Thunder, the Lakers Nation optimism turned to frustration. Here’s how it began to unfold for the Lakers…

DavidjBrickley Where’s Lamar at?

YvesCuaton Get Kobe back in the game!!

SportsFanPJ For the second straight half, Kobe goes to bench for rest, Lakers lead plummets…in this half they lost it.

DHays18 Odom has disappeared completely.

therealbenpete Lakers love to stress me out.

YvesCuaton This is getting ugly…

Despite the surging Thunder and deafening Oak City crowd, Andrew Bynum provided a little bit of Thunder on his own…

ukuga BYNUM!!!!!!!!

ritabook11 BYNUM!!!!

DavidjBrickley Welcome to my Poster Collison – Andrew Bynum! Wow!

MooseIsBeast , Andrew Bynum to Nick Collison: “Get on my poster”.

TheLakersNation #Fact The @NBA is printing at-least two posters after this game…

The Lakers continued to falter down the stretch…

DPorterLA Come on Lakers. Move the ball inside.

YvesCuaton Odom is definitely a non-factor in this game. I know whose fault it is: Khloe Kardashian’s!!!

DavidjBrickley Or for the worse? 1-7 FG for Kobe…Durant on Kobe has affected his game.

kampashai Young star just denied the veteran legend.

kobethegod Lakers look stagnate on offense, relying on Kobe and Pau to much. Someone needs to step up.

DavidjBrickley Westbrook! Clutch.

therealbenpete I wasn’t expecting a sweep… but we had this one. Still time… just have to play smart.

ukuga The refs have spoken.

YvesCuaton How big are Ron’s feet!? Why does he keep stepping on that 3point line?

SportsFanPJ Oklahoma Thunder 26 for 32 from FT line, Lakers 10 for 12. Didn’t attack the basket enough.

YvesCuaton Who would have thought it would come down to this: Lakers down by 4 with 13.1 seconds to go. Certainly didn’t look like it earlier.

YvesCuaton Farmar shoots! Down the drain… See you in the next game.

In the end, the lively Oak City Thunder captured their first playoff win, 101-96.

SportsFanPJ It’s all good. We lost game 3 in round 1 to the Utah Jazz last year in our championship run. Just gotta regroup.

ErikitaBuey Good game… better win on Saturday. Go Lakers!

DHays18 It sucks that I wanna’ blame the refs…but the fact that Kobe went like 8-28 or something (1-9 in the 4th)…that’s horrible.

pasc Lakers get no love from refs in game 3 – let’s get em’ sat.

YvesCuaton Peace out, y’all. It’s a bad day whenever the Lakers lose. Gonna’ find a place to mope.

And with that, I’ll see you on Saturday for Game 4. Thanks to everyone that helped contribute! What did you think? Would you like to see us do this again? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow me, Jason Riley, and The Lakers Nation on Twitter.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    That was pretty cool Jason! Should def do it again. We’ll take care of business in game 4! Go Lakers

    – @therealbenpete

  • Lakers 24 7

    Durant blocked Kobe’s shot…you know it’s only a matter of time before Kobe exploded for a real big game..he had 39 in game two, but that was on 12-28 shooting and 15 FT’s. It’s also a matter of time before Odom shows up.

  • justdogm1

    yeah, he may go 2 for 20 saturday………….

  • Chris Manning

    I really like this — and can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before in any media outlet! J called me before game 3 and asked if it was a good idea, I told him, “hell yeah” it is. This is really, REALLY cool!

  • David Brickley

    If you can…do it for every game. Great job J