I don’t see why we can’t sign him.

Twitter: If Lakers, Nuggets or Knicks can’t sign Caracter, word is two Italian teams, one Israeli club and Olympiakos have interest. Time for vacay.

  • Jay Mc Cain

    SIGN HIM… vamos, rapidsoooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • team_me

    4real idk wats the big deal jus get it done already sign both rookies its jus gonna be 1mil for both of them. Tell look to jus take the season off n lets sign brown we need us that highflyer. Who else we gonna be throwin alley ops to huh tell.? N the bigs dont count.

    • team_me

      Lol my bad I meant luke.

      • laker warrior

        Bro Luke ,Puke, Fluke same guy we all know who your talking about . The least productive dressed Lake next to
        Mobenga and Amo

  • laker warrior

    sign him and tell Luke to go Fuck him self.
    3 years of playing D league ball in the NBA is not
    acceptable. Luke owes the Lakers pay back money pay up Bitch.
    Sign Character he is going to a great player


    We need to sign both Ebanks and Character…These guys will be productive players in the league. They were great draft picks…they both could have been 1st rounders. We need some youth on the team.

  • LbC Ya562

    Yea, sign them dudes already! They cant be any worse then Powell and Mbenga! Lets get it done!

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    I don’t understand why this has anything to do with Luke.
    The bottom line is Mitch always does this. He invites second round picks, or summer league players to training camp with a 10-day contract. He evaluates their abilities in training camp before signing them for a season or two. It’s just how he does things. He’s smart, and patient.
    Chill guys. Seriously.

    • team_me

      Cause luke is just takin up space we can offer that money to a better player. I know he been injure but I rather have brown than luke we already have artest barnes and if we sign ebanks at small forward. 4sure we gonna sign both rookies why wouldn’t we. Brown has more to offer wit his vertical leap we need a high flyer.!

  • http://aarongould.squarespace.com Aaron G.

    We seriously need to lock this guy up long-term! He was a top 5 prospect in the summer league and he has earned the right to make the squad as a bench player at the very least!

    • Victor S

      You said it your self in the summer league not in the rookie class in general but still we need them!!:)

      • http://aarongould.squarespace.com Aaron G.

        I think the guy averaged a double-double in the summer league! C’mon, this guy is the goods!

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

      Mitch said already that we can’t offer him long contracts. We can only offer minimum contracts (either ONE or TWO years).

  • Ronin99

    Sign the rookies already Mitch!!! Don’t wait around for Brown’s negotiation to be over please…

  • rondo

    Caracter will sign with the Lakers he has a lot to prove . Going over seas don’t prove anything to the teams who overlooked him in the draft. Remember ( bring your game not your name)

  • 24allup inya

    whats the holdup in signing him? i mean we did sign luke walton and we did have Moron “the pedophile looking guy” and Mbenga for a couple of seasons! why not sign someone with a tremendous upside???????Whats there to think about???