This writer speculates on the timing of when and why Kobe should/will be traded. Interesting stuff.

O.C. Register: Reading between the lines and the rhetoric and the speculation around the NBA, it now seems to be a matter of when, not if, Kobe Bryant will be traded.

There he was Tuesday night, in Lakers purple and gold, revving up the Honda Center crowd during an exhibition game against the Utah Jazz. As always, “Ko-BE! Ko-BE! Ko-BE!” was the most popular player in the building.

But will Bryant be wearing the same uniform when the Lakers open the 2007-08 regular season next week? A report in one New York tabloid Tuesday said not to bet on that one, “even if L.A. must accept an inequitable return” because “that’s how repugnant he supposedly has become to the owner’s senses.”

Ouch. Is Jerry Buss that angry at the Kobester?

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  • TheLAunit

    Leave Kobe alone Damn!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    The problem with trading Kobe is that he can control where he goes because of his no trade clause. This makes it almost impossible to trade him. He won’t go to a bad team, and none of the teams that he is interested in are going to be willing to break up their team until they feel that they can not win a championship with their current team. Some of these team will give low ball offers but I don’t think (at least hope not)the Lakers will go for these trades. So that means that kobe won’t get traded until at least the end of the season.

  • Lakers Fan Down Under

    “half the things said in the media are not even true” – Kobe Bryant -

  • daboss1848

    and the other half?

  • fatty

    “and the other half?”

    Yeah like his name is Kobe and he plays for the Lakers. That stuff is true. lol

  • kb24 4life

    man a lot of rumors but trust me, nothing is gonna happen soon…


    well if the lakers HAVE to trade kobe they better get michael jordan, magic, larry bird, kareem, and wilt for him. that’s the only fair trade.

    what im trying to say is theres no fair trade for kobe in the nba today. if buss lets him go for nocioni hinrich and tyrus thomas or a similar deal i’ll never watch the lakers again (or at least untill the busses r no longer in charge). the closest thing to a fair trade would have to involve the lakers getting a superstar in return. dirk, amare…someone like that.

  • josh

    if there’s one thing we know about the nba, it’s that you never know.

    this dumb ass columnist is trying to be bold so that later he can say, “i told you so.” but in reality, he has no way of knowing if a trade is going down or not.

  • l@kers4life

    kobe is the best player , and front office is not going to get the same value for him, no matter what , so they should just keep him and make him happy trade bynum for j,oneal

  • ricky

    kobe is not gonna be traded, end of story! i wont go as far as trading bynum and/or odom for jermaine. i think if the lakers can just play through this season, show some progress; then they can have a clearer view of the future. with big names opting out and free agency next summer, the lakers can be huge players in signing some serious talent, just hope they can hold out that long!