Despite the mixed feelings about O’Neal, seeing this as potentially his last year is a sad thought for an NBA fan. For us Lakers fans, we know we won’t feel this pity if and when we meet him in the playoffs… but I hope to see him return. He is great for the NBA (come on and put the biased aside and admit it).

O.C. Register: O’Neal, who turns 36 next month, said after the game he wouldn’t play beyond next season. But for him to bring the Suns their first NBA championship before he retires, Phoenix will have to catch up to the Lakers for a change.

  • LakersFirst

    I only supported Shaq when he was on the Lakers. He’s no longer a Laker, so there is no reason to support him anymore.


    I doubt this will be his last season. I expect one more year out of him. The reason is, he will want revenge when the Lakers eliminate Phoenix in the Western Conference Finals.

  • lakerz

    if he does leave next season, WoW….

    and for the suns it sucks even more because they gave up marion and banks for him.

  • gugy

    This is not surprise.
    His body must be killing him. Seriously, the man is probably close to 370 lbs. That’s a huge toll for a man to carry it around. No wonder he is so beat up.

    One more reason for the Suns to regret this trade. I am 99% certain that Shaq won’t bring a title to the Suns. There is just too many good teams to beat the Suns along the way.

  • KONG!

    The Suns sold their soul to the devil (like Miami) to win a Championship. But all they will get in return is grief. Shaq and his FT% will be a curse in the playoffs.

    Sux to be a suns fan…

  • Sopi

    [Comment ID #27073 Will Be Quoted Here]

    beyond “next” season…..

  • Lakers

    he left us in the dirt but Shaqs a great person no doubt


    hahaha suns are fuuked

  • xtro

    the sun has finally set on the phoenix suns