HOOPSWORLD.COM: The Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant have found themselves suddenly painted into a corner.

Bryant has demanded the return of Jerry West to help guide the team back to a championship. The Laker star has clearly lost faith in those currently running the team (General Manager Mitch Kupchak and Vice President of Player Personnel Jim Buss). Though Bryant denies (or has backed off from) actually requesting a trade if West does not return, the message is clear . . . Bryant is unhappy he wants immediate change.

The Lakers are stuck. West is moving to West Virginia. Though he may be open to being a consultant (at a high salary), he’s not about to displace Kupchak from his current position.

Laker owner Jerry Buss has begun the succession process giving his son Jim increased authority over the team’s basketball decisions. To bring back West would be an affront to the owner’s son . . . one a father is unlikely to make.

Can and will West return in some capacity? Certainly.

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  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    A lot of buzz around O’Neal lately. “IF” he is the guy the Lakers go after, do NOT give up both Odom & Bynum for him.

  • *LaKeRfAn15*

    I think tehy should give lamar Walton in a sign-in-trade willaims parker Farmer 4 O’neal and who ever!!WE need 2 resind parker and williams first.

  • clee

    I think it’s OK to give up Lamar Odom and Bynum. Sure it may sound bad, but the Lakers defiantly need an inside threat. If I were the Lakers GM, I would try my best to offer what ever to get Garnett, if that fails go to plan B and get O’Neal, either way you get an inside outside threat, and 2 stars, should work out nicely.

    Personally I do not want to see Kobe traded, without Kobe the Lakers wouldn’t be fun to watch. Kobe is a player you pay to see, he’s that amazing.

  • rob

    i just don’t think jermaine oneal is that good. bynum has a whole offseason to get better, he should be close to a double double in 07-08, and lamar odom is basically as good as oneal by himself. The only thing i see that makes that a positive thing for the lakers is that oneal and kobes games could mesh instantly (that inside-out combination) whereas the difficulty of using odom and bryant at the same time (two guys who need the ball in their hands) has been well documented. basically the lakers have three players worth anything, and if they can keep 2 and bring in a star, that should be the game plan no matter what the cost

  • rob

    to clarify my above final statement: if they can keep kobe and one of the other two. Kobes not on any trading block, i don’t care what comes out of ric buchers mouth

  • http://www.friendster.com/3581534 CV_LEX7

    Not both Lamar and Bynum please. do not overpaid for any superstar coming in. this would lead us to a even worse situation

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    trade bynum vlade kwame 19th draft pick for Jermaine Oneal and trade Luke and sasha for Artest….

  • leo

    traded odom and bynum for oneal and maybe troy murphy…i mean like kobe said the time is now…try to get some other players thru free agency…rashard lewis? billups?

  • punkjones

    They simply have to do something at this point. Not to do so will be complete failure in all eyes. But I’m with Kobe. Do you really expect Mitch to come back with Indy’s franchise player after their management has fired their coach. You either back the coach and trade the players or work with the players and go a different direction in terms of coach. A team doesn’t do both unless they are under some kind of extreme duress like changing ownership. Gasol’s a better bet at this point because he has expressed his desire to leave, and there’s new ownership, and because they suck (and will soon no longer have the services of Jerry West). Even Mitch might be able to pull off a trade with them. All players should be tradeable on this team now except Turiaf and Farmar who have heart (even a repaired one in Turiaf!).

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Anthony Aguilar

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes O’neal is the solution to L.A.’s problems…..