So another “source” rises! This is actually a cute story:

IBS: Out of the mouths of babes: Jermaine O’Neal may say he wants to stay with the Indiana Pacers, but his daughter, Asjia, told an elementary school classmate—the son of a co-worker of mine—that “Daddy says we’re moving to California.”

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  • Jason

    LOL! She needs Chewy bar..

  • DeepFrost

    HELL YEAH!!!…))…JO in LAL next season

  • aaron

    another o’neal in la? i like the sound of that

  • MoneyMarl

    what are u guys celebrating about?? If the Lakers have to give up lamar Odom also, it will be a bad trade for us. The Lakers management better not give up Lamar Odom.

  • blackmamba24

    what are u talking about? they wont need to trade lamar, they can either trade kwame and bynum together or kwame radman and evans and there will be no cap penalties and its all good. hopefully they do one on those trades.


    [quote comment=”1123″]what are u guys celebrating about?? If the Lakers have to give up lamar Odom also, it will be a bad trade for us. The Lakers management better not give up Lamar Odom.[/quote]
    Yeah but we still have Kwane and we could trade him for Camby
    So the lineup could be
    PG-Charlie Bell
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    Not bad IMO
    If we keep Odom then we have
    PG-Charlie Bell
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    Not bad either
    We could try to trade Walton pick for Artest but I think that Walton will stay

  • phil

    CHeck out this from Yahoo

    A source who has spoken with Los Angeles Lakers G.M. Mitch Kupchak and Pacers G.M. Larry Bird says that the conversations about a Jermaine O’Neal-for-Andrew Bynum-and-Lamar Odom trade have accelerated in recent days, undoubtedly a reaction to Kobe Bryant’s four-day tirade.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if this got done by the draft,” the source said.

    Here’s the link:;_ylt=AjnlV02Vpa7v0J01fORRNYu8vLYF?slug=aw-predraftcamp060107&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  • KingKobe

    You guys are kidding right?
    Lamar is a loser. Good as he is, hard as he tries, it’s just not good enough. Time to move on. He’s been playing the same way for too long to expect any different from him in the future. He’s got no heart, he’s got no fire. Is JO the answer? Probably not but the Lakers have to start somewhere.

  • KingKobe

    Don’t get me wrong it’d be nice to be able to keep Odom as a third or forth option, but it doesn’t seem like a possibility. I doubt Indy trades JO for Bynum straight up, which is basically what it would be since even if we send Kwame in that deal to match salary he’s not gonna add anything to the Pacers.
    Stranger things have happened though. Larry doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing….kinda like Mitch Kupcake.

  • CJ

    I know most people are hating on Lamar. The guy did great before he got injured this season. Most importantly, he was hitting the three ball consistently. Once his shoulder got injured, his three ball was off and he missed a lot of threes once he came back from the shoulder injury. I know that once his shoulder is 100% fully healed, his three will come back. The guy is still a good passer. He just needs to post up more and be more consistent with the threes. Therefore, i feel that we should not trade odom.

  • kenshi1023

    what is wrong with this plan. trade kwame for artest this summer and wait til next summer to sign kg. you would end up with a line up like:
    bynum, lamar, artest, kobe, farmar
    mimh, radmon, luke, evans, sasha (grant hill).

    sign kg in the summer as free-agent.
    2008/09 line up:
    bynum, kg, lamar, kobe, farmar
    mimh, radmon, luke, artest, sasha (grant hill).

    if this is the so called long term rebuilding mitch is seating on, and if i were kobe, one more season is worth the wait.

  • magic32

    DON”T TRADE LAMAR. If they give LO and Bynum for JO their not getting any better. Laker fans you guys are getting tooooo DESPERATE!!!!!

    Getting happy bcuz lakers contact indy for JO. I bet if the lakers contact miami for d-wade or spurs for duncan everyone’s going to think their coming to L.A. And heck I bet if every other superstar wants to buy a house in california it must be their going to join the lakers.

  • darkice18
  • kblakeshow2k

    trade lamar and bynum for J.O. and Dunleavy. Trade Kwame for Camby straight up. Sign Rashard Lewis to the MAX. Sign decent FA PG.

    PG – Mo Williams
    SG – KB24
    SF – Rashard Lewis
    PF – Jermaine O’Neal
    C – Marcus Camby

    BN – Dunleavy
    BN – Walton
    BN – Farmar
    BN – Mihm
    BN – Evans

    Yes, we’ll be over the cap. Way over. But that’s what it’ll take to win in LA. Do it. And next year get KG and worry about who gets benched later.

  • omg209

    the only way to be a contender is to get JO without giving up LO or by just getting KG

  • TeK

    u guys need to hush about LO … he sucks.. he does not have the killer instinct… players that we have that lack that cerebral mentality with their roles are not laker material..

    look at showtime…

    look at 2000-2003….

    we have way too many sissy type players… they need to go….

  • lamar_odom

    lamar played realy well during the playoffs despite his injuries…he doesn’t suck…so don’t trade him :D

  • Ricky

    Hey everyone, I think this Jermaine O’Neal trade rumor will happen soon. If the Lakers go about this deal carefully, I think they can negotiate a trade which Lamar Odom will not have to be sacrificed. I think it is fair for both teams if the Lakers package Kwame, Bynum, Radmanovic, and possibly the 19th pick for Jermaine O’Neal. I think that if the Pacers have a chance to acquire Andrew Bynum, I think they would take the deal with or without Lamar as part of the package because you can’t pass up on Bynum, even if they may not get Odom. Things are sounding sweet in Lakerland again! :)

  • Dan

    I really hope they won’t trade away both Bynum and Odom for O’neil – that would be too high of a price. Bynum and anyone else for O’neil, then deal. But Odom and Bynum together in a package would only be reasonable and fair in a KG deal. I hope the Lakers front office will realize that and not let the recent Kobe media tear get the best of them. Someone earlier said it best, do something, do it now, but do it cautiously. In my opinion, the Lakers really should be focusing on creating a better defensive team. If there’s somehow a way to get the services of both Artest and Camby along with O’neil, you’re looking at a strong defensive line. I hope they’ll find a way to proceed cautiously, act wisely and work everything out at the end.

  • arnel,chicago,IL

    ok for all u who say lamar sucks well ur wrong…1. only give up LO if getting KG….2. Get JO AND EITHER DUNLEAVY or TINSLEY but not give up LO.. 3.resign mihm and walton AND get GRANT HILL… STARTING LINEUP

  • kb24lightsout

    Now that the Pistons are out, don’t you guys think we could pick up Billups as a free agent?

  • kobeguru

    The problem with Billups is that he is a scoring pg, we need more of a driving and dishing pg. Billups used to be a journeyman, not fitting in with offenses like ours.



  • Rpoc

    Kwame was a bust. JO is not.

  • lamar_odom

    ohkay this is totally besides the lakers. I didn’t watch the piston vs cavs game but 46 freethrows for the cavs?? -__- i know its a homegame for the cavs but cmon…that is like almost half of their total score (98)

    and no i don’t hate the cavs or do i like the pistons…

  • Lakers4Life

    they attempted 46 free throws, they only made 33. so its about a third of their points, but the reason they got so many was because they weren’t going to allow lebron to get all those free layups or dunks like he did in game 6. They fouled him everytime he was near the basket.

    But either way, GET KG!!!!

  • LAKB24

    Billups will not leave detroit… he loves it to much… and Buss wont pay the tax to sign lewis… we all know that… Trade Bynum and vald an possible sasha for JO… sign and trade luke for Artest… if Denver is willing Kwame for Camby… than trade Camby and 19th pick and who ever else thats not JO or LO or KB for Garnett!!! pick up mo williams and grant hill in free angency!!!

  • Dan

    Quite frankly, I’m a little scared for the Lakers right now. I’m not talking about Kobe’s recent threats or even their cap room and inflexibility to shake this roster up. I’m scared of just that – a shake up of the roster. The success that the Lakers had during the first half the season was the product of 3 years spent in developing team bond and chemistry. It’s hard to say what will happen when there’s a major roster shake-up this off-season as promised by the front office and called for by Kobe. Will the newly formed group quickly develop chemistry and win a championship or will it suffer the same fate as most newly formed groups and take time before the group can become cohesive and operate as a single body; a team. I, along with most on this site, would like to see more talent added to the team, but at the same time I’m weary of the cost and consequences that the Lakers might incur while doing so. Let’s see how it all plays out.

  • Rpoc

    The Heat won a championship after a shakeup. They crashed and burned this year but they did win one.

  • CJ

    The Heat did win a championship after a major shakeup. But the Heat doesn’t use the triangle offense. It takes years to master that kind of offense. While I do believe the Lakers do need to make some trades, i believe they should only trade for veterans who can pick up that kind of offense much quicker than younger players.

  • Rpoc

    The Lakers won a championship in Phil’s first year when they had a capable roster. They ran the triangle.

  • no_garnett_then….

    wow…. thats great for LALA land but that means no KG this season….
    but I’m still hoping that next season when his contract expires he will get traded ….
    Who will get traded for O’Neal? Kwame, Odom?

  • leo

    anyone but kobe is fine……ppl we have kobe whos the best player in the world….with a inside presence like onreal we’re good….now we need to sign billups and we’re set

  • Wolves Fan

    Does anybody check player salaries before suggesting trade scenarios? First of all, Odom and Bynum for JO would require additional players from the Lakers in order to satisfy the Collective Bargaining Agreement. That is just in order to trade for JO’s $18 million contract and someone suggested adding Dunleavy ($7.5 million) to that deal. Then there is the “Trade Bynum and vald an possible sasha for JO” suggestion, that is $8.2 million going out for the Lakers and $18 million coming in. And I love this comment, “Yes, well be over the cap. Way over. But thats what itll take to win in LA. Do it. And next year get KG and worry about who gets benched later.” What would be the point of a salary cap if there were no rules inforced to keep teams relatively close to it. If you are over the cap, you cannot sign players unless at MLE, which is never going to happen if KG leaves the Wolves next year. Somebody do some research please. Check out or even trade machine before making yourself look ridiculous.

  • no_garnett_then….

    damn if they got billups… I don’t know who could stop them…
    Mr. Big Shot
    Kwame – Mihm?

    crazy team…

  • Martin

    With all due respect, I think many of my fellow Laker fans are missing the point: Jermaine O’neal is an all-star power forward and, for that reason, his value is very high. The Pacers aren’t looking for an excuse to get rid of him, they will only trade him for the best possible offer. Any package that doesn’t include Lamar Odom is a joke, because he is the Lakers best player behind Kobe. The Pacers would be better off making a deal with the Chicago Bulls, if the Lakers aren’t going to offer Odom. The Pacers couldn’t care less about making the Lakers better. Their concern is improving their own team. Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum is good for their future, which is the ONLY reason they would deal O’neal to the Lakers. If the Lakers even think about giving a low-ball offer, they will lose out.

    Also, as good as Odom is (and I’m of the camp that believes he’s very, very good) three years is long enough to show that he and Kobe don’t play well together; they play good together and, at times, they look really good, but overall they are not a progressive pair. The reason is they have similar strengths: strong on the perimeter and good driving to the basket. With O’Neal, the Lakers would have a legitimate presence in the post, both offensively and (more importantly) defensively.

    At the end of the day, if the Lakers can find a way to turn Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown into Jermaine O’Neal and Marcus Camby, then they will be immediate contenders for a world championship.

  • punkjones

    I agree. From the sounds of Vecsey’s article a few days ago he said in all likelyhood he thought it would be both Lamar and Bynum. I hope it isn’t so. The Lakers could give a fairly decent package without both, if the main attraction is Bynum. If they’re really into Lamar though (I didn’t think it was true because they already have a Lamar type player in Danny Grainger and Walsh has always been hot on Bynum), then they’ve got to do what they have to do and give up both.

    Not to be pessimistic here but actually WE ARE DESPERATE. In case anyone forgot, our star player just went public saying he WANTS OUT. Those were not idle words regardless of whether he went partially back on them. His last words to the Times after all was said and done was that he still wanted to be traded.

    If they need to throw both in to get it done so be it. And yes, they will be better than last year with O’ Neal even if they lose Odom. He is just a much better fit with the Lakers. Lamar as good as he is, and I’m a fan, just doesn’t have any kind of go to moves except the drive to the left which often isn’t effective (everyone knows he wants to go left and even when he gets there he blows a high percentage of his lay-ups by the bucket).

    Bynum could turn out to be really good. But as Martin says, Indy doesn’t have to deal Jermaine if they don’t want to. He’s an all star. We don’t have much choice. Gasol is making amends with ownership in Memphis saying he doesn’t want to be traded now. You’re not going to get him. KG is the same situation as he ever was. He’s not forcing a trade so it ain’t happening either. Lakers have one shot to get a big time player and they better get it done. Otherwise Bryant is out of here. Really.

  • Wello

    Pay up Buss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin M.

    [quote comment=”1136″]what is wrong with this plan. trade kwame for artest this summer and wait til next summer to sign kg. you would end up with a line up like:
    bynum, lamar, artest, kobe, farmar
    mimh, radmon, luke, evans, sasha (grant hill).

    sign kg in the summer as free-agent.
    2008/09 line up:
    bynum, kg, lamar, kobe, farmar
    mimh, radmon, luke, artest, sasha (grant hill).

    if this is the so called long term rebuilding mitch is seating on, and if i were kobe, one more season is worth the wait.[/quote]
    Hey dipshit, didnt u not listen to kobe, “do something and do it now” thats another first round team mabey second. People about kg, he is not going to ask to be traded, showing no signs of it and the west i getting tougher every year. I will bet anything that the Twolves will be one of the worst teams in the west whether they keep kg or get rid of him. Go for artest and JO and keep odom, Forget about kg till he comes out publicly and says he’s lookin for teams.

  • PacersFan

    How about trade all your first team for J.O. 8)