There is a small tidbit that was updated from a previous ESPN article which says that O’Neal hasn’t “formally asked out to the Lakers.” While he has given many quotes – not through sources either – that he does indeed, his agent denies it – though I strongly disagree with his agent considering he has told multiple reporters he DOES want out and to Los Angeles:

ESPN: In an e-mail to The Associated Press, O’Neal’s agent, Arn Tellem, denied that O’Neal had formally requested a trade to the Lakers.

“He hasn’t requested a trade to the Lakers,” Tellem wrote. “Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

  • Shane Bien

    Well that was fun while it lasted

  • LD2k

    Still say it’s just keeping O’Neal having some leverage.

    But then again – something to go right in LaLa land – ha!

  • dark_ice18

    his agent is lying….theres quotes everywhere on the NET saying O’neal wantsa be a laker!

  • lakersforlife77

    It doesn’t matter what his agent says now, the way the American media machine works, everybody already thinks JO wants to come here, and it will continue to be reported on many many sites, that’s the way it works around here

  • mr47

    I thought they had direct quotes from JO?

  • LD2k

    They did. This is the agent trying to make other options open – damage control.

  • Faith


  • lakersforlife77

    [quote comment=”10881″]They did. This is the agent trying to make other options open – damage control.[/quote]

    LOL he should know the way the american media works by now. It’s already out

  • rpouncy14

    They should get em rite about now.

  • LD2k

    Midwest fans are loyal, too.

    Looking good for us – despite this tidbit; it’s not like they were reporting this as a headline. The damage is done in terms of what JO said. There is no going back now.

  • dark_ice18

    LD2K where is JO at right now?

  • dark_ice18

    [quote post=”724″]Pacers’ O’Neal clarifies comments

    Aug 6, 2007 03:27 PM PDT

    Indianapolis – First, it seemed as though Jermaine O’Neal wanted to be traded to the Lakers. The Pacers forward told Sports Illustrated that he doesn’t want to be part of the Pacers’ “youth movement.”

    O’Neal said he wasn’t physically ready to “go through another five to six years with a lot of losses and lot of down time.”

    The 28-year-old O’Neal spoke with Sports Illustrated while in Los Angeles for a charity basketball game. But back in Indianapolis Monday afternoon, he clarified his statements on the issue.

    The big question: Did O’Neal tell Sports Illustrated that he wanted a trade from Indiana?

    “No, I didn’t tell him I wanted a trade. The article didn’t say I wanted a trade. Obviously you go out west, there’s been a lot of talk about me going out west, especially in LA, you get a lot of questions about that. I still stand pretty firm on what I’ve been saying the entire summer. I’m a Pacer right now until the Pacers decide to trade me,” O’Neal said in an exclusive interview with Eyewitness Sports shortly after arriving back to Indianapolis from the west coast.

    “Would I welcome a trade to LA? Yes, I would welcome a trade to LA for multiple reasons because one, I’m familiar with the area and two, I’m really familiar with Kobe Bryant. We’ve known each other since I was like thirteen, and three, they’re not a team that’s too far away.”

    O’Neal says he loves Los Angeles and normally trains there in the summer. If he can’t play with Kobe Bryant, O’Neal says he’d like to play for New Jersey.

    So if he says he likes LA, he likes Kobe and that LA and New Jersey are possibilities, where does that leave him? “One thing that you guys do when you do interviews is take a transcript of the interview. Obviously you guys want information, something to talk about, and there’s been speculation about me going different places all summer and I haven’t talked much about it. When there’s been questions asked, you answer and sometimes they don’t really write them the way you want them to write them.”

    Pacers President Larry Bird issued the following statement about O’Neal Monday:

    “In response to Jermaine O’Neal’s published comments today regarding a trade, we have stated repeatedly that if we can make our team better through a trade, we will do so. Jermaine has become an All-Star player with the Indiana Pacers and in any discussions regarding him or any of our other players, the expectations for the franchise and our fans is to receive fair market value in return if a trade is to be considered.

    Jermaine has worked out very hard this summer while rehabilitating his knee after surgery. We believe under Jim O’Brien that our team as a whole and Jermaine as a player can be successful. You never know what will happen, but for now Jermaine is an Indiana Pacer.”[/quote]

  • fatty

    Even bird disagrees with Arn Tellum

  • Clayborn

    Success is counted sweetest by those who ne’er succeed.