Ocho!As Laker fans I think we approach the off-season with anticipation and excitement. Waiting everyday to turn on the TV and see a move the Lakers made. Big or small, we are just hoping and waiting patiently for something. No, it doesn’t have to be Kevin Garnett, or Jermaine, but give us something. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the current state of the Lakers is “Frustration”. I feel like nothing is being done up in the front office. Sure, we hear a rumor here or a rumor there, however, nothing more than speculation.

Watching the Phoenix series, I found myself looking at the Suns bench, and then looking over at the Lakers current bench at the time. I looked at the players not even playing for the Suns, not even in D’Antoni’s rotation knowing if they were on the Lakers they would start. Take a guy like Marcus Banks. How many minutes did he get in the playoffs? Yeah I know I can probably count them on two hands. He would be our starting point guard if he was on the Lakers. Even take a guy like Jalen Rose, this is a guy that rather be in the booth with Kenny and Charles then be playing a NBA basketball game. Sad to say, Jalen Rose would probably start or be a sixth man type of guy for the Lakers. The fact of the matter is that our roster back in the playoffs and currently is very weak compared to the contenders out west. I bet even Eric Piatkowski would get some PT for Phil Jackson. I know it’s sad to say but unfortunately it’s true.

To build a contender, you have to start bringing pieces in. It starts a domino effect of talent. The Lakers around the league last year and currently are not known as a championship contender. That alone will make us fall out of the picture when it comes to free agent signing. A guy like Chris Webber, he knew that the Lakers weren’t in the running for a championship so he went to a contender the Pistons. Why would a guy like Billups leave the Pistons for the Lakers? Our situation currently is no way near the squad they have in Detroit.

I know the finals are still going, and there hasn’t been a lot of signing or trades throughout the league. But the Lakers need to start making noise and let it be known that they are serious about making this team a serious contender. As users have mentioned, if they bring a guy in like a Mo Williams, maybe find a way to steal Artest out of Sac town. Then that right there can lure other good players to the Lakers. The current roster we have now is not pleasing to Kobe Bryant, or anybody else for that matter.

As far as Johnny Buss, opening his mouth. Give me a break; let’s not look too much into a guy like Johnny for our latest Lakers news. As far as I’m concerned the last I heard from Jerry Buss, the OWNER of the Los Angeles Lakers, is that he will do everything in his power to build a contender with Kobe Bryant as the main piece. That is what I’m going off of as a Lakers fan. However, what I find concerning is the repost of Kobe’s TRUTH over at kb24.com. Where he says , “The more I thought about the future, the more I became convinced that the Lakers and me just have two different visions for the future.” Although that was written right after his trade demands his TRUTH statement has been re-released just 4 days ago. Telling me that not too much has changed.

To show Kobe, and specifically the fans that they are serious about keeping Kobe and bringing prominent pieces in they need to make a move BEFORE the draft which is at the end of this month. June 28th to be exact. If the Lakers pull a Patriots and bring a big name like Moss for a draft pick. Let’s say 19th and Kwame for Artest, then we as Laker nation have something to cheer about. But as a Laker fan the waiting has become tiresome, and mentally draining. We need something to be excited about and need something NOW.

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Matt Sharp

    Its a sad and harsh reality my friend friend, as hard as it is to believe many teams 10th man could start for us. Your absoulutely right though, give us something! If not KG or JO, something that can get us fired up. Something that says we wanna move in the right direction. Something Shammond Williams or Aaron McKie could never do! Major props on this article, you rock!

  • DBricks

    Thanks Matt, Its appreciated, your article brings a new flavor too. Hopefully me and you can add a piece to the GG movement..haha. But talk to you soon my man!

  • http://getgarnett.com Matt

    I look forward to it my Laker brother

  • http://nba.com MO6

    ya i agree im getting anxious and impatient i want a trade to happen soon as tommorow, maybe if we get Jermaine Oneal we can trade JO and a filler to minnesota for KG



  • Lakes on 3!!

    I think the entire Laker organization is on vacation!? Where is everybody!!! Do something and DO IT NOW!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/kastro323 KINGKOBE24

    “That would be spectacular, something that a lot of people would want to see,” Marbury mused.
    Marbury feels if Bryant and Indiana’s Jermaine O’Neal, another Thomas target, still want out, he expects their wishes to be granted.

    … Bryant has a no-trade clause and can potentially steer his way to the Knicks, however unlikely. In figures released yesterday, Bryant’s jersey was the NBA’s No. 1 seller. Marbury’s ranked seventh.

    Marbury isn’t shocked by Bryant’s stance.

    “This is a business at the end of the day,” Marbury said. “He wants to win, he knows what it tastes like and he’s still hungry for that taste.”

  • remy

    man…somebody tell Jerry to slap the shit out of Johnny

  • Take risks

    something has to happen soon. And quit saying kg is impossible no it’s not! The lakers just have to try. Remember how they got kobe?(for vlade divacs)
    gotta take some risks.

  • TheMagicMan32

    [quote comment=”1504″]man…somebody tell Jerry to slap the shit out of Johnny[/quote]


  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    i hate the FO of the lakers, they are doin nothin….and only addin fuel to this laker drama….WE NEED A MIRACLE

  • magic24

    god damn we need to sign someone like hill and mo and trade brown for artest and trde odom for kidd!!

  • lakerfan81

    There is not a magic button you can push to make trades. The other teams have to agree with the trade. Unfortunately no matte how true Kobe’s statements were I think they made it harder for the Laker organization to make the moves that they need too. the other teams know how disparate they are because if they don’t they will have to trade their superstar and the biggest name in the NBA right now. So any team that the lakers are dealing with will probably want too much in return for any trades. So a problem exists how do you make a trade that makes the team better without gutting all the young talent (farmar and bynum, walton). You can trade to get another star to play with Kobe but if you have to gut the team in order to do so then you don’t really accomplish anything. Personally I don’t think there is a trade that is likely to happen that will make the lakers contenders next season unless they are somehow moved to the eastern conference (because i don’t know if anyone has noticed but I think there are 4 or five teams in the west that could beat the Cavs in a 7 game series (spurs, mavs, suns, jazz,perhaps the rockets)

  • http://google.com ben

    guys we need to freeken get some one before the draft or kobe=not happy. We will probably get JO and a resign luke

  • http://www.hottopic.com Mr.47

    This was a good read and nails it right on w/ the current state. As a fan, I’ve been coming here and other laker sites just waiting to see something. The clock is ticking and I hear nothing moving, which makes me think everyone is on vacation. That being said, I don’t think the lakers will keep the 19th pick. They already have young players and they want veterans or stars. More than likely it’ll be packaged in a trade.

  • lakerfan81

    You can tell that I do not have a lot of work to do this week because I keep writing on here.

    This article is right, this has been a very frustrating off season so far. However, it is still very early and just because nothing has happened so far does not mean that no one is doing anything. Major trades or any trades for that matter do not usually occur until the finals are almost over or over (which would be right around this time but i think the NBA would do anything for something more interesting than the finals to happen right now)
    I think with Kobe demanding a trade the lakers front office has to do something. they either have to try to make a trade to appease Kobe (which I’m sure they are working on right now as I’m writing this) or they have to trade the biggest ticket in the NBA right now and lose out on a lot of money. They have to keep their options open though because if they can not make the trades to make Kobe happy then they have trade him either right now or after next season or lose Kobe and get nothing in return for him.

    So if the lakers are going to get better they have a few trading peices right now:

    Brown: an expiring contract that becomes an even bigger trading asset towards the trading dead line next season
    Farmar :but the lakers can’t trade their second best guard, nothing against farmar but thats kind of sad)
    Mckie (don’t think thats spelled right): sign and trade piece to match salaries (will most likely be waived by any team hes traded to)
    Walton: sign and trade but he has to agree to that and I think he will see how much money he can get first
    Draft picks: these are bigger assets right before the draft

    Any major trade the lakers make I think will have to occur with in the next couple of weeks before the draft. So all the frustrated fans (me included) need to just sit back and wait to see what happens.

  • kenshi1023

    [quote comment=”1505″]something has to happen soon. And quit saying kg is impossible no it’s not! The lakers just have to try. Remember how they got kobe?(for vlade divacs)
    gotta take some risks.[/quote]

    sorry man, but i think you are asking the wrong GM to be taking risk with trades!!! and i agree kg is not impossible… kobe for kg future 1st round pick (minny can trade kobe to knicks for a new team) and kwame for mrartest. pick up grant hill, and you got yourself a decent showtime TEAM and not a one man kobe60 showtime. So that wouldn’t be a bad team. We keep Odom and Bynum. Bynum, Odom, & Kg, how scary is that? Oh and Mr.Artest, dynamite! How is that for a risk?


    Great Article…you’ve got it perfect…this is how every Laker fan feels right now…we’re saying “DO SOMETHING DAMN IT!!!” to the Laker front office…if Mitch isn’t a GM that wants to win, bring in somebody who does want to win…again…”DO SOMETHING DAMN IT!”.

  • LakerFanatic

    Everyone talks about a savior, face it there is no savior, for us not even Kobe. Our best days are with Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem, this doesn’t come very often. We need to steal a page of the spurs management and recruit players with High IQ not just athleticism, I don’t want the Laker mangement to start aquiring help just to please Kobe, because face it Kobe does not want to leave LA is wife loves it here, his Legacy starts here, if it gets worst he will ask to be traded to the Clippers, and face the fact people does Kobe care about YOU when the time gets rough and bad, Kobe is a multi-millionaire! Try asking kobe for a loan, he’ll probably slapped you.. Where ever he goes he will be well compensated while we work till 65 to collect social security if its still there. He does whats best for him and could care less about ur situation. Its Jerry Buss team he’ll do whats best for his family too, and care less about the fans!

  • punkjones

    Another right on article DB! Totally on the money. We’re so damn bored waiting around. But it was said a while ago that JO’s agent Arn Tellum is on vacation in Europe and nothing gets done until he gets back. I believe he comes back next week which makes sense – before the draft, when all the stuff starts to really happen.

    At least from all reports around it seems that the Lakers and Indy are talking and heading towards the trade. Again, it won’t officially go down until after the finals and probably when Tellum returns. Sounds like everything is in place. Reports say Bynum is off the table which would really be great. Anyone who doesn’t think JO will fit a lot better than Odom is on the wrong track. He will be a much better power forward to go with Kobe. Tinsley may not be such a fantastic fit but he’s better than what we’ve currently got. We do really need to hold on to Farmar, though. Seriously. I am really hoping that Sasha is in the trade. I do not want to see him play another Laker game.

  • kgmvp

    just add great all star then ill be ok

  • Ryan Fuu

    Dbricks… probably the best writer on this site… I have read 2 of his articles and I cant agree anymore. I feel extra comfortable having this guy write for the LAKER NATION… He knows exactly how WE feel!!! Keep up the good work!!! and give him some kind of RAISE!.. This dude knows his stuff!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks DBricks

    Appreciate the props and the responses, I just hope soon we all have something to really talk about other then speculation. It’ll come soon and I look foward to writing for the Laker Nation as the news and rumors come in.

    U’ll hear from me soon.
    David Brickley

  • Fredo

    When you think about it, the Lakers don’t really need that much adjustment, but they do need someone of a Bruce Bowen type to take some of the defensive pressure off of Kobe. I say if at the very least we get someone like Ron Artest, we would a much better team. Think about it:

    PG: Kobe Bryant
    SG: Ron Artest
    SF: Luke Walton
    PF: Lamar Odom
    C : Andrew Bynum

    That is a big lineup in which two players, Kobe and Artest, can guard the guards that continuously broke down the defense last year. And with Kobe, Walton and Odom, their is more than enough playmaking for the whole team. And IF, thats a big if, Bynum does get better (for example like Al Jefferson of the Celtics), we have a pretty formidable team. Maybe not like Phoenix, Dallas or San Antonio, but like Houston, Utah and Denver.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers

    The Minnesota Timberwolves and Houston Rockets, who have been discussing a Mike James-for-Juwan Howard swap in one form or another since the February trade deadline, have finally completed the deal.



    The announcement of the trade’s completion was made Thursday by the Timberwolves, who also dealt forward Justin Reed to Houston.

    “Even Houston thinking about me is a blessing but until I see it on the ticker I won’t believe it. I’m so excited,” James told Houston television station KRIV on Wednesday night prior to the trade’s completion. “It would give me that chance to retire in Houston.”

    The Timberwolves beat out Houston for James’ free-agent signature last summer because of their willingness to include a trade kicker in the well-traveled point guard’s four-year, $23.4 million contract, but the acquisition was questioned from the start after Minnesota landed Randy Foye in the 2006 draft.

    “Maybe this will be good for both sides,” James was quoted as telling the Star Tribune in a story posted Wednesday night on the newspaper’s Web site. “You know, it’s tough. Change is always tough. But, for me, it’s like going back home.”

    James then struggled to make an impact with his new team, averaging just 10.1 points in 25.3 minutes per game and eventually losing his starting spot after enjoying a breakout season in Toronto in 2005-06.

    A strong recruiting pitch from Wolves forward Kevin Garnett — along with the trade bonus he held out for in negotiations — convinced James to spurn similar financial offers from the Dallas Mavericks and the Rockets, even though he maintains an offseason home in Houston. But the intense Garnett and the chatty James clashed almost from the start, according to club sources, adding to the Wolves’ remorse after it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t rotation room for James and Foye.

    So the Wolves decided by midseason that they would try to move their lone significant offseason acquisition and were on the verge of sending James to Houston for Howard when the deal fell through on Feb. 22, in part because the Rockets were reluctant to change the chemistry on a team that wound up overcoming numerous injuries to win 52 games.

    But Houston’s interest in James and adding depth to its backcourt under new coach Rick Adelman hasn’t wavered, thanks to the 31-year-old’s successful stint with the Rockets in the second half of the 2004-05 season.

    “This has been difficult,” James told ESPN.com in late March when asked to describe his debut season with the Wolves. “Physically, mentally, emotionally all of the above.”

    Garnett, meanwhile, is expected to welcome the arrival of Howard, a 34-year-old former All-Star, after publicly calling — repeatedly — for more size in the Wolves’ frontcourt and more of a veteran presence in the locker room.

    Howard averaged 9.7 points and 5.9 rebounds in 26.6 minutes per game last season. His contract is one year shorter than James’ deal, with just two seasons to run at $14.3 million

  • lakerfan81

    [quote post=”268″]When you think about it, the Lakers dont really need that much adjustment, but they do need someone of a Bruce Bowen type to take some of the defensive pressure off of Kobe[/quote]

    I completely agree. the lakers biggest problem was lack of perimeter defense. However, the line up you presented does not work. In the trangle the PG position does not have a big part in the offense so playing Kobe at the point does not work, Kobe needs to play at the wing position. You could put artest where pippen played and then let Odom do the playmaking since artest is not a good play maker. Walton could play the “PG” in the offense which really is just a spot up shooter for the most part like KERR. Then you would just have Walton guard the player that was the least offensive threat on the opposing team. But i think if you could add a pure shooter to that line up and someone that oculd possibly bring the ball up the floor then you could bring Walton off the bench to run the offense and increase the bench depth.

    The other BIG problem is that Artest would not work as a Laker. He’s not really interested in being a team player he’s more interested in being the team. He wants to be the center of the offense and obviously playing with Kobe he would not be. But if Jackson could control him and he could buy into the whole team concept I think it would be a good fit, but thats a big risk.

    That team would definitely be better. All you would need is a good interior defender, Brown is a good defender but he would have to go in a trade for artest, and a couple of shooters to increase the depth of the bench.

  • http://nba.com Christopher

    To have a good laker team just follow these steps.
    1. Trade Andrew Bynum, Sasha Vujacic, Brian Cook, and Lamar Odom for
    Kevin Garnett. ( If necessary ).

    2. Sign and trade for Chauncey Billups and Flip Murray to lakers and
    Smush Parker, Chris Mihm ,and Aaron McKie to Pistons. (If necessary ).

    3. Sign Darko Milimic, Andres Nocioni, Mo Petterson, and Anderson
    Varajao. ( If necessary )