chickSo. Cal. Sports Hub: With the NBA Finals scheduled to start tomorrow night, many Laker fans are wondering how Andrew Bynum will stop Dwight Howard and whether Lamar Odom will even show up for Game 1. But there are still several concerns facing this team outside of simple basketball x’s and o’s. One little thing called the Curse of Chick Hearn.

While not as famous as the Curse of the Billy Goat or the Madden Cover Jinx, the Curse of Chick Hearn has been inflicted upon the Laker franchise for the past seven years, and during the span, LA has failed to win one NBA championship.

For all of those unaware, up until 2002, Chick Hearn was the only play-by play announcer in Laker history and kept radio listeners and television viewers entertained for over 42 years. During that span, he witnessed all 9 Los Angeles Laker championships and called well over 3,500 consecutive games. The man, who coined the terms air-ball, dribble-drive, and slam dunk, became a celebrated figure in Southern California for the many years he was behind the mic.

But his tragic death in 2002, brought unintended consequences to the Laker franchise. It cursed them. Don’t ask me why or how, but something hasn’t been right in the Paul Sunderland/Joel Myers era. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at history…

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  • pau


    There is no curse, its not Chick’s fault, and if anything if there was some crazy mojo in the air, Chick would make ti so we won.

  • daboss1848

    I believe the Curse was initiated because neither Buss nor Shaq showed to the funeral . . . I just assumed the Curse was broken when Shaq won the title, but I guess the Buss factor has not yet been overcome . . .

  • David

    HE Was honored in the staples center by retiring a jersey that has his name on it.. This is foolish to think that a legend and great human like chick hearn would cause a curse on the organization is just absurd! He bled purple and gold and built such a bond with the players and the lakers organization through out the years that he became a father figure to some and a legend and sports icon to soooo many.. Chick gave his heart and soul to this team and for that the lakers and the city of los angeles will be for ever grateful. We love you chick and miss you dearly , If Any laker out there is reading this win one for CHICK! GO LAKERS

  • lakers2000

    Don’t think for a minute that Chick wasn’t smiling as he called the play by play of Kobe’s 81 point game to the big fella up there! I’m sure he will be putting this season in the refrigerator as well. “The Lakers are the world champions!!!”

  • stdecker

    The writer of this is a total moron. To say call anything associated with Chick Hearn a curse is blasephamy. We are on the cusp of a title and you write some some mornic piece of shiiit thing like is unexcusable. I cant believe TLN even posted this. The person that wrote this is an absolute enemy of any true Laker fan. I want to kill you just for thinking something so offputting. Just to dispute your little dumbassss article, wasnt Chick alive when Magic contracted the HIV virus and had to retire early, costing us a few championships, i think so, that was pretty bad. Also how about all those years we lost to boston in the finals, especially Don Nelsons shot. That sure sucked! i bet if you would have asked Jerry West back then, he would have thought there was some sort of curse. Well Chick was alive for all those dissapointments. Ralph Sampsons unbelievable turnaround shot at the buzzer, Chick called that. Willis reed coming out of the tunnel and shocking us into submission, chick was there. So yeah, jacked up stuff happened when Chick was alive too. We have lost in the finals more than we should have while Chick was still with us. To have the nerve to associate the name Chick Hearn with a curse is just about the worst thing i have ever heard. You are the stupist person on the this planet. We are going to win this title in the name of Chick Hearn despite your stupid garbage article. I will be the first to tell you we needed Chick around because of the stability he brought to the organization, i think if he was alive we wouldnt have had a lot of the issues we have had, but to use the word curse and Chick together is sacraligious. Last thing, you could associate all that crap we went through with Jerry West being gone too. So guess what you are jerk, F3$%#^ off. If we do win the title, which i expect us to, it certainly won’t be with any thanks too you. (you probally only started watching the lakers in the Kobe years bandwagon kook) So do me a favor, write about some other team.FUkkkkk you! GO LAKERS!

  • Swiggle

    I’m so happy to see people are as mad about this as I am! This should not have even be allowed to be posted on here. It’s absolutely ridiculous to say something like this about THE GREATEST LAKER ever!!! Chick Hearn loved the Lakers more than any of us. He loved them more than Jerry West, more than Magic….more than even me. Chick Hearn will be putting the final close out game in the fridge shortly, and whomever wrote this I hope you are listening really close when he does, cause any true Laker fan will be able to hear it.

    P.S. You said he announced well over 3500 consecutive games… I feel confident that without even looking this up, and unafraid of sounding like an idiot for correcting you and being wrong. He announced 3,338 consecutive games for our beloved Lakers. If you are going to post such a screwed up article…. at least make an attempt to convince people you know what you are talking about.


    P.P.S. Worst article ever posted on this page.

  • WifelovesLuke

    There is a lot of strange Theology going on here on TLN.
    – There is no such thing as a curse. Everything happens for a reason.
    – People don’t die and then become angels.
    – The Lakers lost there last two Finals appearances because they lost to the better team. PERIOD

    Stupid column. I feel less smart for reading it.

  • ja

    TLN just lost tons of credibility for re-producing this article. This is pathetic.

  • 1ofMany

    WOW? A curse? REALLY???

    As many have already commented, this article is F-ing rediculous. Aside from the fact that Chick was the greatest Laker, announcer, person, …I can keep going. Its a slap in the face for all those franchises (in all sports) that have gone decades without winning a champoinship or never winning at all. Do curses exist? who knows. But we dont win in seven years so we’re cursed? Give me a break! Pathetic attempt to create some drama as we head into the finals.

    TLN, maybe you should screen what you post a little better.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #74579 Will Be Quoted Here]

    amen. we are eye to eye on all those bullet points.

  • sketch

    Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s a weak article. I will say that the “curse” stuff doesn’t really make any sense.

    Chick is a huge part of the Lakers family and was treated with the utmost respect and beloved by all members of the Lakers organization: from the owners to the players! And from as far as I can tell, the Lakers family gave him a great tribute for his funeral and they’ve continued to take care of Marge, Chick’s widow, with whatever she needs.

    The only negative thing to come out of the Lakers was, of course, SNAQ not attending the funeral services of Chick. That is not something that the Lakers organization have any control over. And the big FATMAN has been long gone since so that’s why the “curse” is nonsensical!

    You can bet that the remaining Lakers players, which are only 2 in Bryant and Fisher, were extremely respectful of and continues to remember Chick fondly. Even Phil Jackson has the utmost respect for Chick, not only for what he’s done for the Lakers franchise, but for the sport of basketball and his peers of commentators as well!

    So, if there were to be any “curse”, it should have been following THE BIG CLOWN and not the Lakers. And if it did exist, then Chick should definitely lift it this year for this series, because we all know how much he loved Kobe and his approach to the game. And we all know how much love he has for the Lakers and the city of Los Angeles as a whole!

    You’re still loved and missed Chick! No one can replace what you’ve done and/or how you called the games! Continue to rest in peace and may you smile down from Heaven as you watch our Lakers win this championship series this year!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    I have to agree here with the rest of the folks here that this is a really dumb article and demeans the value of chick Hearn’s influence on the Basketball world, The Lakers and Los Angeles shame on you Jamie very unprofessional probably will set you back a 5years in your writing career

  • Khadgars

    FOR CHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KB24

    F.ucking take this stupid ass article off this website. Now don’t be a f.u.cking idiot. One of the most stupidest I have ever read. It IS a WEAK article sketch. Please don’t be an idiot. Yea I’m just gonna blame all the lakers’ failures because someone passed away. (SARCASM) Are you gonna blame YOUR failures if someone close to you died??? you fu.cking idiots. Stupid ass Joey Coughman, I bet he’s all proud of this stupid ass article you stupid What the is the socal sports hub???? low class writers should just give up. Blame it on the alcohol not the legend you fu.cks

  • Smush Walton

    This story is so lame it is laughable.

    The only curse we had was the curse of Kwame Brown, Smush Parker, Brian Cook, Chris Mihm and a long list of sub-par players that was brought on by Mitch Kupchak and not having Jerry West around to run things.

    This year we will win it all for Chick!

  • Bo

    No Wonder no one likes Laker fans outside of L.A. You guys are a bunch of A-holes.