ESPN.COM: If you needed another reminder that the NBA is unlike any other realm on Earth, it came this weekend from, of all places, the Women’s World Cup.

After Hope Solo called out her coach’s decision-making and threw her teammate under the Greyhound, Solo was told to skip the team’s final game and go to her room. These things happen in the real world when you publicly criticize your boss and co-workers.

Meanwhile, on Planet NBA, the No. 1 training camp story has the Los Angeles Lakers eagerly anticipating the arrival of Kobe Bryant — who called out management and trashed his co-workers the last time he talked about his team publicly.

If Bryant shows up for the team’s Media Day on Monday, he won’t be banished. He’ll be welcomed with a sigh of relief from the front office and a few awkward exchanges with his teammates, including young center Andrew Bynum.

(Times like this remind me that one of the great developments of the 21st century is the acceptance of “Alright” as a form of greeting. You don’t have to manufacture an ounce of cheeriness, which you do with a “Hello.” You don’t have to wish even the slightest bit of happiness on someone you don’t really care about, as is implied with a “Good morning.” All you’re doing is acknowledging someone else’s existence. “Alright, Andrew.” “Alright, Kobe.” And they can be on their way.)

While Bryant hasn’t come out and said he will be there, the Lakers expect him to arrive in time to throw on a uniform, pose for the usual round of pictures and meet with reporters, just like the rest of the players.

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