This is pretty funny. I think Kobe has established he’ll stay in the NBA, but for the hell of it:

The Hoop: According to italian site Olympiakos is preparing an offer for Kobe Bryant for next summer. The Italian site claims that they have information from “inside the club” insinuating that the Angelopoulos brothers will offer the superstar a contract of 60 million dollars for 3 years with an option for the player at the end of each season.

Now before all the chicken littles post, remember they would pay him in Euro’s, not dollars to play there… The article says “dollars,” but if this was $20 million EUROS per year then that’s almost… $28 million US DOLLARS per year.

Hence, $60 million EUROS for 3 years =~ $84 million US DOLLARS.

But again, article says “dollars”. Eh, I need some Lakers basketball and quick!

  • mark

    “Lakers for life” :)

  • kobethegreat

    he aint going nowhere because we have 3 championship rings to win LAKERS 4 LIFE

  • Lakerboi

    No way he leaves NBA.

  • Edward

    Bye bye… he needs the cash in case he gets aids like Magic.

  • xtro

    Adios Kobe. Bienvenidos LeBron!!!

  • David Lee

    60 million for 3 years after taxes is like 35 million dollars a year in the NBA. Its like Josh Childress’ contract…his Olympiakos contract was 20 million for 3 years but in the NBA they said the equivalent was around 35 million. That’s substantially larger than anything the Lakers could offer him but I don’t know if it’s enough to take Kobe away.

  • Nabil

    Wowoweee! Take the money and run!!!!

  • potentialolympiakosfan

    wow…take it…and bring kcal9 and fsw guys with you to broadcast the games

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Uh. Kobe makes about 23 mil per season right now. He can sign an even bigger contract with the Lakers if he chooses to opt out next off season. Part of me thinks that he will opt up to sign a SMALLER contract in order to keep the core together.

  • Edward

    Jamie Spears…. there is no chance he will do that. He knows he is the most important key, I can’t see him thinking about more rings when he already looks content with three. KG and Allen are taking paycuts because they never had a good team and are willing to sacrifice, whereas Paul is in the same situation where Kobe would be and is going to make bank in a few years, not to say he deserves it with his crippled knees but yeah… the Lakers won’t have to lower the paygrade if they get rid of their trash, and Mitch stops signing everyone for less than they’re worth.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lil bastards tryna lure away our Mamba. IT’S A TRAP KOBE!


    Take it Kobe! and buy the country!

  • spoted

    Come to greece kobee!!!!you are going to be a king!!!


    I lived in Greece for a decade and Olympiakos is the rivals of the team that I was rooting for back then. Panathinaikos has been dominating the Greek league for the last 12 years or so winning every championship during that run. So they will do anything to get back but I didn’t know that they would go that far. One of my buddies sent me a link to a Greek site that talks about those rumors. I told him that for players like Kobe is not just about the money, the guy needs and feeds off of the competition. There’s no chalenge for him there to make him better every year. If Kobe decides to go, it will be a career suicide. Greece is fun and I loved the years I spent there. But to play basketball in a country that lives for soccer, is not the wisest thing to do. SO, there’s no way Kobe leaves LA LA town.

    Go Lakers, bring back the title.


  • Panathas

    Dont worry guys.. Panathinaikos is the richest team in Europe… and the best team in greece for the last 11-12 years.. we bring the first superstar in greece and in Europe. Dominic Wilkins. So.. if Koby wants to go to europe for the money he will go. If he wants to go for trophies.. i think he will stay in NBA or to go to another europe team.. for example panathinaikos.. i think this all is shits.. Kobe will go nowhere.. i hope some day plays for panathinaikos.

  • T.A.

    84 millions dollars for 3 years!!!!!!!!

    BYE BYE L.A.

  • Jack Nicholson

    i’ll make an offer for you kobe. 85 million dollars for 3 years, a copy of the departed and i’ll pay your daughters’ college tuition in southern cali, how’s that?

  • Jack Nicholson

    no, i’ll add another: leave and you’ll never see me in staples. never. ever. again.

  • Manolis

    He said that he want to end his career in european team right ?