Who doesn’t? :-D

ABC7: He says his favorite player growing up was Magic Johnson. He says that’s why he wears the number 32. Mayo hopes to follow in Johnson’s footsteps and play for the Lakers.

“I wanna be a Laker, that’s my ultimate dream, since I was younger,” Mayo said.

  • Faith

    He’s also a big fan of Kobe. Let’s hope he can be a running mate for Kobe in the future, in purple and gold of course.

  • lakerfan81

    He is going to be a top 3 pick if he comes into the draft nest year. So unless the lakers are really really bad this year he won’t be on the lakers. But from what I heard this kid is really good.

  • lakers4life

    he can force a trade everyone, everyone whos saying we should tank the season are fuckin stupid

  • Noriega7333

    OJ Mayo: Future of the Lakers if Kobe get’s traded this year, seeing as how we’re going to be lottery teams if that happens.

  • foxxy


  • MILO

    How long will it be before he can actualy play with the Lakers did’nt he just start at USC?What makes people think that he is entering the draft next year?Is there an interview where he officialy said he will be entering the draft?Or is this all speculation???And what makes you think the Lakers will land him???IT’S A DRAFT YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE HE WILL END UP

  • MILO

    I did happen to see some of his highlights when ABC failled to land an interview with him.He looked good and i like his size 6,4 i think that’s a good size for a pointguard as opposed to 6,0 (Farmar)In the end he will be presured by USC to stay a couple more years.I hope he does’nt, and hopefully the Lakers can land him.

  • nate

    as a PG, we already have pass-first natural leader Farmar and all-star packed with potential Critt. in SG, since Critt is taller at 6-5, we’re covered. our FO LOVES Farmar and i know will LOVE Critt. OJ Mayo won’t be a Laker unless Farmar or Critt do something retarted like stick up a cake shop with Kwame