I wanted to reach out to all my fans and say hello.

Man, it is so good to be back in L.A.

Well, I know there has been a lot of speculation about what has happened with my participation with the Slovenian team and I wanted to set the record straight to discontinue any rumors and falsehoods.

So here is the whole story just for you guys:

After a long time of consideration, I accepted the Slovenian national team’s invitation to play for them because I had a strong desire to play for my country and was assured that things had changed with respect to how the team was handled and operated.

I reported to camp incredibly healthy, feeling great and ready to work hard to attain the national team’s goals. I trusted their methods and I was ready to accept their training program. I arrived to Ljubljana and joined the team. Our preparation began in Rogla (mountain in Slovenia). The very first day, I realized that training was unreasonably excessive and insensible to avoid injury.

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  • gugy

    I hope you will become “the machine” again after it completely ran out of gas last season.

  • willow

    I wanted to reach out to all my fan(s) and say hello…

    Really???? He has fans????

    Sounds like he’s got diva in him…doesn’t wanna practice coz “it’s too hard”…wants to have different methods applied for him for the National Team just coz he’s Sasha Vujabrick. Gimme a break! When did his head get so big? Look out coz here comes the DIVA!!! His attitude got his @$$ kicked out of the Slovenian team.

  • pablasso

    cry more prima donna

  • lovekb

    anyway, it’s better for sasha to stay back to LA.

  • GVazbert

    I hate to say it but I think Sasha may have trouble making Phil’s roster now that Morrison is getting healthy.

  • daboss1849

    What a fukkin loser…

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    now it is 100% true that Sasha was horrible last year…. but forall you “fans” to just bash the guy like this is B/S…. Game 2 of the final last year-when he scored 20pts and was HUGH in the 4th….. everyone was on his Dic—–don’t get me wrong, i’m not giving him a free pass- because if he does not get better this year we should trade him…………

    just cut the guy some slack- we r champs- we r gonna REPEAT, just hope that he shows up this yr…..

  • GT

    I visited Sasha’s website and read this article. TBH, whatever was the real story does not interest me. However, the comment section on Sasha’s post was quite disturbing. There are arrogant and ignorant comments attacking each other’s country with no respect shown.

    Anyway, I think Slovenia will still do well without Sasha but I hope he plays well and stays healthy while playing for the Lakers.

  • Bshawk

    Machine stuck in repeat excuse mode. Will get man-violated by Mr. Ron Ron. Mr. Ron Ron mistake machine for lady.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    From a statement released by Sasha’s hairband on his website (

    I wish to distance myself from the comments made by Sasha regarding our great Slovenian National Basketball Team.

    In no way were team practices “unreasonably excessive”, in fact, I barely got greasy from Sasha’s sweat. In fact, I put on 12 pounds of muscle and am now 2 inches wide rather than looking like a shoestring.

    My own performance in the tournament (averaging 20 pts, 4 rbs, and 7 assists) after Sasha chose to abandon me is testimony to the great coaching our team receives.

    I am sorry Sasha chose to quit on us, but I will be there for him this season, holding his flowing locks back as he rides the pine.


    Sasha’s Hairband.

  • Bshawk

    According to ESPN, Sasha’s Hairband has left him for another woman.