O.C. Register: The career-long question for Lamar Odom is this: What are you?

Scorer? Rebounder? Passer? Leader? Facilitator? Main man?

On nights like this, the answer is simple: Yes.

Because, in the fourth game of Western Conference finals, with a howling crowd and a frowning NBA champion threatening to slither into his head, Odom went on an eight-point flurry that raised the Lakers’ lead from two to seven with :56 left, and put the Spurs into a tight corral. Which, of course, is where they showed their brand.

The Lakers botched the math in the final minute. Kobe Bryant took a quick shot when he could have used the clock to lock the door. Odom goaltended a shot by Tony Parker — “I thought I had him, I was going to be like Tayshaun Prince, coming from behind,” he said.

And Brent Barry found himself with the ball in 3-point land and a chance to actually win outright. Because Derek Fisher body-blocked him in the collarbone, his 3-point try didn’t even sideswipe the hoop, and the Lakers trotted off with a 93-91 victory, a 3-1 lead in the series, and another ace on another test. One more, and it’s a Finals exam.

“We’re getting an education,” Odom said later. “We’re playing a team with the heart of a champion, but we’re making plays for each other. We’re very tight, we have camaraderie. And we have a lot of people who can show us how to win.

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  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    Load’em Odom! :D

  • mikedeezy2k8

    lamar “all star” Odom

  • RoWyN

    The career-long question for Lamar Odom is this: What are you? Scorer? Rebounder? Passer? Leader? Facilitator? Main man?

    Lamar, above all, is a mismatch.


    His nickname is “THE GOODS”!

  • xtro

    Lamar is “The Walking Mismatch.”

  • Michael_23

    Yes the goods, he’s good now. But I hope he can work on his jump shots during the off season. Yes, he has a drive to the basket game which deadly. A lot of finesse into that and sometimes he takes it strong to the basket.

    But if he can hit jumpshots like D. Fish, OMG watch out! He’s hit a few those in these playoffs which at times surprises me.

  • Smush Walton

    I seem to recall that Lamar got off to a poor start offensively in the game. Wasn’t his first field goal in the middle of the 3rd quarter?

    Lamar’s rebounding was great, but offensively, I hope the coaches keep telling Lamar “NO OUTSIDE SHOTS” and even more importantly “NO MORE THAN TWO DRIBBLES”!!!

    When Lamar starts his dribbling more times than not disaster follows (i.e, offensive fouls and clumsy traveling violations as he gets all tangled up, falls into a defender parked on his left hand, and ends up flipping an awkward shot up to the rim.)

    So remember Lamar, NO OUTSIDE SHOTS, ESPECIALLY NO 3’s and try to keep it to ONE dribble, but TWO AT THE MOST!