0domL.A. Times: Lamar Odom stared at his left leg before Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. There was a knot below the kneecap that verged on golf-ball size, the result of a “battle in the trenches” he called it, probably from the Lakers’ game against New Orleans a couple of days earlier, though he wasn’t quite sure.

Then he went out, scored 25 points and took 14 rebounds, his sixth double-double in the last seven games, his knot to be forgotten against the size-challenged Timberwolves.

“I feel pretty comfortable right now,” he said, in case his play hadn’t demonstrated it.

Odom has increased his aggressiveness with drives to the basket but has also worked on his finesse game.

The extra time invested in his outside shot was evident Sunday when he hit from 13 feet, 19 feet and 21 feet.

He is also moving better without the ball, knowing when to cut to the basket to get the ball down low and when to curl off a screen to hit a jump shot.

“That’s something I couldn’t do two seasons ago,” he said. “I didn’t know when to cut and how to make the play without the ball. Playing with Kobe [Bryant] and then playing with Pau [Gasol], and then Andrew [Bynum] started coming along, it’s not like I’m going to be able to just take my man one on one. I’ve got to stay in the flow, and that’s usually without the ball.”

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  • Geloman

    Gotta start LO even when Bynum comes back. They need to give that lineup a try.

  • LA

    I like that lineup too. I think there’s some teams like Boston and Cavs who we will prob do better against by having our big guys in the paint protecting the basket from lebron and paul trying to drive, but for the most part I like LO starting and Bynum off the bench.

  • 1ofMany

    LO gettin’ some love… nice to see! All of the sudden people are saying that his consistency has finally arrived but he was a huge part of our success last year (minus the Finals of course) and very consistent then as well. His move to the bench greatly impacted his #’s at the beginning of the year but now that hes back as a starter he has begun to shine again. His selfless play and team attitude is refreshing to see.

    Keep it up LO. Hope to see you in purple & gold for years to come!

  • Juilliard Dancer La

    most great 6 men are scorers. like Manu. Lamar can score, but the best thing about him is that he gets everyone else involved. He grabs the rebounds and gets great passes..plus he is very efficient at scoring when he plays with Gasol at Center.
    Sure he’s a great player to have coming off the bench, but I think it’s better having the guy who’s best at geting guys scoring in the starting lineup. Let him help Kobe and Gasol Get some great starts. With Bynum coming off the bench, we will have a dominant scorer who won’t allow anyone to score in the paint. Sasha will get plenty of open shots and he seems to be needing them to be open and farmar and trevor will get lots of nice looks too. Although Bynum deserves to be a starter and so does Lamar it’s about making your team the best it can be just like Lamar stepped up and took his role with the bench mob, but I think the team will be stronger with Bynum coming off the bench as a scorer and defender and Lamar grabbing his rebounds, playing great with Gasol and doing his thing

  • Juililard Dancer La

    Starters:Gasol, Lamar, Kobe, D fish, and Luke= Three great, consistent scorers, actually four, but You have a faster team to start the games off and a team that plays with great chemistry. Gasol and Lamar are beasts at grabbing rebounds and they compliment each other very well. With three huge guys out there they tend to fall asleep rebounding and well what I mean is, it’s just not the most effective way to use great rebounders. This line up has a great BALANCE. Not too many scorers where they have trouble finding who’s hot and who should be taking the shots…it doesn’t waste anyones talent
    Bench: With the two new guys I’m not sure what our best bench is because we can now possibly keep out all of our starters when the bench mob comes in.
    Bynum can take care of rebounding and gives our shooters great open shots. I think having Sasha, Farmar, and Morrison as shooters off the bench with Bynum and Ariza..it will basically be Orland Magic style play that is very effective. We will use it with just our bench though. this can be a great weapon to have because those three guys can shoot lights out and will have great looks because of bynum. Bynum will force second units to take jump shots and that’s great. He will be a beast scoring because he will be the leader and the starters will get GREAT rest because they can dominate.

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

    I’ve been telling everyone @ TLN that Lamar’s play has improved because of what he’s been using in supplementation, but no one has believed me. Trust me, everyone will be drinking VEMMA & Verve! Energy Shot soon! :cool:

  • Juilliard Dancer LA

    This lineup I have will be DOMINANT. Many of the Lakers players can be starters, but with the guys we have, we have to use them right for our team to be the BEST it can possible be. I believe This lineup allows us to not waste any talent, it allows our big stars to do what they do best and not have to hold back because there’s too much talent on the floor. It’s all about BALANCE for this team right now with all this talent. plus the Spurs play their Big three by having their scorer coming off the bench and we can do the same with Bynum, but we will have the BIG FOUR..And with D Fish we have the BIG 5 cuz he is clutch. that guy has so much composure it’s amazing
    Starters: Kobe, Gasol, Lamar, D Fish, and Luke
    Bench: Bynum, Ariza, Sasha, Farmar and Morrison
    We can use Powell and shannon brown to step up against certain line ups, especially for their D.. Brown will be great for us against strong guards

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    I always liked Odom, I just didnt like him because he wasnt consistent. But now he is doing a lot better. I never wanted him trade, I wanted him to be a laker for life. But as for odom haters, they just wanted him traded. But guess what now they don’t lolz.

  • trademaster 2009

    one thing i love about odom is that he can make any adjustment to help the team, when bynum got hurt both times he stepped up his rebounding

    our starting lineup should be

    PG Lamar
    SG Fish
    SF Kobe
    PF Gasol
    C Drew
    6 Ariza
    7 Shannon Brown
    8 Farmar
    9 Josh Powell
    10 Morison
    11 Luke
    12 Dacos

  • Juilliard Dancer LA

    trademaster 2009. Love Lamar, but when we had him at PG during preseason we got our butts kicked. that’s wasting a lot of talent on the team and doesn’t make the most effective team with the guys that we have

  • daboss1848

    “I always liked Odom, I just didnt like him because he wasnt consistent”

    How can we ask our players to be consistent when our opinions are contradictory within one sentence . . .

  • Paul Pierce

    daboss1848 wanted to trade Lamar

  • BigBottomBry

    Kobe’s role is to shoot the damn ball and even though they don’t always fall at a high percentage there aren’t 10 players in the last 20 years that can do what he has done on BOTH ends of the court. When is comes to giving 100% day in and day out, Kobe is the model for CONSISTENCY! Trading Kobe makes as much sense as trading Pau to get Kwame back.
    Big props to Odom (lately, AND HOPE IT LASTS),KB24 and the whole Laker team bringing the championship back to LA.

  • YellowPurpleFever

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    Excellent point. I too wanted Odom to be traded in the last 2 seasons. Did you watch the Lakers since his arrival? Thats what I thought… The guy has very low IQ b-ball, too many mistakes and TO when the game is on the line.
    But, as of late he’s showing good signs of improvement (contract year maybe?) Again, there’s no ban-wagon or hating on a nonproductive players.(bye, bye) I am glad that he’s focus and being aggresive. Maybe, Mitch will consider him after the season. Fans can formulate opinions, can they? HELL YEAH!! GO LAKERS

  • daboss1848

    hijacker, the word is inconsistency not un-consistency

  • sketch

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    I agree! I’m glad to see that LO is actually getting that name back and shedding that Lame O nickname. We were all told of his potential and I saw it too, but he just never displayed that as a Laker! Now he’s showing it and I’m lovin it! Good for you LO!

  • Freshh


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #62844 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well, the hijacker is obviously illiterate (or unliterate as he would think), which means he most likely is uneducated (or ineducated as per his grammar ability).