Here is the official numbers on Lamar’s contract

58023340ESPN: The official contract numbers on Lamar Odom are in.

Nothing drastically different from what we anticipated Thursday when the Lakers and Odom finally reached an agreement after a month of oft-testy negotiations, but still worth passing along in the name of specificity.

The overall worth of the contract based on numbers that were circulated throughout the league Monday is $32.8 million over four years, with the Lakers holding a team option in Year 4.

Odom will earn $7,500,000 this coming season, $8,200,000 in 2010-11,
$8,900,000 in 2011-12 and then $8,200,000 in the non-guaranteed fourth year if the Lakers pick up their team option.

So that’s $24.6 million guaranteed over the first three years. If the Lakers decline their option, they must pay out a $2.4 million buyout before the fourth season to get Odom to $27 million guaranteed, matching the value of the original three-year offer that the Lakers pulled off the table in mid-July.

  • LakerMike

    all it adds up to for me is title runs for the next few years =D

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Arnold and the state of California are happy to see Odom stay. Cali will keep $3.5M of Odom’s money.

  • PurpleCobra1

    I’m just glad that it was finally taken care of. Anyways, I read what Pierce had said on Twitter…about the “Rottweiler Celtics” being back in 2010. What a jack-a$$!

  • showtime2k9

    He could’ve had more if he just accepted the first offer. I hope players and agents alike have taken note. Don’t play hard ball with Dr. buss. The house wins again. $7.5 mill sounds like a bargain. Too bad it really means he costs $15 million a year. But this is great news for Artest and Bynum as it eases a lot of the pressure they were facing. Thanks to Odom for being a true team player.


    IM baaaacckkk

  • lovekb

    Not a big number, I think. But the titles will mean much.

  • KING

    im glad L.O. is back


    L.O. wont make a difference if ya’ll play my Celts in the finals. KG owns LO.

    • 242LakerFan

      Your “Big 4″ (counting Sheed) averages like 173 years old. Between arthritis, angina and Alzheimer’s you’ll be lucky to get a full season from any of them. Then add even more physical intensity from Ron-Ron and your starting 5 better include Ben Gay.
      Y’all better figure out how to get past Orlando and Cleveland before you start talking smack at us. We’ll be at the ball waiting for a dance partner. You guys might not even make it to the dance floor!

    • Laker Fan

      KG cant touch LO, hes way to old to do anything. This season Rajon Rondo will be the star of the celtics.

      • Aaron2416377

        celtics are good even im impressed as a lakers fan

  • Laker Fan

    But the celtics will lose the finals to the lakers 4-0.

  • Minorkle

    I just got hired! $35,000 a year, not guaranteed. I can’t afford to attend any games but the TV coverage is great.