Odom speaks out about resigning…

L.A. Times: However, trading Vladimir Radmanovic to Charlotte saves about $7 million over two seasons, and could create enough flexibility to keep Odom, if he’ll take less money. Which Odom said he’s willing to do.

“Less is still a lot,” he said before the game. “I’ve been blessed. Basketball has given me everything I wanted, and I’m far from greedy. And this is where I want to be, so I don’t see why not.”

  • http://www.uclaradio.com/blog J

    That’s refreshing. Happy to keep big LO on the team.

  • xtro

    odom, the peaceful warrior

  • udechukwu

    great to see he’s willing to take one for the team
    gotta get that ring, at any cost, even if it means taking a paycut

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    That’s good for him to do. Gotta love Odom for his nongreedy for taking a pay cut. Cuz he knows he making tons of money and less is still a lot compare to a average person. I like people like him. I wish Kobe could take some pay cut to help out.

  • Mitch Kupchak

    That’s the kind of mindset we need on this team. Great to hear from him!

  • asdf

    man what a team player despite all the fire he gets from trade rumors, reduced roles and stuff, I’m glad we have him on our team.

  • asdf

    man what a team player despite all the fire he gets from trade rumors, reduced roles and stuff, I’m glad we have him on our team.

  • WifelovesLuke

    To all the Odom haters out there, get used to seeing his mug for a long time to come. He is such a great talent that has been through a lot over the years and continues to show us why most fans want him to stay. Forget all of the silly trade talk and get him and Ariza signed!

    What a future of talent: Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Ariza, Farmar and Big Drew. Lakers look good enough to get Kobe 6 rings!

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    I love this guy

  • thisbedo

    Not at all an Odom Lover but I’m glad to hear its about the team..now only if vlade knew that!

  • kaynam24

    kobe should sacrifice a couple milli too imo to resign players n make everyone happy

  • gugy

    If LO proves to be a consistent player from now on, I think he should stay. I love the guy, but when he gets on the bonehead mode, it is just too much to bear.

    I do wish the best for him and I hope he will prove us all wrong and play with the same level of intensity of the last few games. Go Odom!

  • Eidraq

    great guy…lakers must resign him

  • Michael_23

    15-8-6 are good stats for him with a breakout game here and there. His getting well in blocking shots lately too.

    I don’t want to see 6-3-2 on his stats. Those are the kind of games where people get on his case. These are the stats where he’s known to make offensive fouls too. So then he shots from the perimeter which I feel isn’t his game.

  • i hate the color green


  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

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    Why does everyone think I’m your son? :cool:

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    LO has never played better basketball until now. And, he smells the championship ring… This team is more than a team now, they are family, and they want to stay together!

    LO on the post-game interview with Matt Money Smith on VladRad’s trade: “Well, we lost one brother, but we gained two.” They are truely family.

  • David

    Reminds me when Magic took a paycut so we could sign Terry Teagle. Kobe should do the same after this season so they have more salary cap.


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    WORD UP!!!!

  • Dracul

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    Absolutely true – People are talking about Odom’s salary/and/or pay cut, BUT If Kobe re-signs for the 19 million a year range, instead of the maximum he can ask for (25million), it would give the Lakers more financial flexibility to be able to sign/keep higher quality players. I don’t think he’s gonna do a hell of a lot more with 25 million than he can with 19million, and its not like this is Kobe’s first 20million ever.

    Is Odom worth the 11-14 million a year? No. Is he worth in the 8-9mil a year range? Yes, you are getting efficient bang for the buck at that pay scale.

    Ariza I would say is worth about 6-6.6 a year, at his current efficiency level. He’s effective off the bench and doesn’t want to start, plus he’s content in LA as a UCLA product.

    And Good Job LO and the entire Laker squad for closing ranks and covering Bynum’s absence. This is the kind of output that we’d like to see from LO all the time, on or off the bench.


  • sketch

    Hell yeah LO! That attitude and your consistent play over the last 4 games tells me that you’re in the Lakers’ family 4ever! Now, maybe if Kobe’s willing to take less, we can sign a big time P.G. LOL!

  • T-Dub

    OK…I feel bad about all the LO bashing I did. I apologize LO! You’re a good dude. Hope they keep you!

  • lakerman1

    You have a guy like LO who is willing to take a paycut and then you get some idiot saying he is trying to make himself look good. Why don’t you look at ManRam who thinks he deserves more then 25 mil a year thats someone looking out for himself. LO is a good person.

  • Greg

    Thats a real good attitude and commitment from LO. It shows that he wants to sacrifice to stay a Laker. If LO continues to build upon his recent play – then Mitch and Jerry Buss should indeed reward him with a fair contract. GOOD JOB LAMAR!!!!!

  • Butch

    L.O. has the correct attitude about the money. He deserves to be on a championship team. He’s earned it. I remember when Magic took a pay cut so we could sign Sedale Threat. Kobe should do the same for a guy that WANTS to be a Laker!

  • JC

    Way 2 Be my man. Keep Odom. for Sure.

  • yash

    Thnx ODOM. Now the players that need to take a paycut
    Kobe – 20-24 million to like 18-20 million at least
    PAU – he gets like 14 million hopefully he can take a paycut too then after kobe retires we can sign lbj

  • trademaster 2009

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    ur right, he gets so much in endorcements already

  • Majic ‘Big’ Johnson

    Daboss.. Whenever I see you on here you are hating on someone from the squad.. What’s your deal? You wearin’ green shorts or something?


  • LakersLivefromDC

    Just checking on you guys.Y’all still have the best comments of any Laker site(WE THE BEST).

    Y’all will be hearing from me soon(I had to use my old jobs computer…I’m still unemployed,it sucks I can’t get on LN like I used to but “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE”).

  • LakersFirst

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    Typical bandwagon fan. True Laker fans aren’t fooled.

  • ab4sure

    LO deserved the bashing he got. He did not live up to his contract and cheated the Lakers. The last few games don’t erase that he was only worth about 50% of his contract. Nothing over 7 million for him for 5 years and we can sign Ariza. And Kobe since you should be kissing Buss’s shoes for how he has treated you why don’t you take a paycut from the max of 23 million you can get to start your contract at 20 million and go up. Knowing Kobe he will say no effing way I want max. Well kobe has surprised me the last year and a half with a new found likeable attitude so maybe I can believe he will take a cut. We will see.