Odom had some really encouraging words regarding the Lakers and them being considered, “soft.”

O.C. Register: “Got dudes on the Raptors talking (bleep),” Odom said. “They ain’t done (bleep), You know what I mean? As a team, as individuals.”

“Our disposition as a team gives like some of these dudes, they feel like they have the right,” Odom said about the Raptors. “The way we’re playing as a unit, they got dudes on their team that are talking …. They are like .500.  “But our aura comes off like ‘soft’. This was the second game I almost got thrown out. So I see one coming. I’m just going to take one, like, ‘hold up?’ Our energy, we are so laid back right now that these teams are like…

That … that [Orlando’s] Matt Barnes pulled, that ain’t never going to happen again,” Odom said. “He’s lucky it was a close game.”

Odom indicated he’s inclined to take flagrant fouls or even draw a one-game suspension to make clear that the Lakers must be determined and forceful to move forward in this season.

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    Taking one for the team! I like that! Just make sure LO, that when you do, you make that sh!t count! It’s premeditated now partner! Stern is gonna be on your @$$! You know he’s gonna come down hard and so, you might as well make that sh!t FELT when they get hit!

    • WifelovesLuke

      Before anyone continues reading any of the following comments below, try to keep in perspective one thing:
      LA is still has the #1 seed in the West. Get your finger off the panic button.

  • LOL

    hell yeah, this is the mentality the lakers need.

  • Eidraq

    odom is a boss

    • daboss1848

      Thanks for the shout out nemesis!!!

      This has pumped me up – at least theyre not oblivious to how theyre perceived.

  • Anthony

    I don’t want to see him suspended or lower himself to some level where he’s looked at as a punk, but I wouldn’t mind some very hard pushing and shoving from these Lakers. They’re the champions and teams better not forget it come playoff time. Remember that 15-1 2001 championship run? They had a pretty bad regular season, but turned it on like bats out of hell.

  • 808ty

    the whole article was great, and i wouldn’t be surprised if the lakers finish off this season with a big winning streak. ODOM and FISHER FTW!!

  • Drake Ramoray

    Gasol and Bynum are our big men yet their both pussiez. When someone drives to the hole all these idiots do is throw their arms straight in the air and they still get a foul called on them. What they should be doing is when someone drives hard to the basket, foul them hard and knock them to the ground but make a play for the ball. Stop trying to be finesse and fancy cause that soft sh_it ain’t working. Gasol needs to start playing like a thug defensively and Bynum needs to start muscling people around.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Let Vujacic play. His pesty defense annoys the other players and he doesn’t back down from anyone even though he’ll prolly get his azz kicked!

    • Anthony

      At least he’d have a reason to flail the way he does.

    • http://youtube.com/mrterrific100 Mr Terrific

      Ive met steaks tougher than Vujachik

  • drive-for-16th

    we cant control what ppl are saying shiit about the team but we sure can send that messege everygame to shut them up.

  • drive-for-16th

    from now on the team needs to play aggressive and i think they’ve gotten their wake up call and everyone one wants a piece of the team, we just have to show it on the floor now, and never back down from anything. Its a good start and everyone wasn’t happy about our W over raptors and they shouldnt be so lets just get phoenix now and play better and harder cause everyone is making a push to the playoffs.

  • 007

    whatever, they can talk all they want but unless they show it on the court then it don’t mean NOTHING

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  • mr.clutch101

    I like this, because the fact is, the lakers are viewed as soft by the entire league.
    They are probably the only team to win it all and still get nothing but disrespect, they have to go out there and not just win, but make statements.
    Looks like Odom finally realized that they arent being respected.

  • LGM10

    As much as i HATED the 08 celtics they had a swagger that this team has yet to show. I’m not saying the lakers should be punks but they should be aggressive and just send a message that they cant be beaten. I mean TORONTO of all teams was apparently trying to punk us, a team consider the softest in the league. Really though if drew and pau toughen up, bcuz i know lamar, fish, kobe and ron wont back down, we’d be unbeatable and able to hide our deficiencies. Pau just looks out of sync and really as much we cant get near a championship w/o him it really all starts with him; just look at how andrew bogut plays/is playing, that guy brings a toughness to his team. Look at denver-kmart, nene, birdman, orlando with dwight, cleveland w/ shaq, we allknow boston, even atlanta with josh smith. U look at the lakers bigs and thats all they r, just big. Its y dallas has improved so much bcuz they added “toughness” w caron and haywood.

  • http://www.singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    I am all for toughness. But not any of what he says will mean anything if the Lakers don’t start hitting wide open shots, and if they don’t play better defense and stop leaving the opposing teams shooters wide open. If the Lakers don’t play better defense and the bench and Ron Artest don’t start knocking down the wide open shots they have, and making baskets from the charity strip, then all this war talk is absolutely meaningless. Turn overs too are killing the Lakers. They need to get back to basics and once again acquire the desire to win the NBA Championship Title that they have owned in the past, not this lackadaisical style they have now of we can turn it on any time we fell like it.

  • gofeedtina

    its about time. Props to Fish and LO. I predict a long winning streak before the playoffs..

  • iiTzDanny

    This is how The WHOLE Team Should be, Show em Wussup Lamar

  • mr.laker19

    THANK YOU ODOM, THANK YOU!!! Least somebody got some damn balls on dis team

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Go to Matt Barne’s twitter. He replied to Odom, and not in a way Odom was appreciate.

      • Michael

        What a trick. Barnes is a no one. That’s funny how his background on his twitter is him trying to be
        “GQ.” Nice try. That’s funny how all these guys get recognition because they try to be the Kobe stopper. Just like Raja Bell, he will be forgotten before season end.

        • mr.laker19

          Right, is he a gay model in his spare time? I know his wack azz aint got no endorsements so why does a grown man have professional pics? lol Faggot

  • Popcorn

    It is what it is. We have seen the team play lazy ball for a long time. Teams that are .500 or so should be put away fast. That should be the Lakers way of thinking and teams with winning records require even more discipline and HEART.
    And I said before the Lakers problem is couple of bad habits (laziness) and lack of heart. Heart involves doing whatever takes to win. In the lakers case with that kind of talent they should be either tie or on top of the over all record. This year IMO they should have beat Toronto (in Toronto), Grizzlies early Feb, Miami (in Miami), Houston early in the season (even in back to back game situation), the first game in Portland etc. They could have a much better cushion right now. Lakers if there’s a proverbial magical switch; well I don’t know, how about if at least is dimmer. Turn it up? Maybe?…

  • Robert

    It’s hard to believe that anyone (NBA player) is attacking LO. He’s the most mellow on the team. But I think, also, they’re attacking his family (yes, Khloe), so … he’s drawing the line there. He lost a son, and NOBODY is gonna mess with his family. That’s it. He’s gonna deliver.
    Also, I do think that the Lakers aren’t playing as hard as they could, to save it for the playoffs. They can turn on the switch anytime. BUT, now is the time to win. They have to build momentum INTO to playoffs. They need to win West homecourt (since they may not win Finals homecourt).

  • Luke makes me Puke

    All this talk about making a statement is a bunch of bull. If numb nuts wants to “make a statement” then make one by showing up READY TO PLAY. Most of the time the team looks like they are sleepwalking out there and that especially includes Odumb.

    • http://thelakersnation pwned

      way to support the team

  • Michael

    Finally! Some sense of urgency. I know its just talk but at least there noticing that their play lately is unacceptable. Soft and lethargic. I can’t wait for tomm. game. I have a feeling its goin to be a blow out. In our favor of course!

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    they,ll play so hard they`ll lose to PHX.THE KOBE SETS GAMES UP TO BE THE HERO,ITS PATHETIC….

    • hello world



    What’s PATHETIC is your post! “they,ll play so hard they`ll lose to PHX”…? WTF are you saying here? And then… “THE KOBE SETS GAMES UP TO BE THE HERO,ITS PATHETIC….”? The Kobe? Are you trying to say THEN Kobe?

    OMG! It’s like a bunch of 3rd graders in here posting their thoughts. Please go back to remedial English class or something. Either that or just stop the postings!

    It’s just so sad! And we wonder why our country’s testing scores are so damn low!

  • lakerman1

    I would have preferred Odom kept this comment in the locker room with the fellas and just go out and deliver. Stern is looking for any excuse to propel cleveland to the top. Its a shame the way the NBA polices the league and pampers Lebron. Down right shame.


    ^^ I absolutely agree with you about Stern and how they so want LeBronze to take over the NBA that they’ll call a foul whenever a defensive player is within a foot of him. They never call any goal tends and plus look at how many times Kobe gets T’d up versus that LeBum! Absolutely ridiculous! Stern, Stu Jackson, and the Media are all just either taking turns and/ or collectively ball washing LeBrick!

    I understand how you feel about LO’s comment, but I like that he did that. I think it’s a way for him to warn the other teams of his intentions for retaliation if they do decide to initiate their “physicality” on the Lakers again!

    LO strikes me as a very honest and sincere person with no pretenses. He’s not sneaky nor dirty, so I think it’s just a way for him to announce that he’s tired of their bullying tactics and that he’s ready to fight back!

    • lakerman1

      I sure hope so.

  • Leo

    Anyone can talk and say whatever they want, but it means absolutely nothing unless they go out and do it.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY


  • iamthetie

    I like the mentality. What they gotta do is enforce the paint and really lay the hurt on anyone who dares to to get an easy shot. All these small ‘quick’ point guards should leave the arena at the end of the night hobbled and bruised. Fish might not be able to stay in front of them, but you wanna make sure they think twice about trying to go around him.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    This is good. We need this mind set going into the playoffs against teams like the Mavs & Nuggets