Romona gives us the updates from Tuesday regarding Odom.

Inside The Lakers: Hear that? No, don’t turn the volume on your computer up. It’s just in the air.


Loud, persistent crickets.

As the world turns … As Lamar Odom watch continues into its 29th day.

I called up Lakers spokesman John Black this afternoon just to get an on-the-record quote of the day. In the offseason, few sources are willing to speak on the record except for guys like Black, who are paid to do just that.

We both had a hearty laugh when I asked if he had any updates today.

“There’s absolutely nothing new I can tell you on that,” Black said.

Well, can you tell me if the Lakers and Odom’s camp have continued to talk?

“Yes,” he said. “They’ve been talking on a regular basis. That’s all I can say.”

And there, ladies and gentleman, is your daily Lamar Odom update. Officially speaking.

I should mention that Dwyane Wade posted a photo of Odom in a Heat uniform on his twitter feed with the accompanying comment : “the beginning..look who’s jersey is waitn for them in mia(no 7)”

And that Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald has a pretty good summation of things from a South Florida perspective.

But at this point, most of what you read is just speculation based on conversations with team and league sources that are speculating to varying degrees. Really, the only person who knows what’s going to happen is Odom himself, once all the facts are in front of him and all possibilities have been exhausted.

Odom has made no public comments since July 13.

  • Steve in Vegas

    Lets see. 5.8M vs 8.3M with incentives. No finals chance vs probable multiyear year runs at championships.
    I just can’t make my mind up! I understand leverage and the waiting game, but this deal is over. The only sweetening Dr. Buss is going to do is with some skittles!

  • Franchise98bn

    Man who know D-Wade was such a f-ag??? What’s next D-Wade telling Lamar he can give him a happy ending???


    Lamar odom is just an absolute fool… i’m so mad at him i can barely look at his picture… we were the team he won the championship with and we offered him more money than any other team… and yet he will join the miami heat? FU-CK YOU LAMAR ODOM


    Lamar Needs to sign with the lakers…stop playing games LO..I just can’t picture shelden williams in a laker uniform…what a bust


    LAMAR 3yr 24 mill and a ticket to the WILLY WONKA chocolate factory so you can eat all the chocolate you want and play every godammn game with effort

  • Anon

    lol if LO goes he’ll be the most hated thing in LA since kwamay brown

  • ladylakerfan

    My emotions are back and forth on LO , kinda like the constant speculation with this whole LO mess. One minute I really can’t stand LO and want him gone. Just sign w/Miami and get it over with already. I’m tired of playing the waitin game w/this fool. The rational fan in me thinks “well damn” it is his decision to make. Unfortunately for the last few days I can’t be on LO side no mo .. sign or don’t sign, s$$t or get off the pot dude, so we Laker fans can get on with our summers.

  • purple and gold for life

    [Comment ID #81697 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Best summary of the LO situation I have heard so far.

  • Lamar-Biatch

    Lamar fu-ck you for this suspense. You are an idiot if you end up in Miami making less money and without any real chance to win a ring.
    Maybe we are luck not having this guy on our team anymore if he is that dumb.

  • Jim

    LO, For the love of God Man, make the right decision and put this drama to an end PLEASE!!!!!! Do you really want to go to Miami and languish in mediocrity for the rest of your career. You’re looking at a chance to be part of a dynasty here!

    Is it that you feel unwanted here? We know that Kobe, Derek and Luke went out of their way to let you know how important you are to us. I know that the Doc took it personally when you didn’t respond to the first set of offers, but don’t let that conflict influence you to make the worst decision of your life! I guarantee you will regret it for the rest of your days.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #81703 Will Be Quoted Here]

    feeling♡fickle? TLN!


    GODAMMIT sign already so i can sleep peacefully at night.Once again Dr Buss….Shelden Williams Is NO LO…Not even Close

  • EVan T

    put candy incentives in the contract

  • Jake

    Shouldn’t D-Wade be spending time with his kids? O that’s right I forgot his kids don’t even know who he is. Odom do you really want you’re leader to be a guy who gave his wife a vd and his kids don’t know his name? If he leaves, LA needs to turn on him, stop going to his new restaurant and any other business ventures he is a part of boycott it. Trust me I go to college down here in S.Florida, if D-Wade cannot have a successful business in Miami where the people worship him (his restaurant chain was closed down), then there is no way LO will be successful in Miami. I just hope all his business pals that LO made on courtside shun him like he is shunning the Lakers. There is a reason why Shaq wanted out of Miami, the organization is a joke, the coach is a joke, if you leave LO you will become a joke…

  • Franchise98bn

    LO is already a joke for ruining all of the Lakers Nation’s summer! Thanks Lamar!!

  • EVan T

    [Comment ID #81709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haahahahaha shelden williams can’t beat his wife in 1 on 1 . FORSURE NO LO


    I can’t wait for RON Artest to knock paul pierce to the floor for even thinking he could take it to the hole on him


    Enough Lamar….The Lakers needed a bad boy onthe 3…enough of soft ass Ariza who could not handle Anthony,Pierce,anybody the damn Blazers thru at him,or TRU WARRIER himself…The Lakers needed a bad boy who could have the balls other than Derek Fisher to commit flagrant fouls when they felt they were getting punk by other teams..I Cant wait for the Laker-Celtic Game this season just for the fact i feel ron artest is gonna go postal on the celtics..

  • Jake

    I hope the Lakers go after Hakim Warrick, he’s not to bad. Anyways last yr this time, everyone wanted to trade Odom for Artest or Marion. The only reason I dont want LO to leave is because Bynum gets hurt. But Artest is a better defender and scorer so, I am finally ok if LO leaves, I was just listening to the media to much. Have fun in Miami LO, I guarantee D-Wade goes to Chicago and in 3 yrs noone will pay odom more that 3 mill a yr. Wow Odom all the money you lost, because you’re pride. LO-ser

  • LakersFirst

    LO is waiting for the Lakers to improve their offer. That’s what he’s doing. I don’t think he really want to go to Miami, otherwise he would’ve signed with them by now. I really think he is waiting on the Lakers to improve their offer (i.e. offer the original 4 year, $36M dollar deal, with the 4th year being a team option).


    D-Wade’s puerile twittersRus jealousy of Kobe & The Lakers is provoking the real dude to come out from his league invoked/self manufactured fake persona!


    LAKER fans get ready for another banner hanging from staples wall of fame…U know ron artest is not gonna play give up ball on those games the lakers just give away(Bad Teams)

  • Jake

    Lakers don’t seem interested in LO, I think they have something up their sleeves, just like they did with Ariza. There are 7 contracts that are ready to expire next yr, Lakers have a deal brewing somewhere (Joe Johnson my wet dream lol). But there are a lot of teams who want a 1 yr contract to make space to 2010 free-agents.

  • Patrick Chewing

    [Comment ID #81700 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wouldnt mind a happy ending from him, i luv his DSL

  • Drake Hunter

    LAMAR, just F-U-C-K-E-N sign with Miami already!. You don’t like the Lakers offer to you and it is not gonna change and it’s still better than the deal Miami is offering and you! I F-U-C-K-E-N hate all this talk about you. I’m so over it. I don’t even want you back anymore. It’s like being with your girlfriend for 7 years and still not wanting to marry her! The relationship has run it’s course and so has Lamar and the Lakers! NO MORE LAMAR ODOM TALK……PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love lakers fan . ahmad


  • http://iklklkl aaron24

    LO doesn’t want to leave LA because their are many candy shops in LA but Miami has hot girls

  • Drake Hunter

    [Comment ID #81727 Will Be Quoted Here]

    F-That…..These mother f’ers are getting paid millions to play basketball and take care of their families. We should be so lucky to get paid $8 million a year to take care of our families.

    The average american make $30-$40 a year to take care of their families.

    Do the right thing for him and his family? Lamar and his family can live comfortably for the rest of their lives on what he’s made in the NBA already so far!!!!!

  • Drake Hunter

    $30,000 – $40,000 a year is what I meant!!!!……….LOL

  • Drake Hunter

    Lamar, I hope you choke on a Tootsie Roll Pop!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake

    Did he help against Boston? I think Artest takes Odom’s place. He is just a want and not a need. As long as Bynum does not get hurt again the Lakers are going to be solid. Artest and Kobe wow… Case closed, Odom is the the man but he can be the man in Miami. We just need a good backup PF.

  • The Spector

    Lamar Odumb

  • mel counts makes an underhandfree throw

    If lamar is trying to put the screws to jerry buss he will get sent packing.At some point a decision has to be made you come back to the lakers or move on. The lakers also have to move forward with there plans.I like the center that the knicks have david lee, he has good numbers, and rebounds , and would be good insurance in case bynum gets injured. Put this guy in with pau and kopbe and you will not miss a beat by losing lamar odom.

  • edtmamba7

    [Comment ID #81737 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Mamba assassin

    This whole Odom thing is starting to piss me off. All the waiting is BS. I don’t understand it, Odom publicly mentioned that he wants to retire as a Lakers and be Lakers 4 life and yet he’s having a hard time making decision. Well if he wants more money that’s different but then the Lakers offered him more than other teams could possibly do. So he wants more years and less money wtf? yea I know Odom is not the greedy type but this negotiation process is killing my summer as Lakers fan. I guess his childhood buddy won’t have much an impact with his decision, unless he has that Ariza’s kind of agent.

  • edtmamba7



    with kobe, gasol, and artest at their prime

    shannon brown getting better @ point

    lakers are still bound to whoop some @ss

    thats why buss is sending LO a message

  • edtmamba7

    i agree SHANNON BROWN hasn’t played a full season in LA. When we traded for Adam and Shannon i knew Shannon would be the gem of the deal.

  • Fuzzy

    D-Wades Latest Twitter: “Lamar, I have my hand on my weener, I’m wearing your jersey and looking at your picture. I promise to touch my ankles and stick white chocolate in my corn hole after every game if you come back to Miami.”

  • Popcorn

    At this point I guess all we can do is speculate about Odom reasoning but IMO he should just talk in person with Boss in private and patch things up. I bet he could get Boss to offer him the original contract that was on the table.

    Odom don’t let your agent ruin it for you. You could be a critical part on a team that will win at least 2-3 more rings together.

    Just think about Ariza for a second he is on a team where their key players are full of injuries and chances are he will play there for a while and once the Rockets don’t see results he could end up being trade to one of those sucky arse teams maybe Toronto, Minnesota, or how about going to UTAH!!!. I can’t just imagine you wearing a Utah jersey. Lol

    Unlike with the Lakers; I can guarantee you that once Wade don’t make it out of the east he will either leave the team or you will be on the trading block cause right now the Heat’s main mission is to keep Wade and chances are with Celdicks, Orlando, Cavaliers the Heat won’t beat any of those teams in a 7 games series. I don’t think so anyways.

    If it is all about money then Lakers are still the team and IF lakers win another championship which is very much possible you could get endorsements too. Don’t forget that the Heat traded you to get O’neal and if they have the chance to get another guy to keep Wade happy they won’t hesitate to trade you again. Just my 2 cents.

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    I’m surprised Miami hasn’t pulled their deal off the table. LO has made it clear that he wants to be a Laker or he would have jumped on Miami’s offer. He’s clearly using them as leverage, but Dr. Buss “don’t play that”. LO! What you see is what you get…the game is over! Everyone has shown their cards…you can’t ask the dealer for another.

  • ShowtimeEra

    I strongly feel as if I need to take a long vacation once this things over with! Odom you’re killing me!

  • jeremy

    Im going to Vegas tomm., hopefully this will all be done when i get back. At this point I just dont care anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dwayne Wade

    TWITTER: Lamar, I’m wearing a Sour Patch kids thong and Starburst lip stick.

  • lainok

    The way I see it, this and the ariza drama are really helping to fill that void in between late june and mid october when nothing is happening. That’s usually my least favorite time of the year because there is no lakers anything going on. But thanks to Ariza’s Agent, Ron ” Certifiably Insane” Artest, and being able to joke that a month of LO holding out is strictly about wanting candy, we are have tons of Laker stuff to look at and talk about going into August. As obnoxious as it’s all been, it’s better than most Lakerless summers. Sasha just needs to release a Slovanian pop album and Pau needs to take a picture with the Spanish team where they make fun of people with Down Syndrome and this summer will be one of the Summers in Lakers History!

  • 8plus24ismagic

    The thing I don’t understand is why when you had a chance to trade him last yr and get someone in return we didn’t do it, Now we take a chance on losing him with no returns .

  • Jordan

    [Comment ID #81753 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I must admit this made me laugh. It wouldnt suprise me if this was Wades next twitter.


    Lamar must love all this attention…….dudes really mixed up, I’m telling you eating candy 24/7 will do this to you. He can’t think straight, probably hasn’t in a long time anyways.

    He’s staying with the Lakers, just trying to drag out more money from the Bussman but he doesn’t realize who he’s dealing with.

    You seen a pic of Buss lately, he’s always has a poker face on his mug!

  • lakers58

    just leave LO we are all over you

  • jordan

    odom is one of my favorite players but even im getting tired of this.He should hurry up and make his decision.And o yay forget shelden williams if odom leaves we should pick up hakim warrick he has way more potential and i think he would fit in good.

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    first, who ever put out that crap out last week from LN that ODUMB signed a 4 year/40 mil deal sucks!!!

    we wait and watch all day for the final answer from ODUMB and its too much already!!!

    i hope ODUMB takes the heat deal and gets less money and more losses!

    next seasons championship without him will be that much better!!

  • Sun

    Lamar Odom回來。 我們愛您。 您愛我們。 只candyman可能緊接做奇蹟或二個冠軍

  • as47lakerslover

    Give Lamar a freakin break man! Show your love man! How quickly you guys turn on LO man! Why wouldn’t he want to go! Look at how you guys are treating him man! Whers the love! Lamar please stay! Your heart is with the Lakers!

  • Robert

    What ‘shouldn’t’ be going on, is that there is just a stalemate, a waiting game, and the Lakers are just sitting on that, and LO waits long enough, and then just leaves for Miami, and the Lakers say, “oh well”.

    The Lakers “have to have” some type of plan. Some type of backup plan. Or, maybe the LO negotiating is part of a plan. If there is no other option, what is going on? Nothing else? Is this really smart basketball General Managing?

    At this point, when the story FINALLY ends (hopefully in the next 2 months), I *CAN’T WAIT* until I hear what the final story is!