L.A. Times: Ready or not, Lamar Odom is the Lakers’ No. 2 option again.

He had been coasting along quietly, putting up substantial numbers as the third option behind Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, with the prospect of being No. 4 once Andrew Bynum returned from injury.

Then came another twist of fate after another injury, and Odom was pushed back up to secondary importance.

He had 17 points and 11 rebounds in the Lakers’ 104-92 loss Sunday to Houston, and seemed to lament the fact that he wasn’t found more often in the post.

“Guys have got to recognize as a team what’s working,” he said. “Tonight, we didn’t do that. Other teams notice. It just takes recognition as a team, from all the guys, to what’s working and what’s not.”

Coach Phil Jackson suggested that Odom act more forcefully if he wants the ball more often.

“He’s kind of a non-presence out there with a great deal of stats and does a terrific job on the boards,” Jackson said. “But he’s not the guy that goes out there and asserts himself in the offense and there are times when it’s opportunistic. He just takes advantage of the things that come his way.”

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  • 24allup inya



    andrew, gasol, odom, kobe, fisher/JORDAN BEST FUTURE LINE UP IN THE LUEAGE

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    here we go again with LAME-AR SCROTUM, FLUKE WALTON, PISS MIHM this $hit is like the bad news bears


    He did have 17 pts. and 10 rebs. didn’t he? Then what the F@$& is his problem,ya’ did your job if you ask me.EVERYONE ON THAT TEAM(IT’S FOR COBY KARL TO GET SOME MINS.,PHIL)NEEDS TO STEP WHEN GUYS GET INJURED. My moto is “you get a check,YOU CONTRIBUTE. I have to admit LO takin a stand and wanting the ball more is aggresive but I don’t think he’s addressing his comments to Kobe,HE’S NOT THAT STUPID.

  • purple’n’gold

    thats what i said during the game yesterday , odom needs to have the ball in the post more , now that gasol is out. and i think phil is going to give it to him noboy can guard him in the post, he has lenght,long arms not bad foot work.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #29649 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah, i was also wondering why didnt we put the ball on LO hands, the three time we did that, he made 3 lay ups, because he knows how to work in the post…

  • goodfella

    “here we go again with LAME-AR SCROTUM, FLUKE WALTON, PISS MIHM this $hit is like the bad news bears”

    this is the funniest thing i’ve ever read on this site… i’d like to add that i agreed w/ odom when it comes to recognizing what’s working and the lakers should have recognized that. but here’s the thing with that. how can you expect the team to give you the rock when at best he’s our 4th best option and is so inconsistent.

    if fisher doesn’t up his game he’s gonna join that bears team as derek fish-flooping-on-the-ground-er


    That still would’ve helped,what about Sasha stepping up,Jordan stepping up,DF(though I have to let him s
    slide,he’s our leader)and Coby Karl needs some playing time.

    DJ,far as I’m concerned,can get gone so we can get Artest(Yes,I’ve jumped on the bandwagon but I still like Josh, GG and JO)or PLAY HARDER!

  • http://www.lakers.com lakers

    about time he become more aggressive

  • Ira

    In the short term with Gasol, Bynum out, give the ball to Odom in the post, the couple of times he had it in the Rockets game he did alright and the flow of the game was better. The only problem as we all know with Lamar is at times it seems he loses his way during the game.

    Let’s see if he asks for it more often when he is on the block against Dallas and Utah?

    But as Phil said and I agree he has to let the other players on the court know that he wants it there and that he will go there consistently until Gasol and our other bigs return. But that very word consistent and Lamar seem to not like each other.

  • BEC

    Heres a hint Lamar, you want the ball more, stop telling this shiit to the media, and tell it the other players on the team. You wan tthe f***ing ball more, f’in call it in the game. Lamar is too passive, its like hes made of little girls, puppies and bunnies. Phil himself has to tell lamar all the time to get active, WTF is that. Phil has to tell you to get active and aggressive but you b**** about not getting the ball. Lamar needs to man up already, which i dont think will happen. Thats why hes considered a fourth option. Its not the other players fault that Lamar didnt get the ball, its Lamars fault, if you demand it youll get.

  • willow

    I think his teammates are so used to his inconsistency and passiveness that they really don’t look to him to be “aggressive”. He’s never been known to do that so why start now. I aggree with a lot of you when you point out that it’s not his teammates’ fault, it’s his fault for not speaking up when he wants the rock on the post. I think his teammates will actually RESPECT him for wanting to step up when needed be especially Kobe. So next time, you’re gonna b***h and moan about not getting the rock enough, then get in their faces and say “GIMME THE F***NG ROCK GADDAMMIT!!!!!

  • jay

    damn everyone needs to stop dissin LO he has been doing his job just fine double dould every game. also guarding players that weigh 50 to 75 pounds morew than him, i am happy that he wants it more in the post, no one can touch him in the paint. he has been in the post these days rather than puttin up 3point shots. D fish gotta get it going, sasha and farmar have dropped their game as well.

  • Tim

    some of you ppl who are shitting on Odom are pretty stupid, its an auto-make in the post for Odom almost, he was trying to win, obviously his 17 and 11 wasnt good enough for the win, he wanted to help but no once came to him

  • SliqRiq

    I agree with you Tim, all these people here dont know what the hell there talking about.

    For the past month Odom is leading the NBA in FG percentage and he’s still grabbing 10+ boards a night for us.

  • T-Dub

    I find it hard to believe that LO really wanted the ball…he hasn’t wanted it in 10 years! Just hold on til the troops get back!


    I don’t think where dissin’ LO,I feel it comes as a shock that he would say that when he gets the ball enough then decides to pass,he did it yesterday. I like the fact he’s asking for the ball and wants to win,to be honest,he’s right but HE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THE ONLY OPTION(EXACTLY WHAT MY COMMENT RELAYED). This team’s chemistry is off and it’s nobody’s fault,injuries have plagued The Lakers for 3 yrs. now,so your not going to be as productive and LO MANNED UP YESTERDAY,he just feels the sting of losing 1st place and not being able to contribute xxtra.

  • http://swishtheball.net caron butler

    i think a good trade would be me and two future first round picks for for luke, vlad, coby karl, and mihm

  • MILO

    Kobe will get us win’s while our guy’s get back…I HOPE!