Here is an update on Odom’s injury. Despite being listed as day to day, Odom is waiting it out to make sure he is 100%…

L.A.Times: “They’ve told me to play when I feel like I’m ready,” Odom said.

When does he think he’ll be ready?

“I don’t know,” Odom said. “It’s real achy at times. I want it to be 100%. I don’t want it to be reoccurring. My pain tolerance is high. But I can’t come back and be limping off.”

  • UnitedByTLN

    United By TLN….

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Bad News for La but we will survive (#24)

    TLN it’s time to take a stance…
    I am tired of analyst and commentators saying that LBJ is better than our Kobe. Kobe has been the best player in this league ever since MJ retired (the 1st time) and has not been given the praise he deserves. I have seen that guy through the good and the bad. From scoring 35 pts a game to that once in a lifetime 81pts.

    The only reason MJ is considered better than Kobe is because he has six rings and has always been a winner. Well those are poor standards. On skill Kobe is superior to MJ, on shooting he is also superior, and we could argue penetration (but MJ ha a bigger body and hands).

    Now this guy LBJ (he is pretty amazing) but on skill, shooting, creativity, CLUTCH, etc he is not close to the Mamba’s level. the game vs Indiana- if La made there shots- Kobe would have had like 20+ assist, and in several other games he would have had 10+ assist. What he does on the court no one else does.

    Kobe is the greatest ever to play this game but ppl are in love with MJ and won’t admit it. And LBJ has a long way to go before people should mention him with Kobe and MJ.

  • lakrfan4life

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    all-around, kobe > mj

    but why is this brought up on lamar’s article?

    oh well

  • lakerschamps09

    that aint good… and now i think that this means he aint gettin traded… we all know he wanna stay on team soo he gonna play it smart… but we shouldnt trade em anyway….

  • jason

    its smart of odom to get healthy before his return..theres no reason to return right now at less then 100 percent..why have a naggin knee injury the rest of the season when we need him fully healthy for the playoff run.

  • pancho

    I think Lamar should heal properly and when he returns hopefully we go for the title. Lamar does alot of the bangin inside so yes he needs to heal and not be rushed.