Marc Stein of ESPN recently ranked the Top 20 expiring contracts and rated the probability of the player being traded. Looks like Lamar will stay put according to his sources…

6. Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers)
Expiring Salary: $14,148,596
Soon to be traded? UNLIKELY

Odom repeatedly has insisted that, even in a contract year, he’s OK with his new role as the Lakers’ sixth man.

If the Lakers are convinced of that, why would they dare mess with their chemistry by trading Odom during the season, especially given how well they’ve played in November? Even an Odom-for-Marion swap, which does make some sense for both teams, represents a risk for L.A. because Marion isn’t big enough to stand in for Andrew Bynum should Bynum’s injury issues return.

So it’s probably smarter for the Lakers to wait until the offseason and bank on the idea that they could convince Odom to participate in a sign-and-trade — and thereby avoid losing him without compensation — if the current harmony doesn’t last.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Saw this awhile ago but good to see that there are other people who agrees in keeping him =). LO7 as Lakers 4 Life!

  • Mitch4Pres

    if it aint broke dont fix it odom best be staying

  • Lakers 24 7

    Odom is ballin off the bench. If he wants to consider himself a third or fourth option, then he’s better off the bench.

    Keep LO, forget Marion.

  • e

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    i wouldnt say that..put marion with a system that works..or even use him as a defensive stopper and a spot of up (funky) shooter..he’s very decent..and this might be a good oppurtunity to pick him up..but lo hasnt been hurting us so no big deal

  • Dave

    I’d say that Lamar is even MORE valuable than he has ever been. He’s the leader of the league’s best bench team, not to mention he is playing as many (or more) minutes than as a starter. So, no, I don’t think he should be traded. C’mon!

  • megaloco10

    marion was rubbish yesterday versus the clippers..i wonder how much he misses nash..?

  • Freshh

    I’ll eat crow for now.
    B/C 3 months ago, I would’ve done this in a heartbeat

  • Chris Manning

    Odom has been unreal in his current role. Something people overlook is his chemistry to this team. He is the one in the middle of the pre-game huddles. Invaluable this year. And he has been, ironically, more consistent now than ever!

  • gugy

    I think by season’s end if Odom proves he is the man ,I would keep him. But if he becomes the bonehead we are all familiar with, then get rid of him.
    Right now just keep the winning formula. Let’s hope for the best.

  • VIVA

    Lamar Odom and his funky suits. LOL..

  • Nick Lachey USA

    LO7 would be a BEAST under Mike D’antoni’s offense system xD. The reason why he’s so effective is because the bench plays at a faster pace.

  • LakerLivefromDC

    Keep’em,’cause next season everybody is going to want to be a Laker…you heard what Tracy Mcgrady said…I can see “G-Force as a Laker,though.

  • xtro

    chemistry is muy importante.

  • Flobe24

    LO is a team player. Most people use to get on him for not taking more shots or for passing too much. Sure he wants to play more minutes, but that’s just natural. I think seeing the system work will calm him down. He’s in a perfect place for his all around game. Winning a championship will make him want to re-sign with the Lakers.

  • LakersLivefromDC
  • sketch

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    i agree. plus it’s way too hard to get someone new acclimated to the triangle offense.

  • LakersLivefromDC

    That would be a good trade…except KNOWONE wants Luke,F@#%…then agai…ok,knowone.