miamiInside the Lakers: It seems likely that Lamar Odom could sign a five-season deal with the Miami Heat at the mid-level exception ($5.8 million for next season and $34 million or so for the length of the contract) by the end of the week. The Dallas Mavericks also are interested in giving Odom the same deal, but he seems less likely to land in Dallas.

Reports out of Miami indicate the Heat are trying to sign Odom and trade for Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz in an attempt to satisfy Dwyane Wade’s demands for a beefed up roster next season.

Odom wants a five-season deal somewhere north of $45 million, which so far the Lakers haven’t offered to him. Talks have ceased for now after owner Jerry Buss took the Lakers’ offers of four years, $36 million or three years, $30 million off the table Monday.

It’s certainly possible the Lakers could resume talks with Odom and his agent, but it seems just as possible that Odom could be headed to South Florida soon.

What happens next depends on whether the Jazz decide to match the Portland Trail Blazers’ $32 million offer sheet to forward Paul Millsap, a restricted free agent. Nearly everyone around the league believes Utah will match and keep Millsap by the deadline at week’s end, which could trigger a frantic final round of negotations for Odom’s services.

  • mastarockafella

    Alright, if LO leaves then THank you and good luck. I won’t dwell on this issue.

    So what’s next after this? Who do we get just in case he decides to leave?

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    please stop these articles..i’m sure that i speak for most of us fan..
    NO MORE of this crap….
    if we are gonna sign him..lets do it already..if not make him go and let us forget him….

    this sucks..5ys 5.8 mil=29mil or 3 yrs 10mil= 30 0r 4yr 9mil=36

    LO sign and shut up u dumm ass..if not go the hell away and stop this drama…

  • Andrew

    5 years for 34 million? Why not just take lakers 4 year 36 million then. What the heck is odom’s agent smoking.

  • pr0mega

    They want that fifth year desperately it looks like. Odom’s agent is a f***ing idiot

  • 242LakerFan

    You’re telling me he’s willing to take less money per to finish his career on a team that has about a single digit chance of winning another championship IF they can build a team around Dweeanne Wayde? Meanwhile Mitch is putting up more green AND a chance to win again NOW?
    LO your agent is hanging out with that NASCAR driver doing meth! Cut his ass loose and get back to Mitch IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • LakersFirst

    If LO leaves the Lakers, then every Laker fan should BOO his ass at Staples.

    At the end of the day, it sounds like LO simply does not want to be a Laker.



  • double

    [Comment ID #79891 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The entire LO story isn’t making any sense. Very frustrating.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    FOCK HIM THEN! He will be a trader just like BenedIck Ariza! I will turn my love to HATE! I hate to say it, but the fool is good as gone. This is so annoying. Jerry Buss will not re-sign him now, I just have a sick feeling about that. POOOOOF!!!!!!!

  • april

    Odom to miami? That’s great! Lakers will lose a lot of men due to their luxury expenses otherwise they’ll pay for it..

  • KONG!

    What a turn of events. Artest signs and takes a paycut for a chance to win a title and Odom is holding out.
    Its obviously about the money with Odom, and that’s real disappointing. He should just go to Miami and retire as a Heat because he’s not acting like a Laker right now.
    He wants what Marion got. Looks like he’s gonna get exactly what Marion got: kicked out of Phoenix to a sorry team and then traded around the league like a tool.
    I’m not going to say “good luck” Odom because you have made us think differently about you now. Never will I see you the same again.

    Go get your money

  • proemb

    LO=inconsistency. For $50 mil, inconsistency is not good enough. Odumb has been grossly over-paid with his previous contract so he believes he’s a $10+ mil per year guy. LO, where were you during the Boston series? Did you earn your $14 mil there?

    The Lakers should work out a sing-and-trade and at least get a piece out of this mess.

    I’ve been hoping the Lakers trade this guy for years. I wanted him in SacTown for Artest.

    Here are some reasons why Lamar Odumb is over-rated:

    1. He’s not very smart
    2. He’s incredibly inconsistent
    3. He’s a power forward that shy’s away from contact, soft.
    4. He does not have a consistent shot
    5. Misses the first, makes the second foul shot, almost every time!
    6. He misses at least 2 or 3 layups per game
    7. He gets at least 1 or 2 charges per game
    8. Plays great on half(sometimes), disappears the second(almost always)
    9. Short attention span, spaces out during games
    10. Mentally weak, gets flustered out there easily
    10. Can’t handle the pressure, couldn’t handle the #2 option duties
    11. He has a bad candy problem
    12. He is one blunt away from a year suspension
    13. He lied to the fans about taking less to play for the Lakers
    14. He doesn’t have the drive to be the best, he settles for mediocrity.

    The Lakers can win without this cat. His “versatility” is way over-rated and is not worth $50 mil for 5 years, coming off the bench. The less soft players on the Lakers, the better.

    Sometimes players need a chance to show what they can do. Let Josh Powell get some minutes, Artest will help him and Bynum become tougher physically and mentally.

  • Russ

    lamar odom has to be the stupidest player ever…

    he’s gonna settle for a MLE with MIAMI, just because he wants a five year deal???

    why does he want a 5 year deal so bad? doesn’t he realize that if he signs a 3 or 4 year deal with LA, then he can sign another contract after with the Lakers or another team and still get the MLE. He’s gonna get more money if he just stays with LA.

    i think this is a larger issue. the same thing with Trevor. I think its not about the money, its about something else. Honestly, my theory is that they already have a ring, so they feel like they’re done. They dont have the same drive as Kobe where they want to win every season. Lamar is perfectly fine with 1 ring.

    I mean, am i wrong? why else would he not want to resign with the Lakers. thats the only thing that makes sense. He’s not gonna get anywhere with Miami or Dallas or the Blazers. It’s so pointless.

    I think he just doesn’t care about the Lakers cause he won a ring. He thinks he’s so good so he doesn’t care.

    BTW, he won a ring coming off the bench. Shows how valuable he is…

  • lakerferlife7

    alrite….odom is a frucking idiot…..hes gnna take the midlevel after he was offered 9 er 10 mil a year…….wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!…how can this guy be this stupid…..

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    As much as I wish LO would be smart and take the money and stay with the Lakers, from a financial point of view, Miami makes sense since there is no state income tax in Florida. So, he keeps about 10% more of his salary.

    Miami also has a beach.

    He’s lived there before.

    It has a fashion scene and is a cosmopolitan/international city.

    He’s not that serious about getting another ring.

  • Eric

    I agree with Russ, it appears LO and Trevor Ariza already feel accomplished now that they got a ring and don’t have the same loyalty to the team because now they deserve to be huge contract earners. Kobe’s drive for a championship has probably even grown this season because now he wants one for his buddy Artest. Oh wait, Artest has been a friend with LO since they were little kids, why would he want to leave?!

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Ya, I hear that Miami has a great gay scene. Have fun Mr. Skittles

  • lakerman1

    I don’t get it, prior to this year the talk was we will never win with Odum. Now the talk is we can’t win another one without him. The lakers still have enough talent w/o Lamar. Let him pursue his pipe dreams elsewhere. We will still be in the finals next year and win it all with Kobe Pau & Artest, the real big three. Artest will bring his game every trip instead of tripping like Lamar. Proemb and I must be the only ones who watch every game because everything he pointed about Lamar is right on.

  • lakerman1

    Also match up problems don’t mean a thing when you are very inconsistant

  • BT_Rose

    i think the next article should either be a yes or a no from lamar. no more speculations and “maybe so’s”. u guys do great job with the news, but this soap opera is getting old fairly quick.

  • JohnJohn

    LO is over rated, he has his flashes but is mostly a space cadet. He did play extremely well in the playoffs in 09 but was a no show back in 07 and 08. He is only worth about 3 to 5 mil a year. Bynum will be healthy and much improved this coming season and will have a very impressive defensive team with Artest and Kobe along with the twin towers in the paint. If we keep LO he will be a malcontent due to playing time. Chris Wilcox would be a great back up for Pau and Bynum. Or maybe even Joe Smith. If all else fails, a sign and trade would be good.


    If Lamar goes to Miami he is a LOSER. What he can’t count.
    I think there is more to the story tahn we think.
    Like I said before…If he comes back and ask for the original contract that Buss offered, He’s in for a rude awakening.
    Don’t mess with Dr. Buss he will call your bluff and take the pot.
    Not the kind Lamar and his agent are smoking!
    Lakers NBA CHAMPS 2010 !!!!!!!!!!


    Jul 16th, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    LO=inconsistency. For $50 mil, inconsistency is not good enough. Odumb

    You’ve got it all correct my Friend…
    I think that’s why Buss took the offer off the table.

    I hope he does go somewhere else after I read your take!

  • gugy

    too much pot and candy is rotting Lamar’s brain. The poor guy cannot think straight.

  • Felipe

    Let him leave if he wants too. Na na nana hey heyyyyy good bye..
    See you next summer lomar watching the parade on TV.. haha

  • Drake Hunter

    The funny twist about this whole Lamar Odom saga is that from the very beginning when he arrived in LA to play with the Lakers, he was the subject of trade rumors every season during the trade deadline and every off season. I never thought he would last with the Lakers as long as he did considering how many times they considered trying to trade him for someone else. He was always seen interviewed throughout the years with the Lakers from the LA new casters about how he felt about being the subject of trade rumors. He always said it’s a business and it’s a part of the game, but if he had his wish he would like to retire a Laker and finish his career as a Laker!

    Low and behold he is an unrestricted free agent now and the Lakers want him back by offering deals that everyone in the industry feels is more than enough and yet here he is balking at their offers!

    The truth is, basically he really doesn’t want to be here anymore. I think he can’t handle being in the spotlight and dealing with the media and the glitz and glamor of being in LA and living in LA. Some people just aren’t cut out for it in the long run. He got his ring which is more than what hundreds of thousands of current and former NBA players could say who have played this game and never won one. Let him go and we will move on. In LA, there’s something new everyday that will make us forget about yesterday. With or without Odom, the Lakers are still the powerhouse of the NBA!

  • toon

    No, what are you smoking? The article says 5.8 mil for the first year and then 34 mil for 4 years after that. That’s what it says. It’s not 5.8 mil per year for 5 years or 5 years for 34 mil. Read the article before you call other people smokers.

  • 007

    i agree with everyone else who thinks this issue has been bled dry. can we stop posting all of these updates and just put up a final post which says we’ve either: A. signed him, B. he’s signed with another team

    i’m so sick of hearing about odom. he’s being such a baby. he isn’t the worth the 9 million buss was going to give him. he wasn’t even worth the initial 7 million. he’s coming off the bench for crying out loud. dont forget that this guy only showed up for about a 1/3 of the games of the regular season and maybe half of the games of the postseason. i almost hope we don’t resign him because of the cr@p he’s pulling on the lakers org.

  • Lex

    at this point, i dont want to see odom in a laker uniform anymore.

    im shocked and disappointed in his decisions.

  • Ryan Eusebio

    If odom seriously goes to Heats for the MLE imma be soo pissed and boo odom, seriously.. How stupid can he be?

    Fuk it, if he wants to go to the heats, let him. Fuk him. He is fuking retarded that he would choose the heats over the lakers and get paid by the MLE? please?

    If he is going to threathen to go to the heats, let him do it so we can boo him and tell him he aint going to win another ring anymore.

  • 007

    let’s face it. even if odom resigns, this cr@p he pulled this offseason has tainted his image in laker fans’ eyes. buss shouldnt renegotiate with odom unless he takes MLE type money for however many years Buss wants. no more negotiations should be accepted from Odom’s camp.

    at least with Ariza, i still like him. he realized the mistake he and his agent made and he has Houston to look forward to. did Ariza and Odom drink the same kool-aid after the finals?


    lol goodbye….let this guy go already….when they dont win, Wade will just act like he’s hurt all season & Lamar wont be abel to take the heat all the way, lol so if YOU (LAMAR) want to play for the Heat, sign already…GOODBYE SOFTY

  • MAX

    I heard on L.A. radio yesterday that Farmar talked with L.O. and L.O.told him he was going to re-sign with the Lakers.But re-sign to what contract?
    Looks like Dr. Buss just saved himself about 3-5 mil. a year!

  • lakerferlife7

    wat crap has odom pulled 007?????….most players like to way thier options like lamar..he just did it stupidly

  • 007

    yes you are correct. most players do like to weigh their options. and i also agree he did it stupidly. from that statement alone you’ve answered your question already. the way he’s going about his free agency is just disrespectful to the lakers organization. i dont know if this is a fact but buss ups his offer (albeit unwillingly) to practically his asking offer of 10mil/yr and he doesn’t even contact the lakers organization back regarding this offer. that is just stupid and that is the kind of “crap odom is pulling”.


    get outta here odom incosistency inconsistenc and more inconsistency thats all he brings oh! and reboudns

  • Odumb

    Lamar just simply wants a 5 year deal.
    Then why make a big deal saying He wanted $10M a year?
    Lakers Offered that. Odumb rejects
    Might not have been 5 years but a 4th year with $9M a year
    Lakers offered that, again, Odumb rejects

    This guy just doesnt wanna win anymore.

    NOw odom’s True value shows……

    Its great we didnt sign this fool $10M a year just to come off the bench
    and half azz it for MOST of the season….

  • MV3-2010

    looks like the author of this is wrong. he’s favoring miami now haha