The O.C. Register chimes in and believe the Odom to Miami reports are nothing more than “agent posturing.”

O.C. Register: The talk (at this moment) is Lamar Odom is “leading strongly toward accepting” a 5-year, $34 million deal from Miami. From conversations I’ve had, I’m convinced that those reports are nothing more than agent posturing.

Even the fact Pat Riley flew to Los Angeles this weekend still doesn’t change the fact Odom wants to remain with the Lakers. (The Heat president owns a house in L.A.)

Ramona Shelburne of the L.A. Daily News said that “theories and facts change from day to day.” But the belief among those who know say Odom will remain in Los Angeles and will make it official soon.

  • kwame4mvp

    Odom is dumb sometimes, but not stupid. haha.

  • Lakerskingdom

    it is like circle thing.

    Sunday news- Odom likely to remain as lakers, deal should be final soon
    Monday news- Lakers-Odom in serious talk again (5 times within a month)
    Tuesday news- Both party still talking, but far part still
    Wendesday news- Odom ate too many candy and want more from Lakers
    Thurday news- Buss piss and dun like Odom ask too much
    Friday news- Odom will become Miami and kiss Wade’s axx.
    Sat news- Deal with Heat should be final soon, Riley flight to LA to kiss LO’s axx

  • Pistol Pete

    When has such a strong but far from dominant player ever received such blog press and hype? Dog days of summer.

  • laker fan who hates flukes

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  • Banzai

    Goodbye Lamar Odom.

  • Omamba

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    Yep…that’s how boring the summer is NBA-wise, writers and such are trying to milk this for as long as they can.

  • Brandtyyyboy

    As a Laker fan I want to get a Lamar Odumb jersey if he resigns.

  • lakerskeith

    is he really going to miami heat?

  • Mike

    Guys, I gotta say, this has been one of the most entertaining off-seasons in recent memory. Regardless of whether he stays or goes, I’m not usually this engulfed in NBA talk this late into the summer. Gotta love it.

  • Steve in Vegas

    Even if ODUMB comes back to the Lakers. I wonder if he deserves to be a Laker icon. This franchise is one of the most successful in sports and has had many endearing sports heros over the decades. None of these icons ever played this silly game of should I or shouldn’t for weeks on end over such small difference. Stars like Magic Johnson, Jabbar, Chamberlain, Goodrich, Worthy, West, Baylor, Rambis(the clothesline)…..on and on……all these players are immortalized in Laker Lore. All these player got paid well, but all wanted to be part of an destiny. Some of these players have stautues erected to signify their place in Laker history. Others who only wanted a extra buck went elsewhere, usually with less success. So, IMO if Odom wants to retain his Laker aura, he had better sign for whatever sooner the better. Or else he really is a ODUMB. He would not be worthy of our investment as Laker icon.
    He will join Ariza stuck for less money on a dead end team. Or poor Ronnie, who got a couple million more but is also stuck on a dead end. Shaq, the big whatever!

  • Mike

    You know what, I don’t blame Odom for entertaining the Miami deal. If you think about it, he’s probably going to take on even less of a role this year, with Artest in the mix. I think that part of the psychology of players deals with not only being part of a winning mix, but being an INTEGRAL part of it. Perhaps he see’s his role with the Lakers diminishing, and thinks that a role in the spotlight next to Wade would be more fulfilling for him? Losing sucks, but sometimes winning while you’re on the pine doesn’t feel so great, either (ask Sasha).



  • Anthony

    Question for everyone here at TLN.

    When and if Lamar comes back should he get a bit of booing? This is a bit much no?

  • imfasterthanur

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    well said

  • Mike

    I don’t think so. The guy is obviously taking both options very seriously. At the end of the day, us fans are not the ones who have to play out the contract. Lamar doesn’t owe us anything. He played out his contract and helped the Lakers win the title. This is HIS time to decide, now. What makes it hard on the fans, is all this premature reporting!

  • Mitch4Pres


  • mr.laker19

    Every day its something different and opposite from the last story…. its like ping pong

  • Odom_fuc-kin_bia-tch!

    fu-ck that, everyday we have one positive and one negative story about lamar and LA.

    Lamar fu-ck you bit-ch for giving us this drama. Dude you are not Kobe, so just accept this offer and let’s move on BIA-TCH!

  • EVan T


  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    Lo their are no state taxes in Florida. You have beautiful cuban women down there to f*ck. No kobe bryant and you will start. With all of these incentives please take the miami offer and take luke and sasha with you please…

  • EVan T

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    Is Please Leave La Lamar Erik Spoelstra pleading for his job .LO would be leaving the 1 seed for a 4th seed at best .

  • Zen and Tonic

    Oh the drama!!! Yawn…

  • ilikebasketball

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    maybe odom and his agent think they have more leverage than normal, since ariza is gone, odom would then be the 2nd piece of a championship puzzle being replaced.

  • Mike

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    Good point. The Lakers are obviously trying to squeeze all of the championship opportunities they can out of Kobe in his prime. Letting Lamar go would not be conducive to going all out to win titles before Kobe begins to decline. Let’s face it. The Laker’s bench sucks. Losing Lamar would be pretty bad.

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

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    Possible, but why the f*ck would he want Luke and Sasha?

  • LakerDownUnder

    I just am just intrigued with what is taking so long to make a decison either way. Surely there aren’t any more variables??? Miami made its offer, we must have made one, there’s no one else in the marketplace. So make a decision.

    The only thing that could take this long is if we are looking for a sign and trade…

  • Chrmngblly

    Whatever. Just don’t give the guy 5 years. Hell, I am opposed to 4 years. By that time all the players will be in their 40’s, Phill will be gone and the team will need a major overhaul. Pay him 11 or 12 mill a year for 3 years, max. We don’t want to be locked in that long; this isn’t about loyalty.

  • Fred A.

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    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Popcorn

    What I hate is that while the LO drama is going on some of the descent free agents out there are signing with other teams.

    I wish all this gets solved soon because I only see Hakim Warrick as a relatively good fit or heck even Joe Smith. Smith is old but if he could get the same numbers he got last season with Cleveland and assuming Josh Powell will get more time and improve his game plus Mbenga getting more playing time and playing defense… I don’t know I guess it could work ok. But if LO end up in Miami and the Lakers don’t get someone that will really suck.



  • NBA executive

    is this from BSO?

  • Victor

    Fücking news hypes.

  • Steve in Vegas

    Mike….. Odom and any other professional athelete does owe the fans. Without the fans Odumb is just an uneducated 6’10” guy who eats alot of candy. And can focus only for about 2hrs every third day. How far would that get you in today’s world. Odom is a multimillionaire that has had a long career. He is not the flash in the pan NBA player that never made it. I do not feel sorry for him. In fact, the opposite, he should be financial comfortable, and his sole concern should be to making a legacy for himself with a team that could go 3-5 more consecutive championships and will be compared to other dinasty teams that people will agrue about in 10yrs. His entire self worth, financially and mentally is fan induced. He owes his profession and the fans who gave him a chance to achieve way beyond what could have been.

  • lovekb

    i really want to know the result and want it to be ended.


    fu-ck lamar “biatch”. lets move on!

  • david gamboa

    when the season tips-off, i’ll boo your freakin ass off, you wish you would have signed with the lakers sooner.

  • Victor

    Dammit LO. Make up your mind.

  • Docholidae

    LOL@people saying that they would boo LO if he resigns! That is the ODUMBEST thing I have heard in a while. If he resigns, He is a LAKER so if you boo him you better be a fan of the other team.HE has a choice to make, let him make it and then move on.I’m for the LAKERS!!!!

  • lakergirl

    we all need to leave Odom alone and hopes he makes the right decision. I like him as a player and person and know that he would do the right thing for both himself and his family.

  • Mike

    Steve in Vegas…I disagree. Let’s get one thing straight. Lamar’s ability to earn a living playing basketball is MARKET-induced. It’s not as though fans give up their dollars for nothing. They receive a service (entertainment) for their hard-earned cash. These players ALLOW US to sit here and break away from the real-world sometimes and talk about our favorite sports teams. Think about how many people you know that absolutely love their teams, almost to the point that it drives their schedules when it comes to game night. NBA players don’t owe us anything. WE create the market for them. WE’RE the ones that continue paying crazy ticket prices, or snatch up endless amounts of NBA merchandise. These guys in the NBA (or NFL OR MLB, etc.) have a skill set that is unique, and that not just anyone can duplicate. There’s a reason they’re paid and treated the way they are. We can ask the question, what would Lamar do without basketball. But an equally important question is: What would us fans do without professional sports and guys like Lamar?

  • Mike

    By the way, Steve in Vegas. I wouldn’t assume Lamar is dumb and uneducated. You’re reaching there, and I doubt you have had meaningful personal interaction with the guy. Let’s not make assumptions about other people.

  • jeremy

    I love how all these reports are coming from “sources close to Odom”, or “sources close to the talks”, give me a break. How about none of these idiot reporters say anything until its concrete evidence that a deal is done w/ the Lakers or Heat. Sure I would like to see Odom back, but losing him isnt going to cost us the championship. If he does re-sign w/ the Lakers, I’m anxious to see if we all feel the same when he starts going into those phases where he is off in another world during the game. Its seems like not too long ago that people were persitstent in putting together a deal to get rid of Odom. And it amazing how much his play improved when it just happened to be the final year of his contract.



  • Davey

    Stop torturing us!

  • jeremy

    THIS TOTALLY SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    First time in my life that I am still talking about NBA in the month of July. By now, I am normally gearing up for the NFL and college football. Normally, I am signing up for Fantasy football and reading about training camp. Instead, it’s Kinda cool, actually. I guess I really am a fan! lol

  • Mike

    WifelovesLuke: I know, right?! I said something to that effect earlier on in this post. Being engaged in Laker talk this late into the summer is not the norm…and I love it! Whether it works out for LO or not, I’m just glad I can have relevant and interesting Laker conversation in late July.

  • LA

    I think you are all missing one key point in these negotiations – Lamer Odom does NOT have an offer from the Lakers. Buss pulled it and is still upset. So any offer the Lakers are discussing is most likely going to be less than the previous one. Lamar wants 4 years guaranteed and the Lakers wont give it to him. Personally I think he deserves 4 years. I love what LO brings to the table. So before you throw LO under the bus, just remember it take two to tango

  • jeremy

    Dwayne Wade is a tool and is so desperate to get anyone down there. He sounds like a little b**** crying to get Odom to come back. Even if Odom signs w/ the Heat, they wont win a championship. Who does Wade think hes kidding? I didnt hear him trying to stop management from trading Lamar when they were trying to get Shaq? If I were Odom, at tghis point i would be creeped out by Wade and probably start looking into getting a restraining order! Besides, what will probably end up happening if Odom signs w/ the Heat, is Wade will leave and Lamar will be stuck on a crappy team and fall back into obscurity.

  • Robert

    DWade knows he’s not going anywhere in the East. I can only see 3 reasons why he wants LO in Miami: 1) he wants to have a buddy to party with in South Beach, 2) he wants LO to leave the Lakers and make it more difficult for the Lakers to repeat, 3) he’s trying desperately to recover some Heat ‘magic’ to help him decide whether or not he wants to stay in Miami. However, we know he will leave after next season, LO or no LO. Riley is really not getting a big player for Miami, to help out DWade. Miami had their one championship, and now it’s over.

    It’s almost good that LO is taking time to make a decision. If he made a rash decision, and went to Miami, he would regret it.

  • proemb

    LO is a loser. He doesn’t like playing with Kobe and has no ambition and desire to be the best. Winning does not motivate this guy.

    Got his one ring and is satisfied and content with just one. Now he’s looking for a 5-year guaranteed deal so he can coast and half-ass his way into retirement.

    Laker fans got 1/3 production out of this guy…during his contract year! What’s he going to do when he signs for less money less years? We all saw what Sasha did the year after his contract year.

    Lakers, let this loser walk. Laker fans, you’ll get over it when Bynum steps up.

    Dr. Buss is not paying his center 13mil to see Jackson not use him in the fourth quarter. With Odumb gone, Jackson will be forced to use Bynum to his potential, the way Dr. Buss expects him to.

  • jeremy

    Proemb…i dont think it could have been put any better….let the guy get on the plane w/ d-wade back to Miami and hold hands walking flying into the sunset. Hey if he leaves, sure were not as deep, but i still like our chances w/ the best player and coach on our side. Another thing I think will happen, is that all the players on the Lakers bench will step it up because people are acting like w/o Odumb-ass, Lakers cant win another ring. So i feel like the team will definetley have something to prove.

  • Steve in Vegas

    Mike……….i think you are agreeing with me. Odom’s worth is determined by the fans. No fans, no job. So he does owe us.
    Perhaps, I was too hasty with judgement of Odom’s intellectual skills. Probably shaded by his agent running us all up and down. I have never met him or seen results of any tests.
    However, I do not think he is the sharpest knife in the draw. He seems unable to focus for any length of time. Although he has one more year of College than Kobe, his interviews seem like he is reading something off the wall. And his lack of clarity and leverage in these negotiations leads me to think poorly of him. Sorry , just the way I feel. Perhaps if he resigns and plays well, we will all forget what a butt he has been.

  • LA

    Latest news says Buss has now offered Odom a new deal less than the 3 year $27M deal he previously offered