Lamar OdomL.A. Times: The first wave of off-season activity has begun for the Lakers.

Forward Lamar Odom is scheduled to undergo surgery today in Los Angeles, and three assistant coaches are interviewing for head coaching jobs of other teams.

Odom, 27, will have a torn labrum repaired in his left shoulder, the same procedure he had two years ago that required a four-month recovery period. If the tear isn’t as bad as it was two years ago, Odom’s recovery time would be shorter.

“They’re going to go in and see what the shoulder looks like, but they won’t know until they open him up,” said Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz.

Odom missed five games in March because of his shoulder injury and 21 games earlier in the season because of a sprained right knee that could also require surgery at a later date, with a significantly shorter recovery time than his shoulder.

Odom averaged 15.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists a game during the 2006-07 regular season and 19.4 points, 13 rebounds and 2.2 assists in the playoffs.

The Seattle SuperSonics and Sacramento Kings have received permission from the Lakers to interview assistant coach Kurt Rambis for their head coaching jobs, a league source said.

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  • SILO



    You’ve still got the goods Lamar!!! GET WELL SOON!!!

  • BBall Bayley

    Hopefully LO has a successful surgery and can get back to being a quality player in a few months.

    Without that, the Garnett trade won’t happen!

    LO, Smush and Kwame straight up for KG.

  • BBall Bayley

    I think ALL of the Lakers should go in for surgery. Every single one of them needs either a heart….or a brain….or both!

    Where are the Eddie Jones and Michael Cooper style players…..hard workers every time they hit the court.

    The Golden State Warriers didn’t make it to the second round because they’re better athletes than the Lakers. They made it because they worked their asses off.

    If this were private industry, EVERY Laker would have been fired this year for not putting in a full day’s work. And, yes, that includes Kobe Bryant. Despite his All Defensive Team award, there were stretches this year where even I could have driven around him!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    man, respect kobe
    he give 100% all the time
    u cant expect kobe to carry the whole offensive part of a team and play killing defense for 40 minutes when anyone else does not play d…
    it is not worth it
    and it is phisically impossible

    so, stop talking shit about kobe
    just try to analyze why he does what he does and you will see that he plays (except LO) with the worst roster in nba
    and goes to playoff…

    kobe 4ever!

  • darkice18

    the surgery was successful great news GET WELL LO….

  • saipanlakerfan

    i love l.o. played his ass off through everything and earned his purple and gold. if biz comes to biz and he has to go, we got to give him love for being a real laker. best of luck to rambis and shaw- again, they won championships with us and will always have fans in la. on that note, even though u gotta hate the jazz and spurs, better to root for horry and d fish then those ass clowns in phoenix. hearing about dfish’s hardship…man all you real lakers had to feel for our boy. and horry, 2 games was a total rip! it was just a good playoff foul. ejection? sure. suspension? um, allright. 2 games? WTF?!

  • WHS15

    Glad that LO had a successful surgery i don’t want to trade Lamar Odom i mean he’s a good rebounder a great ball handler and also a all star callibure player there is no one at his size that can do what he can do very versitile great on the break and he reminds me of magic he’s a special player i say we be patient and keep him he’s a hell of a player i like LO keep what do u guys think?