Here is a small tidbit about the talks between Mitch and Odom’s agent.

Pasadena Star News: The dialogue between them has been steady ever since, according to Lakers spokesman John Black, although Black did not classify their communication as “negotiations.”

“I wouldn’t say that, no,” Black said. “Basically Jeff and Mitch continue to stay in touch, pretty much on a daily basis.”

A recent report indicated that talks between the Lakers and Odom have heated up in recent days, although Black stopped short of saying that.

“They’re continuing to talk,” Black said. “But I wouldn’t say anything significant has come from it.”

  • lovekb

    What’s the difference between talk and negotiation?

    But I wouldn’t say anything significant has come from it.

    Always so.

  • Dae

    Okay who cares then?

  • LO 7

    I hope the lakers stop waisting time with lo so other teams take advantage of the cituation and sign him…
    every one in the whole world of lakers fans wants him and if its in our hand we as a laker fans pay $5.00 to mr. odom to make him happy and sign with the lakers .. doc doc doc plz plz plz sign him and give him what he want it will pay back you know what happeind to the lakers after lost shaq we all was kissing the ground to make the play off .. and now we have all the tools to do it and we are getting cheap not to pay odom ..

  • Victor




  • love lakers fan . ahmad

    all i want to say to dr bus . plz ask your self how much monye you lost in gambeling since lo came to the lakers. so you are telling me that the money you burn in las vegas a trash money and the monye you are investing in your own team is a waist . for god sake for our sake as a fan if you realy care about us sign him plz ..
    we have a lot of laker hater in the earth they will be so happy to see us falling a part and not get it done this year ..
    think think think ..

  • rissa missa

    WHAAAAAT?!?!?!? this is seriously annoying!!! are you guys kidding?!?
    just make a decision already. >_<

  • matthew

    this just reminds me of the manny ramirez and dodgers. it took so long, uhhh, hating it.

  • Anon


  • LA

    sign him

  • STOP

    Stop publishing bogus articles. Not everything you come across is legitimate. Every time I get on here, there is a story contradicting the previous story.

  • lakergreg

    At least they are still (and have always been) talking. If they really had stopped communicating, that would likely mean they are determined to go separate ways and Lamar would not be signing with the Lakers.

  • LakersFourEver

    [Comment ID #80941 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Then STOP coming to this site. Create your own site where you post legitimate articles.

  • domz

    [Comment ID #80954 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol what’s contradicting is the sources such as LAT, BSO, bucher, ireland and others. this site just relay infos.

  • Kobe8

    This guy doesn’t wanna sign. I will never view Odom the same again.

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Uh…Mr. Black, you mean they’re just talking everyday and it has nothing to do with money or contracts? Every phone call is significant at this stage.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    is anyone starting to think- ok maybe we won’t sign this guy?
    i mean, what does he need- a sign from heaven or something?

  • Stop-again

    “STOP on July 24, 2009 at 1:33 am said:

    Stop publishing bogus articles. Not everything you come across is legitimate. Every time I get on here, there is a story contradicting the previous story.

    Then STOP coming to this site. Create your own site where you post legitimate articles.”


    Please don’t get your panties in a bunch. I was not taking a shot at the website or disrespecting anyone. I was just saying that maybe the people who post on this site should wait until something more legitimate happens and post that. But, I guess simple minded people like yourself enjoy false reports.

  • LA

    I like that idea. Let’s start a Lamar Odom fund. Let’s get 500,000 Laker fans to donate $5 each. That’s 2.5M. Buss matches that and we can guarantee the 4th year

  • Anon

    lol fuuck that idea. im not giving someone whos paid millions even more money.

  • Jive Azz Turkey

    Lets all roll him a fatty… He’ll sign for sure…

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #80964 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree, though. I love this website, but this is taking a toll on my emotions when every other story has a contradicting storyline: “Odom will sign” “Odom will leave” “Odom wants to sign” “Odom wants leave” etc.

    I love this website for supplying us with up-to-date information, credible or not, but I’m going to stop investing any kind of emotion into any one article until he officially signs his contract.

    Nothing person to TLN, I love this website, it’s Lamar Odom and his agent’s indecisiveness – those two are killing the fun out of my summer.

  • Lex


  • showtimelakes

    The SAGA continues………

  • BT_Rose

    *sigh* tiresome…


    We will never sign him… this is a really messed up situation. I just don’t understand…. we give him the best deal out of any other team and he doesn’t sign? Odom is a jackass

  • Jimmy

    dude… so they talk but not negotiate? That’s BS… what he is just calling to say hi?

  • jeremy

    Hey Mr. Black, if they arent talking negotiations, then what the hell are they talking about? What color they underwear are? This whole thing is stupid and its totally taking away from the fact that the Lakers just won it all. If Odom doesnt want to sign, go on then, head back to Miami and get kicked out in the 2nd round. Odom has caused me to become a raging alcoholic again…..Thanks a lot L.O.!!!!!!!!

  • jeremy

    I am to the point where no matter what happens, ill just be glad when its done. Sure re-signing Odom will be great, but screw this non-sense. Lets get it done either way and start looking to 2009-2010. We still have the best player in the world on our team, and until he gets dunked on by a college player, its gonna stay that way.

  • xtro

    gettin’ tired of this. movin’ on.

  • Omamba

    Eh…I’m bored of this nonsense, NEXT!

  • jeremy

    Hey how about we focus on the defensive intensity Ron Artest brings and how it will carry over to the rest of the team when they are walking around like zombies and blowing their defensive assignments.

  • What wil be

    I would be happy If Odom signed, even a 1 year contract with the hopes of a better economy after next season? Other wise, the Lakers will look to add someone?

  • MagicJ32

    Hey Dallas! We’ll trade you Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak for Mark Cubain! At least he knows how to spend money and build a winning team for the fans and the organization.

  • MagicJ32

    Buss, do the right thing and sign Odom! If you want to gain the Laker Nations trust, you’ll bring him back! We owe the Celtics for last year and we are going to give them HELL!!!!!!!!!

  • jeremy

    Does anyone get the feeling that Buss is too worried about his own reputation instead of his team winning? I think hes gonna let Odom walk out the door and not even care. I mean he doesnt even go to the parades anymore, this last one they won it showed him at a freaking poker table while the parade was on the t.v behind the dealer. I mean what the hell????? What kind of owner does that? Because hes a “poker player” and feels he wont be taken advantage of, he would rather let the team suffer than make the right decision in signing Odom. What a pile of CRAPP….(Get it? Crapps table?)…lol


    This story is disgusting me.

  • dvdman

    Buss has never went to a parade, so that’s not new.

  • jeremy

    Thanks for the correction dvdman, i got a little carried away….lol.

  • Robert

    This just proves that we will continue to get rumors one way or the other, until something definite happens. If I were Odom, I would be totally wrecked by all this. Unless of course, he’s actually ‘that’ mellow that it doesn’t matter. I suppose, since he has had a tragic personal life (the losses he has suffered), this is ‘nothing’ compared to that.

    We know that in years past, he was on the verge of leaving basketball altogether because of these tragedies. I recall that he actually said he ‘turned to the Lakers (or, basketball)’ to quench his sorrows. He has made it to the Finals, with a triumphant contribution. He needs to realize that this is his home (Lakers). Ups and downs considering, he won’t find more rabid fans in the NBA. He should just consider, if he comes back to the Lakers, the next few years will be overwhelming. They should heal up what’s left of that agony. He won’t get that in Miami. Championship fever is unmatched.

    This means that if he has reached out to Buss, he may have to take whatever Buss gives him now. It will probably seem unfair to him, but the ‘rewards’ of being with a Championship team will count for more than money.

    It’s the right move (LO staying with the Lakers). It should happen.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81009 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Speak for yourself. There’s no way Mark Cuban’s a good owner or better owner than Jerry Buss.

    How many titles do the Mavericks have under Cuban’s ownership? ZERO.

    How many do the Lakers have under the ownership of Jerry Buss: NINE!

    Another fact: Cuban has owned the Mavericks since 2000 – ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS in 9 years.

    Buss bought the Lakers in 1979, the Lakers won 5 titles within the first 9 years of Buss’ ownership.

    Know the facts before you speak such nonsense.

  • Kevon Brewers
  • MagicJ32

    Hey LakersFirst! CAN YOU TAKE A JOKE!!!!!!!!!! Your’e soooooo serious, my appologies to you! My point is Why is Jerry Buss holding up this deal! Lamar already is taking a huge pay cut from last year! Buss is a tight wadd, a penny pincher! At least Mark Cubain listens to his players demands and wants whats best for the fans of Dallas. He’s willing to go the extra yard to keep his players even if paying more money. Unlike Buss, who has no idea of whats at stake if he lets Lamar walk and ends a chance at winning two or more titles before Kobe’s career is finished! Think about this LakerFirst, if it wasn’t for Kobe harassing Buss for some help on the team, Paul would still be in Memphis and we would have lost the greatest player in the league due to unsatisfactory of team cemistry. I say give Lamar his four year guaranteed contract with no team opions on the fourth year and see how far the Lakers can go with this team before you dismantle it! Because when it’s all said and done, if you’re Buss, would you like to look back and say, hey we three peated twice under Kobe and Lamar’s help.

  • Victor

    I am open to the fact that LO might not be a Laker after this whole shít is done. Options options. Though I dont want him to leave.. Buss should just give him 3yrs at 8m, if not, lets get david lee.. im pretty sure NY wont match the offer coz they’re reserving cap space. It is just: We get LO, or NOT AT ALL.

  • mlkg721

    We should really consider looking at Hakeem Warrick. I definitley want Odom back, but Warrick should be an option over Sheldon Williams. Geez

  • EVan T


    I Agree Warrick would flourish in the system burried on the bench sign and trade for him . . . Grizzlies gave us pau and now give us Warrick .

  • basketbolista

    warrick is much better than shelden.
    based on stats 11 ppg 5 rpg on warrick unlike shelden 4 ppg and 2 or 3 rpg. get warrick if we can’t get odom!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81029 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Buss is a tight wad? Really, is that why he is already spending over $80M on the team that only has 12 players and was prepared to be LO an additional $10M/year taking the total roster salary to $90M, and on top of THAT, paying an additional $20M in luxury taxes. That doesn’t sound like a tight wad to me. That’s over $100M. Mark Cuban won’t even spend that money on his team.

    You bring up Mark Cuban for what? ok, he listens to his players…what has that gotten him? NOTHING except wasted money (ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS). Buss knows how to spend his money and the fact that he’s won 9 championships demonstrates that he knows how to spend it on championship teams. The fact that you bring up Mark Cuban as a good owner is a complete joke and demonstrates that you know nothing about the NBA or about doing business in general. In business, you just don’t throw money at the problem (that’s gets you in worse situations), instead you negotiate and if you don’t like what the other side is saying, you walk away and find another open door.

    Jerry Buss made a completely fair offer to LO. He offered $30M over 3 years or $36M over 4 years. How is that being a tight wad?

    You are so overly concerned that Buss is going to let LO walk away and precious Kobe isn’t going to win more titles. HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU….THE LAKER ORGANIZATION IS NOT ABOUT KOBE BRYANT. The Lakers were winning championships before Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant and the Laker organization will championships here long after they are gone.

    Everyone is so concerned about Kobe but think about, Kobe not getting along with Shaq cost Buss future championships, because he didnt’ want to be a “sidekick” to Shaq. What a waste!! Despite what you think, KOBE IS NOT THE REASON WHY GASOL IS HERE!! Gasol is on the Lakers because Buss, the owner of the Lakers, choose to take on his contract of over $35M over 3 years. Cuban didnt’ try to do that. Jerry Buss is the reason the Lakers have Gasol and even Ron Artest (KOBE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT). The Laker front office quit listening to Kobe when he made ridiculous statements like trading Bynum for Jason Kidd (Do you still think that would’ve been a good idea?). Look at Dallas, they traded for Kidd and GOT NOTHING!!!

    Remember something… LO is an inconsistent player who comes off the bench. He should be thankful the Lakers offered what they did because NO OTHER TEAM IN THE NBA CAN NOW OFFER THAT!!! Remember that.

  • BlazedChosenone

    Preach Brother man I felt the spirit in that post Gud Lawd


    [Comment ID #81009 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you have no idea what is going on. Lamar needs to choose right now who he is going to play with. Miami or the Lakers. Odom is what is holding up the deal. Don’t you know the Lakers will be the highest spending team in the league? YOu iGNorant. Look at Cuban. He doesn’t know how to build a championship team. Go root for Dallas!!

  • SliqRiq

    My question to everyone is since we are all growing impatient with this LO deal.

    Is there even a deal on the table for LO to sign I mean we keep talking about he needs to sign already but the Lakers withdrew there previous offer so Im wondering is there even an offer for him to sign. Im thinking there isnt cuz lets face it if LO wanted to be out of LA he would have taken the Miami deal that has now been on the table for over a week.

    I know he doesnt want to be out of LA just like most of us here so I think he too is waiting like all of us for another offer to be made to him, only difference is he can wait more patiently than us fans considering he’s already well off.

    I for one deffinitely want the Candyman back!!!!

  • BlazedChosenone

    What we need to do is sign and trade for Mark Madsen REal Talk have u seen him ball. I know all you true laker fans when he was with us a few years back. Seriously did yall see it athleticism at the parade. And he is bi lingual another translator for pau ppl just hear me out. We can do this with the Dawg mark whose in this with me? I already have mitch on speed dial to make this happen

  • Jive Azz Turkey

    I personally don’t want LO on this team anymore. I hope he signs with miami and he watches Kobe get his 5th ring next year. All we need is a vet to play 20 minutes a game.

  • Fred A.

    How about this? :)

    David Lee goes to the Heat.
    Then Sheldon Williams go to the Knicks
    Then we get LO!!!!!!!! :)

  • Robert

    The more time passes, the trickier it will get for the whole situation. Miami is doing things, Portland has already made a move. Waiting longer isn’t good for LO. Eventually, when players sign with other teams, and LO is left without a team (waiting for the Lakers), he will sign for much less than what Buss offered. Not that I feel ‘that’ bad about someone making millions, but it’s a shame LO didn’t jump on the 4/36 … that would have worked well for him (and us, too). I don’t think time is on LO’s side.

    Does anyone out there think that Buss just had buyer’s remorse? That he pulled a fit so he could bid for less, gambling on LO not signing with other teams?