Lamar Odom speaks about his return.

ESPN: “I always wanted to come back because we won the championship,” Odom told “I’m playing for the biggest brand in the world. And I’m playing with the most fluid, talented center in the world in Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum’s coming back and of course Kobe Bryant.

“But to now get an opportunity to play with Ron Artest, a guy I’ve known 16 years, it means a lot. I told Ron Ron a few weeks ago I couldn’t walk away. I still had to fight. Everytime negotiations didn’t go the way I thought, I just took a step back, like them pulling the offer off the table, I just knew I had to fight.”

  • LaLakers2408

    hell yea haha i guess buss got the best of him lol

  • dawg

    Lamar is just as great as “The Dawgster.”

  • Robert

    OK, this is LO’s story. Good enough for me. Too bad (for him) that he didn’t get 4/$36. But he still did just fine.

    He said it: playing with Ron-Ron – you’re going to see some fireworks – two NY childhood friends playin’ pickup ball together, but in the NBA. This is gonna be cool!!!

    Welcome back to your REAL home, LO! There’s lots of candy here, and 17 Million LOYAL fans.

    The next 3-4 years is going to be a great ride for all of us. They’ll be talking about this for years later. This next dynasty will seal it for the Lakers as the best franchise EVER.

  • mastarockafella

    One lesson we have here is “don’t mess with the boss.”

    Anyway, thanks to both parties. Dr. Buss for giving LO a chance and LO for not giving up. You did for all of us fans.

    Time to move on..I can’t wait for the season to open or shall I say, I can’t wait for the finals. DAMN I WANT BOSTON!

    On the side note, since we are done with the LO issue, what’s the next big story in LA?

  • gus26

    to everyone who was hoping LO would leave..


    how do you spell dynasty?.. i think we should start spelling it 2,24,37,16,17 and 7….

  • Mitch4Pres

    odom fought to stay i love this guy

  • Docholidae

    I knew he didn’t want to leave because he woulda left. He had every opportunity to get gone! I’m glad that he’s back and his inconsistant days won’t hurt as much with Ron Ron around! I feel really good about this team and everybody else probably feels like I felt when Phil was coaching his other team. LMAO

  • mastarockafella

    with this line up, maybe Phil would stay for more years. he will head the dynasty. Lakers is a dream team.

  • Quidnunc

    Real story is that LO has been holding out wanting to sign with Hershey. Lamar, I know Wilt scored 100 there a long time ago but they unfortunately don’t have a team.

  • lovekb


    Hope we will get the championship next season.

  • Angie in Anaheim

    WOW, I am so relieved that LO decided to stay! We are gonna kick dat ASSS!!! GO LAKERS!

  • ShowtimeEra

    Well Yahhh! I mean compare the two teams, One side you have the best player on the planet Kobe, and the up and coming star in the middle Bynum, who’s being trained by one of the greatest centers of all time Kareem, and Gasol who’s already made a name for himself in the league and is building confidence everyday after winning the title! And now add one of the best defensive player’s in the league in Ron Artest, who in my mind can stop and contain Lebron, Pierce and Brandon Roy’s explosiveness. And playing under the greatest coach in NBA history Phil, you would have to be crazy and out of your mind to leave this team for D-Wade and Miami who in my mind is at the bottom of the food chain. Lamar you my friend have made the right choice for yourself and your career. You have redeemed yourself my friend!

  • Lakers_the_Truth

    Well if that’s what LO wants us to believe, then it is fine with me.
    Just go there with your brother Artest and beat KG @ss. That will be priceless!

  • lanfree44s

    Thank GOD! Good news, well done both parties!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    This truly shows that LO is a TEAM guy…i’ve been saying this all along, it’s business and LO has to secure his future but he wanted to be here (check older post)…for all those WEAK FANS, who turned on LO, DO NOT come and act as if u did not…we still love u tho…lol after all is said and done , we are TLN for life..

    LO KB PAU Ab and Mr. “i hate clothes” Ron Ron lol…we want the season to start…

    Start saving the $$$ for league past- interesting year ahead..

  • Nick

    now I just cant wait to beat the SH*T out of the celtics.

  • Dj Cno

    LO and Kuppy knew that LO was gonna stay on the team. They just wanted to build up some drama for us laker fans to stay entertained throughout the off season. YO! THIS IS HOLLYWOOD!

  • pablasso

    Kudos to Odom, i have a lot of respect for the man.

  • Laker Islander

    Cleveland may have the Big 3, Boston may have the Big 5, but the Lakers now have the Big 6. No injuries please!!

  • vimikki

    LO! People’s champ! Plays for the team, the glory, and, of course, the fans. AND CANDY! LOL

  • David

    This say’s a lot about lamar.He has been under great criticism and I have taken part in some of it and deserved some of the comments being said, But this show’s character and growth from him. He blew me away coming off the bench this year and stepping his game up, Now that he has won a ring and could have left for more money show’s loyalty and character.. Thanks Lamar for a great season and for giving us some joy in the off season!

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Welcome back LO…now let’s get to work. Keep Ron Ron in check and carry over your championship year playoff intensity. Let’s get Phil XI.

  • shakobe

    welcome back Lamar…. guy check this lineup out….. i think this will be a crazy lineup if it works out…….


    i think phil will use this lineup again the spurs sometimes during the game……….

  • TripleOcho70

    Just happy Lamar is back, let’s get to work on the repeat!!!

  • Jackenton

    [Comment ID #82243 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Spurs? I don’t think LO would match up well against Parker. Well I suppose Parker won’t be able to guard LO. Similarly, LO won’t be able to guard Parker O_o…

  • Sheds

    Kobe would be on Parker on defense in that lineup and Odom+Artest at PF+SF because of the size differences.

  • roscoe

    Everyone who was ripping on LO had no clue how business works. Lamar is trying to make money just like everyone. You expect the guy to just take the first offer he gets? Maybe the posturing actually hurt him, but he has to explore a bit, and he can’t just destroy all his leverage by saying I definitely want to stay in LA. That’s how negotiations work, you hold back as much info. about your position as possible and don’t let someone know how bad you want their product. Buss did the same exact thing.

  • Ken A. Bloom Sr.

    Welcome back My Brother!!! glad to see that you wanted to stay with us, because we surley wanted you back in a MEAN way!!! NOW LET’S GO WIN SOME MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS TOGETHER!!! ps. To Mr. J. Buss and the Buss family, I LOVE YOU MAN, Oh and the forever beautiful Jennie Buss!!! Thanks for NOT giving up on Lamar, and wanting to keep the team intact? well except for TA, who should be with us as well? but, having said that. I’m SUPER DUPER glad that we got Mr. Ron Artest!!! Aaawww lurdy, we gonna win it all again!!! :) So buckle up baby here we come GO LAKERS!!!

  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    Anyone know if there’s a press conference scheduled, to ‘officially’ announce Lamar’s back?

    Date, Time, Network to air conference? Thanks!

  • Laker4Life

    We love ya Man! Dynasty Lakers4Life!

  • http://KLAC570 LakersFan22

    (( Laker Islander
    Jul 30th, 2009 at 10:25 pm
    Cleveland may have the Big 3, Boston may have Big 5, but the Lakers now have the Big 6. No injuries please!!))

    I can see the big 2 in Cleveland…Shaq & Lebron
    I can see the big 4 in Boston…Pierce, Allen, Garnett & Sheed

    But who else do you see as a major player on either team? Allen & Sheed are halfway done as is Shaq..

    All our guys are at 30 years of age…in their prime

  • ignard

    so we can all get on with our summer now………..
    see yall when the season starts.

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    shakobe on July 30, 2009 at 11:16 pm said:

    welcome back Lamar…. guy check this lineup out….. i think this will be a crazy lineup if it works out…….


    This will be a situational line up probably not something they will start with but they could use it if they choose too.



  • j-yo

    Good to see we now have this team locked in for years to come.

  • Logicguy


    Winning the Championship in this market without a significant increase in payroll is totally selfish on the part of the owner and demeaning to the players. Am I missing something here? What about Lamar’s value to the team and his self esteem? They didn’t have to humiliate the guy.

    Class franchises take care of their key contributors in a championship year. Cleavland is over the cap with no championship and thay gave Varejoa 10 mil for five years. Toronto gave Bourngani 11 mil for five yeara then gave Turkalu 10mil for five years. Dallas found a way to get Shawn Marion on their roster for 10 mil. Lamar gets cut from 14mil to 8. That is backup money like Valuenueva, Milsap and others got. Lamar’s elevator does not go all the way to the top and he does not have a decent agent. The local sports media parasites played a role in helping get Lamar’s pants down so the Lakers could screw him. It’s crimina to treat the number three contributor on a championship team like that when you have stiffs on the roster like Sasha, Morrison and Walton making approximately the same money. Championships are suppose to be expensive but the Buss’s have found a way around that. Smart draft day moves and screwing returning players. Next years payroll will not have a championship bump.

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