ESPN: The NBA trading frenzy that normally seizes teams come February could be arriving a little early this season. Assigned to write a column on who could be traded during this season, I was surprised by the number of teams that seemed “open for business” on the trade front.

Here’s a look at 10 or so players (in no particular order) who could be on the move before the February trade deadline…

3. Lamar Odom, Lakers
Odom played the role of scapegoat for angry Lakers fans after L.A. lost to the Celtics in the Finals. He didn’t help his cause by showing up at camp out of shape. And he seemed to dig himself an even bigger hole when he criticized Phil Jackson for suggesting Odom might best help the Lakers by coming off the bench this season. In the past few days, Odom has backtracked and said he’d do what was best for the team, but most in the league think it’s only a matter of time before the Lakers find a new home for him.

The team spent some time this summer looking at a few deals, but nothing materialized. Look for the Lakers to restart those talks sooner rather than later. Jackson’s triangle offense is notoriously hard for recently acquired players to learn, and given Odom’s impending free agency, now seems to be the right time to move him.

A Marion-for-Odom swap might make the most sense for both parties involved, though I’ve heard there’s interest in Odom in quite a few cities, including Cleveland, Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Orlando.

  • vida8

    he is not going to be traded !

  • xtro

    No trade for L.O. unless it’s T.P.


    I hope not,he could THE $$$$ off the bench….but here’s the full article,!!

  • Michael_23

    Maybe the Lakers can run his contract this season and open 15 mil in the cap and give it to Lebron James if he doesn’t want to go to Europe. hahaha

  • kobethegreat

    micheal_23 your retarded lebron james on the lakers OKAY CLEvelan faN chill……THIS IS KOBELAND…..but anyways i dont think lamar is going anywher if he wants to stay a laker hes gonna have to listen to what phil says and thats coming of the bench…if not that shawn marion for odom sounds goood…LAKERS BABY ALL THA WAY…


    For Financial reasons,I’d call up Chi-town ’cause why get one big name when I can get two that will do twice the job…though I’d love Marion in Lakers uniform but will he be ‘OK’ being the Fourth option?

    LO for L.Hughes and Tyrus Thomas (or Gooden)…or LO goes knowhere and takes pay cut and we sign the players we have (Kobe,Ariza,Bynum,etc.)and then sign a “CHEAP” free agent that wants to WIN A ‘CHIP!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #52354 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Toilet Paper???

  • sketch

    larry hughes? hell no, that fool couldn’t play next to lebron, you think he’ll be more relaxed playing next to the best player in the world? if chi-town is the team we’re to deal with then maybe we can get tyrus thomas and luol deng. we need someone to drop the mid-range j’s when the middle is clogged by our 2 bigs and also who’s able to take his man off of the dribble to go inside, that would be deng. tyrus thomas is basically the young athletic guy that can fill in for the boards and for d and some blocks. not sure if the money will work out though. i’m still waiting, as most laker fams are, for lamar’s potential to actualize. i’ve got guys here at work telling me to wait to see lamar playing the 1 and we’ll then finally see what he’s capable of. i think now that bynum’s back, i can be patient a little bit longer to see if lamar will finally blossom into his potential, but if he’s still this mediocre player by feb, i won’t cry over his departure as long as we don’t donate him as we did with shaq. that last line was for mitch.

  • David

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    Tayshaun Prince. That guy would be money I wish it would happen but I don’t think Detroit would do that. I bet this is what will end up happening with Odom. We will be so far over the cap in 09 we will just let him walk and use that money to pay Bynum.


    Cleveland is considering to trade with us, maybe we can get Lebron for LO!!

  • Whatsa

    Dude, Tayshaun Prince? That’s the ONLY trade I’d do if we were to trade LO.

    But LO is so versatile..

    I hope Mitch makes the best decision.

  • 123kid

    no way! LO is gonna dominate now that hez in the position to be the scorer off the bench.

  • http://aa kobeftw


    “The most obvious fit for Vince might be in L.A., as the Lakers are looking for a more traditional small forward, and the Nets would love to make a Carter-for-Odom swap that would clear another huge chunk of salary off their books. But his terrible contract is making the Lakers (and everyone else) think twice. If the Lakers aren’t interested, the Clippers might be.”

  • e

    odom for marion swap sounds good..but i doubt its going to happen

  • aggressive expansion

    lets bring the matrix baby.


    To the Larry Hughes comment,he did play next to Lebron…skip all that crap,as soon as he left Clev.he played like he was still a Wizard against his former team and not just against Cleveland.He’d work in LA because he flourishes in up-tempo systems,plus,the college he came from (St.Louis U.)played a uptempo style.

    He didn’t flourish in Clev. and Phil. becuase they played a slower style and his defense is not that bad either,always leads in steals or at least 2nd,same with assist.

    For financial reasons and another Vet at PG is the reason I’d do this…but Gerald Wallace,RJ or Tayshaun…Marion may want some loot that we can’t give’em…use’em for a year,HELL,BRING’EM!!!!

  • LAKing

    I said it a million freakin times. The Lakers should’ve traded Odom for Artest. OMFG, could you guys just imagine the lineup of Fisher/Kobe/Artest/Gasol/Bynum. That’s just a freakin NIGHTMARE for the entire league. Nope, he went to the most insignificant place and the Lakers were again reluctant to give up Odom.

  • xtro

    That’s right amigs. L.O. for T.P Tyshaun Prince only. Prince can play D, reboudn and shoot the three. If not, L.O. will remain a Laker till after the Feb. deadline.


    I love what Artest did to Boston Last week,it like “Here,take Pierce..SMACK!take that Allen..WOP!And this is for Kobe and LO,BOOOM” aaahhhhhh,the memories.Thanx LAking…and your right.

  • kb24thebestever

    lamar odom for danny granger.

  • T.A.

    SHAWN MARION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fisher PG
    Mamba SG
    Matrix SF
    Gasol PF
    Bynum C

    70 wins a season for the next 3 years!!

  • aggressive expansion

    i gotta agree with T.A. the matrix in the starting line-up would be re-fu#@*ing-diculous.

  • T-Dub

    We can use Odom to get rid of a bad contract like Fluke or Space Cadet. I say we go after Marion! 2 for 1. I think Riles like Fluke anyways. I think Marion would re-sign with a contender for 10mil or less at this point. I’m sure he knows at this point, he’s not getting more than that from anyone!

  • ricky

    i think the best thing to do is keep LO. however, if a trade is really needed, i suggest we call up chicago or new jersey.

    LO for kirk hinrich and tyrus thomas


    LO for bobby simmons, yi jianlian, and sean williams

  • Nabil


  • lakerschamps09

    i dont want to trade LO… but if its not working out then im not gonna cry a river for him…lol
    um the five 5 teams that wanna trade only chi-town has wat he want…
    new york please noone wants their overpaid scrubs…
    the nets ummm noone wants carter’s old self and his bad contract…
    the cavs? wat they gonna give us???
    the magic??? they wont give up howard or nelson.. we dont want rashad lewis and his horrible contract.. hedo??? naw they need a better offer…
    now chi-town lets see.. we want deng and either thomas and gooden(expiring contract and hes a backup PF) but i dont think they give up that.. we dont need gordon,hughes(cuz he aint gota a jumper,at times yea but not a fan of him but watver.. now hinrich and nocionni be good fits but they are wayyy overpaid… lol
    so wat we do??
    yea LO for Prince would be good for both teams but pistons wont do it…
    idk folks we c wat happens…
    p.s. if we win ship with or without odom who cares as long as we win the ship!!!!!

  • kobeftw

    Thuggishsteer has the best idea…bring back EDDIE JONES!

  • sketch

    to DCLAKER’s comment about larry hughes playing like how he played as a Wizard after getting traded to the bulls. yes, he had a couple of good games, and i do mean a COUPLE as in 2! i had him on my fantasy team with like the 10th pick and i even consider that a wasted pick. do you know what he averaged last year? 12.2 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 2.7 apg, 29.7 mpg, and had 99 steals. his best year as a wizard was 22 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 4.7 apg, 38.7 mpg, and 176 steals. you can argue that it’s because of minutes played that’s why he had such a difference in stats, but i’ll argue that it’s because of his lack of production that got him less minutes played. ain’t no team in the L gonna keep a brotha from playing if he’s a baller, but larry hughes is not. he was a baller when he was with the wizards because agent 0 is not a dominant personality, but both lebron and kobe are. they are the true alpha dogs and everyone on their teams knows it. and larry can’t survive in that environment, he simply can’t play with them. he’s like our lamar except less production all around except for in steals. his projected numbers for this year is 11.1 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 2.4 apg, 25.6 mpg, and 77 steals. every single catagory is projected to be lower than last and these numbers come from the EXPERTS! if you think that you know him better, than you should definitely be a GM (and i’m not being sarcastic). all’s i’m saying is his type of personality and character simply won’t allow him to excel with people like kobe and lebron. i’m not saying that he won’t produce better than what the projected numbers by the EXPERTS, it’s all up to him, but i can safely bet that the chances of that happening are slim to none! i love his D, but he brings nothing else to the table for the lakers, NOTHING! having said that, why throw away a Jack in your hand and hoping to get an Ace, when you know that all you’re gonna get in larry hughes is a 6. NO TRADE!

  • mr.laker19

    Aye the Nation is really hot on this issue. I’m starting to like the TP trade more and more as I think about it. But I want us to think about these two options.

    At the three position, after the Lebron James, the future lies in one guys hand, and thats Josh Smith. I know its a bit of a stretch, and Im not trying to brag or anoint myself a profit but since shaq left I always look at the below the radar superstars to compliment Kobe, and the guy I called for the most was Pau for about 2 years. Everybody said that wouldn’t happen.

    Josh wants out of Atlanta and Odom does have big expiring contract, which would clear up alot of space for them to pull out a good post player like Boozer. I think Josh would be the perfect fit for us, he can literally do it all. Lets get him.

    And one more crazy thing for you guys to get at me about. I also said either Dwade, Lebron, or Carmello will be in a Lakers jersey eventually. I really think Cleveland is to big for Lebron he will eventually want to move to a big scene like New York or L.A. We are not out of the question. Same with D-Wade and Mello. I dont really like Mello but I think D-wade is the 4th best player in the league behind Kobe, Lebron, and CP3 and he is climbing fast. Remember I said this crazy stuff, one day it might happen.

  • lafanfromindiana

    Marion wouldn’t be much better. We need someone with a pure jump shot. People say Vince Carter is old but he is only one year older than Marion and I trust him creating shots for the offense when Kobe is out of the game. However, I don’t think Odom will be traded. I like Odom coming off the bench with Kobe starting at small forward.

  • e

    prince is out of the subject..detroit will not give him up..esp not for odom…i say matrix bcuz he is everything we need..funky looking shot, but its effective..rebounds as much as odom and is an excellent defender..i say stop fussing and take the matrix if the opportunity arises


    For kobeftw’s trade,LUV IT and the most sinceable,hell,replace Hughes with Hinrich…I’d take Hughes ’cause a HEALTHY Hughes is DANGEROUS,very.

    ..and when was the last game you watched him in?I’ve seen thi guy live many times whether with Washington and Clev.,so I KNOW 1st hand that this guy can ball.

    lafanfromindiana,your right on the money about VC,he’s still got it,how many guy’s has he posterized last season,shooting lights out from the 3 and perimeter and people still think he’s still playing in North Carolina,he’s 31 or 32 and he delivers like this….he’s just on a BUM team,and him and Kobe don’t hate each other like people think…..

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    Every Nba team is desperate for Odom right now. If they give us a good player and give kupchak a blow job then we might trade him

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    [Comment ID #52387 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bro were not getting marion

  • gugy

    I am tired of Odom.
    He must prove he is worth. This guy has been so inconsistent that it hurts when we see him play.
    Grow up Odom, Show the LAkers you are worth the money you make, lazy ass.

  • ignard

    Marion would be SWEET!!!!

  • blackmamba24

    L.O. for either prince or matrix!!!

  • yellowpurplefever

    Matrix anyday. package LO with V-lady for Matrix. If we win the Chip then he’d resign for a longer cheaper contract. Dr. Buss will pay $100 mil/year salary. In return a NEW DYNASTY. DO IT MITCH.

  • LakersFirst

    I don’t think Joe Dumars would trade Tayshuan Prince for LO. LO would add nothing to the Detroit team as they already have a power forward in Rasheed Wallace and another up and coming power forward in Jason Maxiel. All LO would bring is an expiring contract and Tayshaun is worth more than an expiring contract.

    I think LO for Shaun Marion is the one trade that makes the most sense because both teams would be trading for expiring contracts, which the Lakers do want (remember Bynum needs to resigned as does Ariza). Personally, I think if the Lakers trade for Shaun Marion, they are basically renting him for a year, which would be fine by me because Bynum (restricted FA) and Ariza (free agent after this season) needs to be resigned.

    With regards to Cleveland, the Cavs really have nothing the Lakers to offer, EXCEPT, expiring contracts (i.e. Wally Szczerbiak and Eric Snow). Wally’s in the last year of his $13M contract and Eric Snow is in the last year of his $7M contract. Trade LO to the CAvs and tell the Cavs to take VladRad in exchange for Wally’s and Snow’s expiring contract.

    Chicago: Because I think the Lakers would want expiring contracts, I can see the Lakers trading for Drew Gooden ($7M) and quite possibly Ben Gordon (6M) as both of them have expiring contracts. The Bulls really don’t need Ben Gordon. The Bulls could use LO as their starting power forward. The problem with acquiring Ben Gordon is that he’s going want to resign for more money, so like Shaun Marion, you would only be renting him for one year, unless the Lakers were to throw in Sasha in that trade, which could free up money to resign Ben Gordon, but Chicago may have to throw in a third player to make salaries match. I bring up Sasha because he is basically the backup shooting guard (starting shooting guard if Kobe is playing the 3 like Phil sometimes has him do). Could you imagine, Ben Gordon (2), DFish (1), Bynum (5), Kobe (3) and Pao (4)as a starting unit???? Who knows.

    NJ: They have nothing to offer. Someone brought up Yi, but NJ just acquired Yi. They are not going to trade him before they can see what he can do.

    NY Knicks: See my comment about NJ.

    Orlando: I also don’t see much there either.

    Of course, this rant is nothing but speculation. I’m not the GM. Unlike many people here, in Mitch I trust.

  • daboss1849

    Trade Lo now for anyone with a heartbeat and doesn’t smoke pot!!!

  • sirtoken

    I have grown tired of LO’s inconsistancy. So, lets get Marion. Pretty much the same money situation and he is much more consistent. A pure SF, high energy.
    Would need to throw in Mimhs 2.5m to complete the trade. Should be good for Miami, get two expiring contracts. Maybe will like Odom, better fit with beasley.

  • Jack Nicholson

    think about it. shawn marion is the most realistic laker-to-be. our team lacks a shooter who can defend and rebound and a natural small forward, and miami wants him out, soo, the matrix is our guy. VC? no way, he can’t guard my cookie jar.

  • morninwood

    LO has 2 GO.

    what about sending LO to Detroit, and acquiring Sheed.
    The article did say that Joe D is looking to make changes and get
    rid of Sheed.

    Yes, Sheed is a nut, but this is what the Zen-Master is for, right (Rodman)? After all we were mentioned to be too soft in the finals last year, Sheed could give us that “bad boy/tough guy” role were lacking.Maybe, maybe not.

    comment/reply and let me know what you guys think.

  • tradekwame11

    I dont know if this would be the smartest trade. But you know. They gave up kidd and jefferson, why keep Carter?


    kobe/carter/ariza or lo/pau/ab,I’m going to cry….Good trade,tradekwame11.

  • Nabil

    Man, check out this Hollinger thing on Prince:

    Dude is SOLID. Very low on mistakes. Only charged 6 times all of last year!!! LOL, Lamar charges 6 times a week. And his perimeter D is super solid, but he very rarely fouls. Which helps keep us out of the penalty and helps us with dudes like Pierce.

    Big TEAM first guy. Crazy consistent. Man, After reading this take on Prince, I think he’d be better for us then the Matrix!

  • sketch

    DCLAKER, i think you’re missing my point. i know that hughes can ball and i know what he brings to the table as far as his D and steals. i can’t deny that we could use that, but the fact still remains that he CAN’T co-exist with a dominant personality like kobe or bron. if all we get is some D and no offense from that position, we’re sunk. i know that we’ve got the twin towers in bynum and gasol, but that project is still jellin. that’s not a robinson, duncan combo just yet. we’re gonna need consistent mid-range j’s from that 3, 2, and 1 spot which hughes will not be able to give us. the last time he’s done that consistently was when he was on the wizards and after that fat contract, the j disappeared like a box of jelly donuts set in front of shaq. and trust me, i’ve seen him play…when he was on, he was a bad man, but that hasn’t happened since kobe became old enough to drink.

  • Nabil

    nicely put. jelly!


    Good Point,sketch but I disagree with him not getting along with Lebron,he was praised by LBJ but he was injured alot but was very productive when he was not,it was almost like those 2 were competing against each other.That’s why the Wizards still have not recovered and can’t get passed Clev. ’cause of the departure of LH.

    That’s why him and Kobe would work perfectly because he knows how to handle egos…and Kobe’s is nothing compared to me.Finacially is the best trade for LO,don’t get me wrong,I’ve always said Marion,RJ or Gerald Wallace but for money purposes,and I think Paxson wants to help PJ get that 10th ring.

    The reason people discredit him is he’s not a SG…he much better at PG and can still give 15 ppg,wet.

  • lakerfan4ever901

    odom is everything we need. he has the ability to drive the ball up the court for DFISH so that DFISH can set up for shots of his own… he knows how to pass… he knows how to dribble… he knows the offense. we dont need any changes with our team. we just need to let our players play together this season and let them show us how good they are. bynum gasol mamba DFISH LO will blend in so well together and we will take our title as first in the west, once again. houston and New Orleans wont stand a chance against us, as always. so laker fans, lets dump the impatience and embrace the dynasty we are going to build once again in los angeles.

  • mr.laker19

    I dont really like Matrix or Carter. But Matrix wouldnt be bad for a few reasons. One, he can pass, and rebound at a similar rate to Odom, he might not be able to run a offense, but he still has good awareness. Two, he can defend and shoot significantly better than Odom. This is big. The two things that make Odom a problem as a starter is his inconsistent shooting and defense at the three. Marion can hit open shots which he will be getting alot of for us and then he will go down the court and play solid one on one D’, block shots, and get steals. Third, he can play multiple positions just like Odom and he will play hard every night.

    But the main thing is, if he doesnt work out, we could let him go at the end of the season and clear up space to pick up someone else. Wow! to be honest, I like Marion more after I wrote this. Do it Mitch! Give Odom some time but if he doesnt work out, lets enter the Matrix.

  • sketch


    this is like our personal chat room. ha. anyway, i do remember lebron praising him, but i think that that’s lebron just doing the right thing. he can’t very well say trade this fool. and like i said, i know that hughes is a baller, i’ve seen him in action. again, i just don’t think that he can do it along side kobe, the alpha dog. and you did bring up his injury thing. you may be right as far as him being injured and not performing, but that’s just another red flag for me about hughes…is he too injury prone now?
    it’s cool to have all this being discussed. i do see and respect your points about hughes, but i just don’t think that he can perform the way we need him to. for that reason i rather keep lamar and hope for his potential to emerge than to risk getting hughes and hoping to strike gold with his potential. anyway, love the back and forth, but i guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. one thing we can agree on though…GO LAKERS!!!!!!1


    Welp,shut it down…LO STAYS (sketch, we gotta holla on the next thread,your smart dude,homie)!!!

  • sketch


    the feelin’s mutual. fo sho we’ll rap on the next episode.

  • Fred A.
  • MILO

    I think we need an explosive p-guard as is Derik Rose maybe we can sucker Chicago into trading their 1st pick for LO (doubtfull) but i would love it!!!