With a big fourth quarter from their Jordan Farmar-led backup unit and good production from the forward, the Lakers beat Detroit, despite Kobe Bryant’s troubles.

O.C. Register: Kobe Bryant’s Lakers team delivered its best team victory of a so-far successful season Friday — just in time for the Chicago Bulls, Bryant’s long-speculated preferred trade destination, to arrive in town as the next opponent.

Despite a shaky offensive game by Bryant, the Lakers beat the Detroit Pistons, 103-91, at Staples Center. The Lakers did it because they were launched out of an offensive stupor — their 27.1 percent field-goal shooting through three quarters projected to be the franchise’s worst for a game — by their bench crew of Jordan Farmar, Maurice Evans, Luke Walton, Vladimir Radmanovic and Andrew Bynum. Their energy to start the fourth quarter was then carried to the finish by Lamar Odom and Bryant — more Odom (25 points, 15 rebounds) than Bryant (19 points on 6-of-18 shooting, seven assists).

“He kind of steadied us on a night when Kobe really struggled,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said of Odom.

Still distracted by rumored trades for Bryant that have largely calmed down lately, the Bulls are 1-6. The Lakers are 5-3 despite facing possibly the toughest schedule in the NBA.

When asked after the victory if it has been distracting to deal with Bryant’s stated desire to leave via trade, Jackson said: “During the preseason, it certainly was. I think there was some distraction. I think we’ve overcome that in a very interesting way, a very unusual way that I’ve never seen before. The team has come back, and Kobe has gotten his game back and his voice back on this team. And he seems to be going straight ahead.”

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  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    I love this quote by Phil:

    “He’s taken it upon himself to be a one-man defensive show this year,” Jackson said. “It’s kind of surprising to me.”

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    So far from looking at the lakers it has been thumbs up for us!!!!!!
    I love them lakers.
    But if I was the GM I would be stuck between a rock and a hard place whether or not to try to get JO. The big question that would come to my mind “is getting JO will affect our chemistry?” (It is hard to tell.)
    If I want JO (this one may sound stupid)I would send Cook/Cash/firstrounder deal, or LO/Cook deal. If Bird wants more he can go take a flyin’ hite.
    But personally I would not do nothing right now.
    I see the lakers growing as a team, but hopefully by believeing in the lakers hard enough they may win a CHIP.
    But if things become medeocer I would try to get JO around the trade deadline for one of the two deals above.
    “(my thoughts)A Kobe-JO DUO would be cool with the Fish running the point, Bynum improving, and all the other good players as the peices would be amazing.”

  • ricky

    i like the team as they are right now, i wouldnt really change it at all at this moment. they are playing good team basketball and this season, at least so far, kobe has played some superb defense and making it his number one priority. of course kobe is still a threat at any given time, but with his central focus on being the defensive stopper, it gives the other players like lamar, ronny, vladimir, luke, bynum, and farmar the opportunity to score more. kobe has definitely set the pace this season so far and the youngsters (especially bynum and farmer) have been outstanding. bynum is showing a lot more passion and aggression offensively and defensively as well as grabbing numerous boards on a nightly basis. farmar, i think, has been the catalyst for the 2nd unit and he is emerging into a great floor leader. his confidence is sky high and his speed, passing, stealing, and hustling have been a huge plus for the lakers thus far.

    im very excited for this season, although a few games they should have and could have won against houston, san antonio, and new orleans but overall, they have done a pretty solid job. they dismantled 4 powerhouses in phoenix, houston for the 2nd matchup, utah, and most recently detroit. so it looks pretty positive from here on out, hopefully no injury bug this season and i think this team can be a surprise down the stretch.

  • KO_BEliever

    the link to the rest of the article is the wrong story

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #17276 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe for the defensive player of the year!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nabil

    Great! But here’s a better article for that picture:

    Kobe and Lamar joyously knee eachother in the nuts, listed as day-to-day…
    During last nights 103-91 win over the Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers stars Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom injured their groins during an attempted celebration.
    “Its called the ‘hip-hop mid-air chest bump’,” explained coach Phil Jackson. “Its one of a number of new celebrations that the NBA requires us to least once a game. In my opinion they are dangerous and are negatively effecting game play. Do you really think our guys want to do the ‘post free throw fist bump’ after every free throw? It hurts their shooting hand, which I believe is directly to blame for the recent league-wide decline in shooting percentage.”
    As for last nights mishap, Jackson explains, “We tried during the offseason to get Kobe a special exemption from the chest bump rule. You have to understand, Kobe’s grew up in Italy around old-school Euro leaguers and the extent of his education in NBA style came from analysing Michael Jordan in game play and particularly in interviews. That’s what he knows, so that’s who he is. I mean, he even tries to talk like Michael, which is really embaressing sometimes. Asking Kobe to execute anything hip-hop is asking too much. Its like when Barry Bonds tried to talk hip-hop in regards to A-Rod’s home run chase, and everyone made fun of the way he sounded. Barry figuratively kneed himself in the nuts. Unfortunately for us, Kobe literally kneed both himself and Lamar in the nuts.”

  • gugy

    congrats to the Lakers. They played fantastic last night.

    Keep the good job guys.

  • MILO

    Well, when even Lamar makes a three you know that everything is going good for the Lakers.For me this was still a bitter sweet victory because the Pistons were shorthanded do to Billups and Mcdonalds (lol)absense.I would have liked to have the pride of saying that the Lakers beat the full pistons squad…