Odom weighs in on the Kobe situation:

yay.jpgO.C. Register: Bryant’s teammate Lamar Odom even had this to say after the latest victory: “I don’t think he wants to go anywhere.”

Bryant wasn’t saying anything that strong after the Lakers’ most decisive victory ever over Chicago, but he allowed that he is “very impressed” by his team and singled out 20-year-old center Andrew Bynum’s hard work as a reason .

Our guys are really jelling,” Bryant said….

It was garbage time, the trash being where all this Kobe-versus-Chicago hype and anticipation ended up Sunday.

“As far as I’m concerned,” Odom said, “he’s happy here now.”

  • LAKing

    That’s right, Kobe is a LAKER 4 LIFE. He’s not going anywhere.

  • kelvz

    kobe will wear lakers uniform forever…they should keep on winning…
    lakers should lessen their turnovers…21 is so many…they should reduced it up to 15 below…go lakers!!!

  • myriam

    That was i thought. He’s really proud the way his team mates are playing right now. GO LAKERS!!!

  • GET JO


  • gugy

    Guys, it is exciting to see the Lakers doing great. But most important we have to keep this momentum once we get into the playoffs. That’s what will mater the most. Look at Dallas last season. Hopefully we will stay healthy and focused all the way.

    Hold on the champagne bottles. We are not there yet.


    Like I said before,for those that here me the last time,KOBE IS GOING NOWHERE!!He even said it when he was booed by his own home crowd(they soon jumped back on his jock later in the game)at halftime when he interviewed as he said “read between the lines”.In other words It’s up to the FO to bring in a championship caliber team not mine,period.

  • ab4sure

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    Good, I hope this is the last time. Well at least until Kobe’s BFF Bucher relays a message to all those who grovel to kobe’s wishes. But believe me, if the lakers would have accepted a bad trade from Chi town kobe would have been out of here in a heartbeat. So the fact is your right Kobe is not going anywhere, but only because he can’t work out a bad trade for the lakers.

  • LakerNation1

    i wouldnt wanna go anywhere either having seen the team i wanted to be traded to get ass-raped by the reserves like that haha

  • mikedeezy2k8

    i just got a report from ric bucher, his word is that Kobe wants out more than ever….

  • sirtoken

    Your right, Bucher is a big hype machine. Writers keep sticking up for him like he is in the know. I think its pretty obvious, that with the team playing this well, Kobe is not going anywhere. Would he want to go to a bull team that just got blown out by the Laker back ups?
    BTW, has anyone noticed that AB numbers are about the same as JO? Why would we want to trade anyone other then Kawame for JO? This team may not be elite status this year, but if AB and Farmar continue to the next level. Then look out.

  • 24allup inya

    Lamar le gusta la verga!!!