Odom had a fantastic interview with Hoopsworld. He goes on to talk about staying in L.A. for less money and discusses trade rumors. Very great piece for Odom fans!

noworriesHoopsworld: Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Lamar Odom is frequently the subject of trade rumors, the general belief being that at some point the mercurial big man will find some semblance of consistency in his game.

Around the league, he has value because of his tremendous versatility – there is no other 6-10 player in the league that can handle the ball or pass as well as Odom can – but the nagging issues with his motivation and production remain.

Still, there are teams out there that could use Odom’s ability to grab rebounds and push the ball up the court. Or, if nothing else, they could use his $14.1-million expiring salary to free up cap space to use in free agency during the summer.

Now in his tenth season in the league, Odom told HOOPSWORLD that the rumors and speculation are not something that bothers him. “It’s part of it, it’s part of the business of the game,” he commented. “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

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  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Since he’ll stay for less money, that should be a good sign for him.

  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Odom played well yesterday. And he practically won the Utah series for us last year.

    Sometimes I feel like he needs to step up – but it’s now or never. If they haven’t traded him by now – I say you ride it out with him – especially how he said he’ll stay for less.

    Lamar = Warrior.

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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    I totally agree! :D

  • kobe bryant

    no trade lamar odom

  • kobe bryant

    odom stay in l.a. lakers

  • ojt

    trade luke, let odom stay.

  • Milo

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    trade Mihm and Vlady for TJ Ford

  • Christopher Korman

    The talk on ESPN radio right now is that if lamaar Odom goes to Miami its a situation of I will show you guys what you have to offer with Powell and Mbenga if I go somewhere else.Lamaar is somewhat holding the lakers hostage with approach.The Fact is Bynum hasn’t played a full season yet.That is something that kupchak and Buss need to consider.

  • Christopher Korman

    What can be done if Odom goes.?The lakers need to unload sasha=walton-morrison and salary if possible.To be fair Ariza-Gasol-Bryant-Fisher held this team together.The lakers bench is suppose to maintain a lead while the starter rest they struggled to do that last year.Fisher is going to have to go to the bench.Brown took Farmers minutes .Farmer seems to have a hard time staying ahead of the point guards.Powell and Mbenga are great for 5-10 stretches on the floor.If Mitch could find a way to give kobe a breather during the season the lakers need to leviate some of miles his knees have taken already these past 2 yrs.Kobe and Gasol need to play about 30-38 min per game.You need to save your two best players energy level for the playoffs.