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Lamar Odom is a difference maker for the Los Angeles Lakers. Using one of Hubie Brown’s phrases; he’s a player that’s going to get you 15 points, 10 rebounds, a blocked shot or two, and he defends the painted area well. Not to mention he’s a great team basketball player.

Before I get into Odom’s inconsistent play as of late, I would like to say I’ve become a big fan of his over the past three plus season’s in which he has sported the purple and gold. He plays with a lot of heart and he loves playing in L.A; he’s stated his desire to retire a Laker on numerous occasions.

Last season he played through a torn Labrum injury that would have put many other players in this league on the shelf. And if he hadn’t returned from that injury, the Lakers probably wouldn’t have snuck into the playoffs last year. Without Odom, the Lakers are a team that would finish anywhere from 9th to 11th in the brutal Western Conference.

Odom missed the first four games of this young season, so he only has nine games under his belt, which means he isn’t in pristine game condition. So by no means am I trampling and pouncing on the panic button with Lamar Odom, as many Laker fans are doing right now, when I say that Odom’s inconsistent early season play is really cause for concern for this team. But I’m very close to pushing that panic button.

And it’s not just that he’s been inconsistent. It’s who he’s been inconsistent against; the top tiered Western Conference playoff teams. And where he’s been inconsistent at; on the road. Let’s take a look at the five most recent examples of games that fall under those two categories…


That’s simply unacceptable from our number two player who’s making $13.2 in the prime of his career at 28 years old. There are a couple of reasons that go into these numbers. For starters, he’s not being aggressive enough; he’s not looking to get in the painted area for easy baskets or to draw a foul and gain confidence via the free throw line. Offensively, those are the first two things a player in a slump should be doing.

He’s shooting a great percentage from the field this season (51.9 percent) but he’s not shooting the ball nearly enough. His 8.8 field goal attempt average needs to be at a minimum of 10 field goal attempts and more closer to 12-13. And the Lakers can do that by establishing him early and often.

Odom is one the most versatile players in the league, and he’s simply not using his length and ability to create off the dribble to his advantage. Whether Odom starts from the perimeter and creates using the dribble to get into the paint or whether he catches it down in that area doesn’t matter; it’s just important that he gets there one way or the other. He’s such a tough match up for the opposition and his presence down low will ultimately free up our scorers because it’s almost impossible not to help on him.

Odom also seems to be getting frustrated way too easily when things don’t start off good. He hangs around the three point line and relies on too many three pointers and 18-20 foot jump shots. And by the way, one three point attempt is one too many for him in my mind. He’s made 2 out of 15 this year, for a whopping 13.3 percent. And sure those numbers are down from his career, but his career average is only 31.5 percent and last year he only shot 29.7.

Overall, it’s been a decent start for Odom when you look at his season averages. But decent isn’t going to get the job done against the elite teams. We need outstanding play from our number two player if we’re going have a shot at making the playoffs and advancing, and I’m talking the way he played against Phoenix in that 4-3 series loss in 2006. Anything other than that and the Lakers are going to most likely be a seven or eight seed again and they’ll be sitting on the couch watching the second round of the playoffs in May.

Random thoughts on the Nets game: As for last night against the Nets, it was obviously a difficult game to watch if you’re a Laker fan. And I’ve said this before, the defensive effort as an entire unit has made great strides. But last night was very discouraging, and it wasn’t necessarily the effort that bothered me.

It was the defensive philosophy in the final two and a half minutes of the game. Now I completely understand applying pressure on the opposing team when they’re bringing the ball up so they don’t have the full shot clock to work with.

But why apply the tightest pressure possible on Kidd when he’s 15 feet behind the three point line? This is the best ball handler in the league were talking about: you will not take the ball away from him like that in the final two plus minutes. And the last time I checked, Kidd doesn’t shoot a high percentage from 15 feet behind the three point line.

Believe me, I love defensive pressure, but there comes a point in the game where you put your two feet on the three point line and say “you’re not getting past me, and if you do the shot is going to be contested no matter what.”

The Lakers did the complete opposite last night down the stretch. They overplayed their man, and inevitably the guard drove by them, which resulted in a help defender reaching, and the Nets going to the foul line. Come on Phil, this is your job!

  • jim.braddock

    Trade odom to artest straight up.

  • double

    I love Odom, but inconsistency kills. Is his poor play affecting his trade value? Seems like Bynum’s stock is rising fast and I can see the FO being less willing to part with him unless the deal is sweet.

  • Shaq786

    odom, and sasha…. for ricky davis and udoonis haslem

    odom and sasha, … for mike miller, stromile, and hakim warrick

    odom, farmar, sasha, 2 first round picks, and kwame… for AI, andre miller, and dalembert

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    odom for artest!!!!! and someone else

  • SILO

    the title should be. . . .




  • http://www.mr47.com mr47

    I hear all of you, but I’m not going to turn on Odom just yet. The man is still injured and I’m still hopeful for his late last year performance. Odom just needs to be more aggressive on defense, complain less, and be smarter on offense. Just to be more specific on my point:

    Aggressive on defense: It seems like he’s sleeping when his man doesn’t have the ball. His awareness on defense is poor and he isn’t aggressive enough at contesting shots. Also, he fails to clear out his man for a rebound (while standing around, of course). I see Bynum ready for the ball at all times or just waiting for someone to explode near the basket. I see Odom relaxing when his man doesn’t have the ball, which is BAD!

    Complain Less – speaks for itself. Sure sometimes he doesn’t get a call, but is that new in the league? Can you complain less and run to the other end of the floor instead? Thanks.

    Smarter offense – This is something Cookie never understood. If you’re good at shooting, don’t go posting people up trying to do something new. Lamar, you’re 3 point shooting this season and for your career is no good. Let radman, farmar, or even luke shoot the 3 ball. Drive to the basket and dish more, with the occasional outside shot (not a 3!!!!) to gain respect from the defense. It’s not that hard, just remember the fundamentals and stick to what you’re good at. Recipe to success!

  • David

    The problem is Odom will be an inconsistent player for the rest of his career. Every year we say this year will be his year, this year will be his year but he consistently dissapoints. Even when he does get in a groove he ends up getting injured taking him back to ground zero.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    there is a big mistake in the article
    “He plays with a lot of heart ”
    that is really wrong!
    he plays with a lot of heart sometimes, which is really his problem!
    we need to get rid of him, he cant fit with kobe, too soft!
    we need someone consistent if we pay him 13mil
    bye LO

  • rahil

    We should trade Odom, Radmanovic, and Critt to seatle for Kevin Durant.

    Even when kobe retires, they will a good team with Durant, Bynum, farmar, Walton, and Turiaf.

  • leo

    Do one of these….
    trade LO for JO(he will become what Lamar cannot, second option)
    trade LO for artest(even though krzy…playing like allstar)
    trade LO for Marion(could of been a great pickup)
    trade LO for josh smith(also inconsistent but younger and plays like marion)

    Lamar will never ever become an allstar in the Western Conference nor will he ever be consistent enough to rely on…the only option is to trade….

  • Jrich

    It doesn’t matter if Odom just came back from an injury. He’s still inconsistent. He played good the first half of the Nets game last night. In the second half he disappeared. The guy is not worth 13 million.

    Other players that make 13 million in the league:

    Yao Ming-consistent
    Pau Gasol-consistent


    It’s not Odom that needs to improve(check last year when he put up 31 against PHX.in game 5)it’s the team as a whole.Lakers need to make another trade(which should’ve been done in the summer)because are not enough ,say it with me,VETERANS.YOU CANNOT PLACE BLAME ON ONE MAN.Odom is the right fit for Kobe but they can’t do it by themselves and please don’t tell me about Bynum(did anybody see Friday against Boston,HE GOT DOGGED)PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE don’t.This team needs more vets,I mean,that’s how we got the 3Championships(in a row)in the first place.Bynum is PROMISING,POTENTIAL and TALENTED but when your going up against the likes of GARNETT,SHAQ and D.HOWARD your level of play should elevate,he should know the system by now,it’s been 3 years.I like the kid but when your trying to be contenders you need to send to a messsage and that is “I am BYNUM” or “I am MOUSE” or we get J.O’NEAL early cause had we gotten JO w/o given up LO that game in Boston definately would’ve been a lot closer

  • lakerfan81

    Verajao wants a sign and trade too bad there is no one we could entice Cleveland with. He would help with the defense, Turiaf and Verajao would be the most energetic PF duo in the league. It would be fun to watch if nothing else.

  • lakerfan81

    Verajao wants a sign and trade too bad there is no one we could entice Cleveland with. He would help with the defense, Turiaf and Verajao would be the most energetic PF duo in the league. It would be fun to watch if nothing else.

  • foxxy


  • David

    [Comment ID #18001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your reasoning is as inconsistent as Odom. What does the team have to do with Lamar being active in the paint? What does the team have to do with Lamar playing aggressive? You said it yourself. He did it last year in the playoffs against Phoenix and this year against Detroit. The potential is there and he shows flashes of it, but he just doesn’t bring it everynight. A team is the sum of its parts, the better he plays the better the team plays.

  • mplakers


  • kb24 4life

    the only trade involving lamar would be for marion or he and kwame for JO.

    no artest, no josh smith no one else , lamar is better than those, only marion or JO.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’ll let PJ tell you.

    It usually takes big kids four or five years to mature, and that’s usually after college,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “Can this guy be good at 22? That was the question we had to sit and think about this summer. With his attitude, and the training he’s doing, he’s got a very good chance

  • BEC

    Odom has always been inconsistent with his game and always will be, its been 8+ years of inconsistency, its not going to change all of a sudden. As for Odom playing down low in the post, weve been saying that for the last 3+ years, but to be a good post player, you must be very aggressive in gaining position on the block, and we all know Lamar Odom is not even close to becoming an aggressive player. He just doesnt have what it takes.

    “But why apply the tightest pressure possible on Kidd when he’s 15 feet behind the three point line? This is the best ball handler in the league were talking about: you will not take the ball away from him like that in the final two plus minutes. And the last time I checked, Kidd doesn’t shoot a high percentage from 15 feet behind the three point line.”

    -Having played ball in HS and college, the way i see it, the reason you pressure the ball that far, for one is to bother the player so he doesnt get a running start at you. If he has a running start gaining speed while youre flat on your feet, youre already going to get beat off the dribble. Thats why you stay with him, even from the that far off the 3. Its easier to keep up with a guy if he doesnt get a running start at you.

    “The Lakers did the complete opposite last night down the stretch. They overplayed their man, and inevitably the guard drove by them, which resulted in a help defender reaching, and the Nets going to the foul line. Come on Phil, this is your job!”

    -None of thats on Phil. From my perspective, guys werent overplayed, our guys were just in bad defensive position and stance. Our guys dont close out well on guys during rotation (our guys either just jump at them or dont shorten their steps when rnning at them causing them to easily blow past our guys), we easily fall for pump fakes, there seems to be little communication on D sometimes, and many other defensive errors that need to be addressed. But none of this is on Phil, these things are fundamental basketball, its just poor execution from our players.

  • guesswho

    [Comment ID #18001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i get ya but i find one mistake in what your saying. dwight howard is not a veteran he got drafted in 2005 i believe. or 2004 i dont exactly remember

  • jack

    Odom is a good player. But, if there’s a good trade value coming up for him, the Lakers front desk should not even waste a second. Instead of waiting for Odom to have a break-out season, why not get someone who is having a good season, or someone who had already proved.

  • Edward

    Odom played alright the game against the nets, he started off 5-5 I believe. It wasn’t his fault the Lakers lost. It was the team, they had a 12 point lead, and got comfortable, and stayed comfortable. Kobe heated up from his 3 made shots, and continued to get points from the line. Odom has never been that good of a player. When he does well for the Lakers, its points only. The other night he had 25. I believe he only had 1 block, 0 rebs, 0 assists. If he’s going to make $13 mil, he better do more than just score. I think a reason why he’s been struggling lately is that he’s in the power forward position, he’s been switching back and forth between PF and SF. I think we need to reserve the SF position for Luke (on a good day) and Ariza (i like him). PF should be ronny, lamar, and radmonovic. Vlade Radmanovic is not bad on D. He just can’t move, he’s not fast or quick. If Vlade is defending a guy on the run, its basically non existent D. The reason I bring vlade up is cus he’s been bashed for going 0-10 that night against the nets, and missing the final shot. The way I see it is, the Lakers just need to start wanting it more. They are 7-6 now, and need to start working harder. What is with this disease that’s been going around the Lakers? It started with Smush Parker, and now has spread throughout the team, its like they don’t care as long as they get paid, they know they aren’t going to win a championship or something so they won’t try. When kobe gets the ball, don’t just stand there. Try and do something. The only time the Lakers even attempt to move when Kobe gets the ball on the wing is when he is double teamed. Why wait? Stop standing still. The problem does not lie within one player. Definitely not Odom. The team as a whole has to start picking up their slack. Going back to good solid basketball. Making good passes, working together, and just getting a good rhythm. If you want to talk about consistency, talk about the Lakers as a team, Walton, Odom, Vlade, Farmar at times. They all need a lesson from Ronny, a guy who aint the best, but always brings his heart to the game, and Kobe, who still injured and unsatisfied with where he’s at, still contends, and strives for perfection. I guess some of the Lakers players got too comfortable.

  • Rpoc

    LO has these emo attacks too often. If he’s going to be all emo, which causes him to have unpredictable games, time to part ways.

    Don’t use the injury excuse unless it’s from knee surgery. And even so some players manage to play at a pretty high level when they first touch the court: Kobe, Amare.

  • Justin Page


    I understand what your saying but this isn’t high school basketball. NBA defensive principles are completely different from any other level of basketball. The fact is you can do whatever you want to from a pressure standpoint outside of the three point line but you still have to be in proper position from the three point line and in. Kobe and Fish picked up two stupid fouls down the stretch that resulted in four free throws for the Nets.

    And that does fall on the coach. Vujacic, Fish, and Kobe were too far out down the stretch and they were overplaying and crowding the defender too much after knowing the refs were blowing a quick whistle all night. Every possession the Nets had in the final 2:30 resulted in a free throw (I think they took at least 10 during that span) or uncontested shot.

    Bottom line: we can get into philosophical debates on NBA defensive principles all day long, but you can’t bail teams out down the stretch and put them on the free throw line. Overplaying your man near the half court line is fine and dandy, but if you can’t recover when he’s going to inevitably blow past you, then give him a couple feet so he doesn’t get by.

  • gugy

    Now we see the Lakers on a losing streak. Like we all know the Lakers is a .500 team. Yes we eventually will beat great teams, but we also will lose to really bad teams. I do not see too much difference from last year’s season. We play better then we faded down the stretch.
    The key thing for this team is to be healthy close to the playoffs. Then if we are lucky we will advance into the brackets. But we still need a major upgrade. Bring a veteran or two to help Kobe.
    I Like Lamar but we all know that he is inconsistent. So we should trade him whenever a opportunity arrises.
    I am so tired of this drama. When the Lakers FO will do something substantial?

  • ricky

    lamar is not a 2nd option player. he must either be the 3rd or 1st option. As the 3rd option, had we gotten another all-star caliber player, he would have been better off by doing the things he is most comfortable with and that is being the distributor, rebounder, and facilitator because scoring is definitely not something he looks to do often. or odom must be the 1st option, like he was in miami, he did very well there as the leader.

    i dont think the lakers need to trade him, rather they should look to the offseason and try to acquire either another all-star caliber player or some good, reliable veterans. a team with veterans will always beat any young team in this league because experience cant be drafted, it must be learned.

    teams that win always have a good amount of veterans on the roster and that is obvious since the turn of the century.

    2000=lakers: fish, shaw, horry, ty lue, fox, ron harper, glen rice, shaq, ac green, etc.

    2001=lakers: fish, shaw, horry, fox, ty lue, horace grant, etc.

    2002=lakers: fish, hunter, shaw, horry, fox, samaki, mitch richmond, etc.

    2003=spurs: bowen, duncan, david robinson, claxton, steve smith, willis, kerr, etc.

    2004=pistons: r wallace, b wallace, hamilton, billups, hunter, darvin ham, corliss williamson, elden campbell, etc.

    2005=spurs: bowen, duncan, gino, parker, barry, nazr mohammed, glen robinson

    2006=heat: shaq, walker, williams, payton, mourning, posey

    2007=spurs: duncan, parker, gino, finley, horry, barry, elson, jacque vaughn

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Whose numbers are better…JO or Bynum??? And you want JO??
    Don’t apply for a GM position you’ll be out quicker than Lindsay Lohan out of Jail.

  • lakerfan81

    People are way overreacting. The lakes lost 3 games in a row, so what all teams go through slumps. Its kind of funny people went from saying how great the Lakers were to acting like they were the worst team in the league. There are few reasons why the lakers are in a bit of a funk. The main reason I can see is the injuries to Turiaf and Kwame. Those two injuries disrupted the rotations and chemistry of the team. The second unit was had and was developing a great chemistry, then the injury to Kwame and turiaf disrupted the rotations and messed with the chemistry. Vlad/Cook had to go to the first unit a long with Bynum. Then with no Turiaf (or a Turiaf clearly still recovering from injury) to help with defense (Vlad is a bad defender) the interior defense of the starting unit dropped even though Bynum is playing OK defense he has no help right now. Also Brown is the best post defender on the team and for all of his other deficiencies (lack of confidence on the offensive end, bad hands etc) his post defense really helps. Having Bynum in the 2nd unit was great becuse Farmar looked for him offensively (where as the first unit does not) and he was able to dominate the oppenents 2nd unit centers.

    Also Odom is both recovering from an injury and adjusting to a new role in the offense and defense. So give him some time before you start harping on him this year. I’m not saying he is not inconsistence (he is) but give him some time to adjust and he will be back to where he was last year before he got injured.

  • MIke

    The Lakers should trade Luke,Farmar and Sasha for Artest I think the Kings would prefer this trade over Odumb straight up. Specially how Farmar is playing right now he has alot of Value and Luke is more consistent and sasha just to make the numbers work and has expiring contract. This will be the new line up.

    Kb24,Coby Karl

    Plus we would have more roster space to add FA. What do you guy’s think?


    The lakers are right where they are supposed to be. the 7th or 8th seed. that is where all the experts put them at. why are we surprised that the lakers are losing? we’ll probably get the 7th seed and be swept by the suns or spurs just like everyone predicted. the problem is were just good enough to make the playoffs every year and that keeps us out of the lottery so we cant get a good pick. we also cant trade up to get a lootery pick because we don’t have anything other teams want except bad contracts that we sign every year. vlad and waltons contracts are looking horrible….

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    as usual i agree w you!

  • Newtdog

    [Comment ID #18036 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you…..Right on

  • jack

    [Comment ID #18037 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bad Idea, I think. Our bench has been doing a terrific job except of lately. Look at it this way, our rotations work really good right now because of Luke and Farmer. When we say “kobe needs help,” this is what we mean. He needs help from the rotation from these guys. And what were you thinking when you kept Critt and Carl in the lineup????? They don’t know anything yet. Phil’s sending them to D-league to get some more pratice… didn’t you hear that? Say Arterst or Odom gets hurt, what starting five are we gonna have? Coby, J-critt, Kobe, Mihm and Turiaf???? That’s fantasy basketball for last place in NBA right there.

    The bottom line is I wouldn’t trade Luke, farmer, vlad, bynum any of these guys for Artest.

  • BEC

    “Bottom line: we can get into philosophical debates on NBA defensive principles all day long, but you can’t bail teams out down the stretch and put them on the free throw line. Overplaying your man near the half court line is fine and dandy, but if you can’t recover when he’s going to inevitably blow past you, then give him a couple feet so he doesn’t get by.”

    I agree, but as ive said before none of this is really on Phil. Stupid fouls are all on the players. Even with the quick whistle of the refs, theres no good reason to not apply tight defense. It was a tight game done the stretch and pressure should be applied. I cant say if Phil did address this to the players or not, but our players should already know themselves that the refs were calling a tight game and should adjust properly. The blames on the players for causing costly fouls down the stretch, whether Phil addressed them or not doesnt mean much, our players should have known regardless.

  • ab4sure

    Most predicted that the lakers would be below 500 at this time considering there tough schedule. Even though they have lost 3 straight they are still over 500. Even the best teams in the league lose games they should win… eg. the spurs to the kings, and the mavs to the wizards,,, Now with the tough month over what are these laker naysayers saying now. They still hold on to there gloomy predictions like Bucher holds on to Kobe. Some of these naysayers just want kobe to shoot 50 times a game. MAKES ME WONDER IF THEY ARE EVEN LAKER FANS BUT JUST IN LOVE WITH KOBE!!! They get off on kobe like some crack head who just wants more and more(no experience in that department, just saw the effects). For those of you who think it is best that Kobe shoot 50 times… Well one person disagrees with you. Your Lover, Kobe, who it seems to be, is now learning how to lead this team.

  • oltion (albania)

    gett rid of him!!! we are loaded on SF anyway. We gotta get a worthy

  • lakerreality81

    the lakers always seem to disappoint. they are going to win tonight and we get all happy, but they are going to lose the next next game. when will the lakers ever be good. kobe isn’t even good, he shoots below 50% and he just gets the ball often. the whole team sucks except for bynum cuz of his age. this will always be a .500 team. No past the first round AGAIN!!!! when will we ever get tired of the lakers. even the clippers are better with elten and shaun back. i’m a laker fan but we all need to look at reality.

  • Justin Page


    I think we’re on the same page for the most part.

    Look at these two telling statistics in the final 2:43 of the fourth quarter in the Nets game:

    Nets Field Goals Made: 0
    Nets Free Throw Attempts: 14

    We have problems fundamentally and rotation wise on defense; those problems are not Phil’s fault. But we also have philosophical problems; that IS Phil’s fault. Like I said, I love playing hard, tight defense. But if your playing hard AND extremely tight, then one other component HAS to be there too: you have to play SMART. Going body to body on a player 15 feet outside the three point line is NOT smart. The dribble penetration that is created off of that breaks the entire defensive unit down, which results in numbers like the one’s listed above.

  • 24allup inya

    Kobe should take the day off to rest his knees today that they’re playing the Sonics…

  • leo

    i like the luke, farmar, sasha for artest….kobe, artest, bynum, odom and fish is like a 4 or 5 seed in west…luke is good but expandable with ariza now…farmar could be good one day but nothing special…sasha is trash…

  • rahil

    [Comment ID #18014 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what about durant

    the sonics could use a veteran
    i mean its not likely
    and the sonics might not be stupid
    but kobe and durant with d-fish, farmar, bynum, and walton

    we could even through vlad into the deal


    For Ab4Sure,though I may not get that gm job you want for me,I don’t back down off of what I said,GET O’NEAL NOOOOWWWW!And speaking of business if your trying to win CHAMPIONSHIPS(THINK JERRY WEST)you have to gut the team somewhat plus you have to remember Kobe and Derek were the youngest guys on the team when the Lakers 3peated now they’re the youngest?Tell me how in the world are you going to win a Championship(s)without veteran leadership.KB/DF/LO are not to get this team where they,rightfully,should be,CONTENDERS.REAL LAKER FANS SHOULD KNOW THAT(I’VE BEEN DOWN SINCE ’81).When I’m insulted I just look to THE CELTICS.

  • mplakers




  • drake hunter

    Odom just needs to dunk the damn ball instead of trying to lay it in the basket with his long wing span. All he ever does is drive to the basket and throw it off the glass even though he’s close enough that he can dunk it. He needs to stop playing lazy defense, shooting 3’s, and learn a new move other than driving left. That guy gets at least 3 charges every game.


    MPLaker you’ll have to forgive my impatience,I’m still hurting from Friday’s game with Boston.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18090 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You still want JO????? Are you serious??? Bynum changes a game much more than JO would even while being so young. Perhaps, you will be the last on the Bynum Boat, but will save a seat for you. If you don’t want to get on, then we will throw a life vest to you right before the sharks get to you. Do the lakers need more experience players???, yes… but it doesn’t need to be a drastic change by trading away talented and productive young players.


    DAMN RIGHT but I will back off Bynum a little seein’s though The Jim Buss Project is starting to kick in with Kobe being the big brother that he’s ALWAYS been.As for JO,he needs to be a Laker(check youtube)because it is clear that he is not happy and won’t be any good until he is out of Indy and playing for a Contender(LA).I’ve been a JO fan since Portland and his game fits exactly what PJ wants out of a PF/C.Whether we get him now(without giving up LO or AB)or later,HEEEELLLLLLL YEEEEAAAAH and I’m not the only one either,WE STILL WANT JERMAINE O’NEAL!!!Don’t give me those fake stats or how much he gets injured,my goodness,they play on HARDWOOD.Do you know what that does to your knees(ask Kobe what it’s doing to his)over period of time.Now that’s not saying his legs are going to fall off tomorrow but after 9/10 seasons they’ll get pretty sore.With all that said JO needs to be removed from Indy.GETJO needs to be this websites new name or GETRA(Ron Artest).

  • dave p

    Time to pull the plug on Lamar. He is too inconsistent and it’s clear we’re going no where with him. Also he seems to be lacking in the basketball IQ department. While we’re at it we should flush Kwame too. Trading Butler for this loser has to be one of the worst trades in Laker history.


    AMEN BROTHER on the Caron/Kwame situation but trading LO NO WAY,sorry I can’t go for that,only if we get a Shawn Marion or somebody equally athletic.

  • tdoom15

    I’m going to go out on a short limb here and say that none of you have ever played the game of basketball in your entire lives (with the exception of maybe a video game). Odom had an amazing season last year, aside from the injuries. As everyone here who has made a comment should know, it takes TIME to get back into the flow of the game, especially with as much offseason time as he missed.
    At one point during last season, everyone was talking about LA as a possible 4th seed in the Western Conference