According to one source, Lamar and his agent have been looking for a S&T…

Yahoo! Sports: His agent has been desperately trying to find a sign-and-trade around the league, but there’s little there but the Lakers’ offer of $7 million per season. Odom had a terrific playoffs and Finals on L.A’s championship run, but he has few options to make the Lakers raise their offer. Why has Portland so far sat it out with him? It still makes no sense.

  • showtimelakes

    huh? S&T? why?

  • Anon

    Let his ass go.

  • Lakezilla

    I know it was the weekend so a lot of people weren’t around but Chris this story is older than the other one in which the Lakers offer is now north of 8 mil. He wants a sign and trade so he can get the 10 mil. This is why when players say they’ll take less money, take it with a grain of salt. They usually mean 1-2 mil less at the most. His actual salary was 11 mil last year but because of the trade kicker it counted as 14 against the cap. So in reality, he’s asking for 1 mil less lol. We’ll see what happens but if he wants to go to mediocre hell like Trevor, then I say send him. But the Lakers will not take back that kind of salary so Lamar and his greedy agent better shut up and sign on the dotted line. This dude has no options or leverage.

  • Chris Manning

    It’s something to make note of that his agent is trying to look for a S&T. At the end of the day, I feel VERY confident he’ll remain a Laker.

  • ricky

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    I absolutely agree. I remember reading this article late last week before Portland decided to offer Millsap an offer sheet. This comes before the Lakers new offer of “north of $8 million” so yes, I’m confident the Lakers will hatch out a new deal with Lamar sometime next week and he will remain in purple and gold!

  • gus26

    i really don’t want to see odom go, but if he really wants to go via a S&T we would have to approve it.. the only other couple players i can see that would be worth it would never work.. Al harrington, Captain Jack, Marcus Camby, Josh Smith, Boozer, or even John Salmons and kirk from chicago.. or even since memphis is so dumb when it comes to trades.. marc gasol and marko jaric..

    actually that last trade would be descent we take back a horrible contract in marko but he is a big pg that phil likes and might do well with our players.. on top of that we would have the gasol brothers!.. how tight would that be?..

    let me make this clear.. LO is plan A.. i want LO back more than anything else, but its a business.. so if he wants a S&T he better pick a team we are willing to deal with.

  • JackFraust305

    @Chris Manning,
    Are u an idiot? this news was before we learned Lakers had upped their offer from 7 million to more than 8 million. The deal is close to get done, the problem they are having now is how much years they are willing to give him, they(The lakers0 want 4 year with a team termination option after 3. Odom’s camp want 4 years with a 5yr as option.

    Again Stop trying to mislead people with your headlines. Posting day old news as “new” news is not good for business.

  • RJ

    Odom getting deal with lakers early next week this is old news

  • xfellerx

    more sources are saying he will be signed (and not traded) by next week.


    well get boozer & let lamar go, if that’s what he wants….bye

  • pio2u

    Not to worry; Lamar will be back in the fold & all will be well with the Lake Show!

  • basketbolista

    after they get championship ring,why they want to be on the other team?

  • TJ

    If the Rockets will do a sign and trade for Shane Battier, and Odom won’t play for what the Lakers want to pay, do something like this…

  • GonePecan

    “Posting day old news as “new” news is not good for business.”

    Last I checked, we weren’t paying for this service blog…

  • LakersFirst

    The only way the Lakers sign and trade LO, is if they get an expiring contract in return that ends after next season. There is a fellow in Utah that makes $12M who’s contract is off the books next season

  • Whatsa

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    Aka boozer?

  • LakersFirst

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    Yup. If this rumor about LO wanting a sign and trade is true, the Lakers could sign and trade LO for Boozer, assuming Utah wants LO. However, I’m not sure if Utah does because they are trying to dump Boozer for Millsap, so I’m not sure they would be interested in Odom.

    The Lakers could be interested because they could basically rent Boozer for a year (he’ll come off the bench though and probably won’t like that) and then have his $12M off the books after next season. Add Derek Fisher’s almost $6M off the books after next seasonr and that’s about $17M off the books. Of the course if the Lakers were to do this, adding $12M for Boozer would basically add an additional $12M of luxury taxes. Not sure if the Lakers would be thrilled about that.

  • pr0mega

    Well done idiot

  • Robert

    explain the S&T that would work for the Lakers. If this were true (w/Boozer), then we would have to sign LOfor $12M, and trade him? (is that how it would work?) The Lakers don’t want to even spend $10M. How would (or could) this work? Is the team that is trading responsible for their player’s salary? (so, the Lakers could sign LO for $6M, and then trade for Boozer for $12M, but only be responsible for LO’s $6M). Is that how it works? If not, then an S&T w/Boozer would be unfeasible.

  • WifeThinksLukeIsABitch

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    We sign LO for 8 mil and include sasha or walton to make the contracts match. If Mitch can pull that off he will be a god…

  • Robert

    OK, thanks! I suppose that would work, if LO really wants out (would he be happy in Utah?) On the other hand, if we got Boozer (I know that PJ spoke highly of him years ago) that would be killer. I suppose it’s up to LO, but would rather have him stay here. Would there be any other possibilities (other teams?).

  • sendo911

    The Lakers Nation loves Lamar Odom. There is no doubt on that. He is a terrific player with lots of talent. A player his kind is very rare in the NBA.
    I am sure that the Lakers would sign him back because we love him and think of him as necessity. But we need the same respect from him towards the franchise/fans/teammates. If he is asked to sacrifice just a couple million, then he should. If he doesn’t its still okay. He can find another team elsewhere. But if you want to win and be competitive night in and out, you should stay with the lakers. Period!

  • LakeShowFan

    I think it would work like this:

    Utah loses Milsap to Portland. They trade Boozer to us ($12M) for a re-signed Odom @ $9M plus an expiring contract in Adam Morrison ($5M). The remaining $2M is close enough to be settled through cash or future draft picks. Utah wins because they get Odom and we win because we will be guaranteed a championship next year (with less payroll than resigning Odom at $8-$9M).

  • Lakerfan in FL

    Lakerfan in FL
    Jul 13th, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Kupchak not hopeful of getting Odom
    July 13th, 2009, 6:52 pm · 2 Comments · posted by JANIS CARR, OCREGISTER.COM

    Forget all that good vibe about Lamar Odom re-signing with the Lakers. Mitch Kupchak’s gut feeling is that it won’t happen.

    Kupchak said Monday he was “not as hopeful” of reaching a deal with Odom as he was last week. He said that the Lakers and Odom’s representative, agent Jeff Schwartz, “are not on the same page” and there are no further talks planned.

    The Lakers were believed to have offered Odom $8 million-plus, but Odom has been seeking at least $10 million.

    “I understand it’s a business, but I’m suprised it has taken this long to get to this point,” he said at halftime of the Lakers-Clippers Summer League game.

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  • gus26

    first off.. i want odom back and that is what i want more than any other scenerio..

    if we do a sign and trade it will be because utah matches portland’s offer to millsap..

    portland doesn’t have to do a sign and trade with us because they will have the cap space to just sign odom.
    in a sign and trade with portland the only thing that could make sense salary wise and personell wise for portland is steve blake and travis outlaw but why would we want a 4th pg?.. outlaw is nice but where does another sf fit in our rotation?

    an interesting thing is that if utah does millsap will they they take a look at us to get rid of boozer?… a couple of things have to be looked at for this to happen.. is utah desperate enough to get rid of boozer that they would sign LO? why wouldn’t they just bite the bullet now and then let him walk?… my money says if utah matches millsap’s offer sheet.. look for boozer to end up in miami..

    one very interesting possibility could be atlanta.. at the begining of the summer the atlanta hawks were looking to see if anyone would be willing to take josh smith off their hands so that they could save some money.. josh is scheduled to make 10.8 next year and an additional 37.2 million for three seasons after this one. it is more money than the lakers want to spend on LO.

  • phil buss

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    and then there will nobody in the league to defend KOBE! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • gus26

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    only way i take batier is if we get scola too.. lol..

  • Whatsa

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    Except the self-proclaimed best player in the world, Paul Pierce.


    I’m glad that we will see a deal next week! I hope Odom stays a laker, but if he leaves i think boozer would be a perfect fit… and boozer is more consistent, but not as versatile.

  • Robert

    Check out

    for LO’s response. He’s still hopeful at being a Laker. Just playing hardball, probably.

  • kb24dbest

    I thought the deal was almost done with $8 mil/yr. This agents are trying to sell their players so bad s ridiculous. I think we need LO specially to guard Wallace in Boston, but i don’t think he’s worth more than $8 mil. a year. In this tough ecomony, he has less options. It’s sad to say but i dont think no team is offering him $10 mil/yr. not even the bad teams. Everyone know that LO is a good 4th or 5th option. For being a 3rd, 4th, or 5th option, $10 mil is too high.
    But I’m hoping that he does sign though. With all these off season moves, I’m making a prediction now. I think it will be LAKERS vs. BOSTON in the finals again next year. I would love to see this matchup again and the lakers will get their revenge back. We matchup with Boston well, it should be a great season next year. Brown can get developed during the season and play a vital matchup with ROndo for the playoffs. Odom on Wallace, Paul on KG, Artest on Pierce, Kobe on Allen, and Brown on Rondo. Great Matchups.. I’m excited…

  • kb24dbest

    Another options could be Al Harrington would be good. He can stretch our defense because he can shoot and he’s long and lengthy as well. Battier isn’t bad. How about Glen Davis, he can give us more toughness and another physical player, but he’s undersized. Boozer or Amare Stoudamire would be awesome. I like Josh Smith too, he brings in intensity and rebounding. I think Mitch should have a backup plan, just encase LO won’t sign. I also think we need another proven and pure shooter like Kapono or Korver and dump Sasha.