Ramona Shelburne reports that according to one source, Odom is looking for the same money that Marion got…

Just spoke with league source who said Odom wants at least what Marion got from Dallas (five years, $38.6 million) (via Twitter)

  • Banzai

    What are the chances that Mitch Kupchak goes with this proposal?

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

    Apparently money isn’t the problem,
    years is what’s hindering the process

  • Erik

    Do it Mitch! This is only like 7.2 a year

  • mr.laker19

    Man do this, give him the years, he only 29, let him retire a Laker

  • RJ

    Not bad thats a deal

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    so the hold up is 1 stupid year?.. just sign him by that time if we don’t want him what is one more year?.. seriously.. i know its about pride and all that crap.. but both sides need to realize they need each other sign a 5 yr 39 million dollar deal and be done with it.. this is just taking toooo long and is being drawn out for no reason..

  • alex

    thats downright ridiculous. come to your senses lamar.

  • Drew

    This does not make any sense at all..

    Lakers offered 3 years at 30mil
    Odom wants 10mil a year
    Odom wants 5 years at 38.6 (7.72 a year)

    These reports are all over the place.. Odom demanding 10mil a year.. Odom wants less but more years..

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Do the math Lamar:

    5 yrs for $38.6 = $7.7 per year.

    4 years for $36 = $9.0 per year.

    If you believe you can play 5 more years you’d be selling yourself cheap in that 5th year under the Marion Deal: $2.6m.

    Don’t be stupid, take the 4 year deal.

  • kobeftw

    Odom is acting like this is his last contract and he wants to ensure that he gets the most of it now.

  • BT_Rose

    for phuck’s sake, get this shiit over with

  • Thomas

    Dear Lamar Odom,

    Let me begin by telling you how much of an idiot you are by hiring the agent that you did and not accepting the Laker’s initial offer. Are you crazy or are you too busy trying to accomplish what seems to be your lifelong goal of becoming diabetic?? Now you have this insane idea that the Lakers will give you a 5yr/$38.6 million for barely showing up for half of last season’s games?? We, the fans, would like to thank you for picking your game up in the Playoffs and helping us win the championship. But I am sorry to tell you that you will not make more than the mid-level exception and it doesnt help your case that the idiot of an agent you hired is pissing off the only people who are willing to pay you anything close to what you think you deserve.

    Take the damn offer,

    The Fans

  • Edward

    He could play for one less year and take 2 mil less… why not do that haha.

  • bigfanoflakers

    really lamar odom will stay to lakers 5 years 38.6m

  • Paul

    Lamar Odom’s agent is an ignoramus.

  • mr.laker19

    Somethin bout this situation aint true, im done i aint listenin to the media no more, let me know when he signed cuz i dont know wat to believe no more foreeel

  • kab818

    I hope were not going through all this drama just so Odom gets what he wants, and then cruises through his final years! He better work even harder unlike Luke and Sasha!

  • Mike24

    Its not about the 10 mil or 9 or even 7.2 its about getting the 5 years instead of 3 or 4

  • lakers2000

    Stuuuuupid! Next.


    Lakers should give him this contract

  • http://kjh.com lakers101


  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Dr. Buss, if you’re tuned in, make mudda fukkin’ Odom crawl back on his hands and knees beggin’ for $36 million over 4 years.

  • ray__498

    fu%k it give it to him let him retire as a laker

  • ray__498

    im with u Fdog

  • RJ

    cmon 3yr 24M and ur good

  • Drew

    3yr 24m..

    Im happy to be paid 3hr $24..

    After taxes that is..

  • domz

    7.72 mil per year. book it lamar

  • RB

    Any fan of the Lakers who thinks they should sign Lamar to a 5 year deal is crazy. Nobody else in the league will pay more than 5.8 million a year and Lamar is not going to be good in about 2 years. Jerry, stick to your guns…no more than a year deal for LO

  • LakerDownUnder

    I see the communication breakdown. Apparently he actually wants a 36 year contract so he can literally retire a Laker at 65.

  • richtown

    You folks who like this deal are crazy. I don’t think the lakers can do that deal, they just signed Artest to a 5 yr deal that we all thought was going to originally be 3 yrs. LO will not get 5 yrs now. Its just not going to happen. After Artest finagled the extra 2 yrs out of the lakers, LO would have been better off taking the 4 yr deal expecially if it had a player option on the 4th year

  • Purple and Godl for Life

    I have no idea how much weight to put into this source or news. Wow! I think that there is nothing wrong with this deal but then again what do I know. Do it Mitch!

  • sandman

    why dont the lakers just sign david lee instead

  • lakers0828

    Well i would say give the deal to odom cause If he dont return No Repeat and I realy want the Lakers to Repeat so please sign him back MITCH!!!!!

  • Razor Ramon

    i think the deal gets done tmrw… 5 yr 35 million… book it!

  • TonyFisch

    If accurate this confirms that Lamar is being conservative, and is somewhat unmotivated to think that after 4 seasons of very good play he can not lock down a MLE contract at todays $. Well, I would pay it. After 4 season’s he could be moved to a team that wants expiring $ the next summer. I think he would be 34 at season 5. Perhaps he wants to retire early, sit on the beach and eat gummy bears, who cares sign him for thisnif it is accurate.

  • Stephen

    Lamar just please sign already this is taking wayyyy too long and I want the rest of my summer to be relaxing

  • shakobe

    DO IT MITCHY BABY…….. sign lets go stop with this bullcrap… its like a freekin soap opera… give the man his money let go on with our season man…. we the fans have suffered enough thinking about this crap…… every season we have to go threw some bullcrap about free agents…… get errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………………………

  • TonyFisch

    Check this out. Lakers can take this right off the table with Bird rights, but If Buss is not going to walk he needs to pull the trigger before boozer leaves Utah as Portland is then in play too for LO.

    LAS VEGAS – Pat Riley has listened to Dwyane Wade(notes) express his unease with the Miami Heat sitting out the Eastern Conference’s arms race this summer. As the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic elevated themselves as championship contenders, the Heat president sold his superstar on patience, promising a plan to surround him with talent for the long run.

    Now, the Heat are working furiously to deliver Lamar Odom(notes) and Carlos Boozer(notes) to the shores of Biscayne Bay. The Heat are trying to sell Odom on a five-year, $34 million contract at the mid-level exception, and a league executive with knowledge of the talks says Miami has also hatched a three-way proposal with the Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies to secure Boozer.

  • lakerferlife7

    this shiitts gettin old fast….none of these reports make sense…first lamar wants 10mil now he wants 5 year at 7.7mil…didnt they offer him 4 years at 9.3mil…wtf is lamar doing…this honestly confims that lamar is just plain stupid…he didnt take the original deal so know he has to accept something aroud 7mil…wat a dumbass

  • Jayswun57

    Are you shitting me? Whats so bad about a 3 year 36mill that buss offered? im sure, if he wanted to, he could get 2.6 mill after his contract woulda been up.

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #79807 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m thinking.

  • jakegasol

    this doesn’t make sense… if we supposedly offered for years at 36 million and odom turned it down, and odom supposedly wants 5 years say 38.5 million, then he is basically admitting that he wouldn’t be able to sign (and thus not worth it) for the biannual exception in that fifth year….

    not adding up

  • Colin Bizzle

    LMFAO someone (Lamar or agent) is really really bad at math….

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #79842 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Exactly! Umm, if he’s not confident that he’s worth 2.5 million per season after 4 years of playing, is he really worth $9 or $10 million a year for 3-4 years? Big warning sign to me.

    Anyways, whatever. Who else is getting tired of all these numbers getting thrown around?

    Let’s see some results!

  • hendawgsilog

    i think noone knows how LO will be physically after 3 years. he will be 32 then and IF the lakers want to move him, will there be a team willing to pick up the remainder of his 2-yr contract worth almost 8-mil/year? that’s why he wants 5 years…that’s why Buss is hesitant of this deal. but then again, that’s just IMO and that’s why i’m not in the lakers front office.

  • Odom the worst player

    [Comment ID #79810 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said.

  • Odom is Odumb

    Lamar wants $45M over 5 years at BEST
    and also wants the Marion deal At Least

    Well, he is 30 by NOV and 35 by the time he plays again after that contract….

    Can u blame him for trying to get more yrs and $$???

  • Joe

    Shake Hands!

    Lets win another f**king championship ya’ll~

  • Kobe8

    i can see Buss being stubborn and letting him go. i just don’t see Lamar coming back to the Lakers at this point.

  • TJ

    Lamar wants 5 years, will PJ even be coaching the Lakers in 5 years? get real… It may be time to part ways with LO, and see if they can make a 2 player trade, or something like that to upgrade the squad…

  • pio2u

    Sign him up & lets play ball.

  • lethimgo

    Let Lamar go and bring in Tayshaun. Let’s have another L.A. native help us win a championship.


    [Comment ID #79810 Will Be Quoted Here]

    u better listen Lamar, he’s right….I think this agent of Lamar is not a fan of the Lakers, lol sorry ur team sucks & the LAKERS dont……lol

  • Ruin323

    If he leaves to Miammi Im gonna laughing so hard… We pretty much traded Shaq (who helped bring us 3 rings) to the heat for Odom who couldnt even help us brign 1 until we brought Gasol. He was overpaid while he was a Laker, everybody let him slide on the fact that he was so much better as a 3rd and even 4th option while making for money that Lebron and Carmello… He has had almost 10 yrs to prove he can be an all star but just couldnt do it.. he is having hard time acctepting the fact that he is just a “Role” player and wont be a quote “superstar” anymore.. Yes he was nicknamed “the Goods” once.. but that was years ago and he could never prove it..

  • http://forums.lakersground.net/viewforum.php?f=1 Fack You

    This Odom situation seems to be getting uglier by the minute, or at least that’s what the media would have us believe.
    Seriously Buss, you can’t at least throw a 5-year offer out there? I realize that Odom’s camp is being equally bone-headed, but if Odom wants 5-years then let’s at least make some kind of offer.
    We’re screwing around with a potential dynasty here and putting all of our marbles in a 21-year old immature kid that can’t stay healthy. Screw that.
    What’s the f’ing problem with paying a few extra mil for solidify our standing over the next 3-4 years?

    Bottom line:
    Get this deal done.

  • gugy

    Lamar is being a bitch.
    Buss gave him a solid deal and he is just spitting on it.
    He might regret this decision forever.

  • Lex

    [Comment ID #79810 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • TonyFisch

    “What’s the f’ing problem with paying a few extra mil for solidify our standing over the next 3-4 years?”

    Problem is, it is not your money, nor mine and Buss and his family own the Lakers as a business that they will keep, hopefully for a long time. They are great owners and LA is so blessed to have them.

    The LO thing may not get resolved before the Milsap, Utah thing is settled unless we either see LO sign sometime before Friday, or If the Lakers announce a trade. Lets trust Jerry Buss. We now know that we may not be able to trust LO for much more that some good play and some not so good play depending on the mood. LO, even If you stay a Laker, you have done some damage to how people perceive you, that said, if hasn’t effected you much in the past, guess it does not matter. What can I say, you kind of suck.

  • http://hotmail.com LOisAnIdiot

    I guarantee this report is made up.

  • RoWyN

    Odom bashers don’t get me wrong, I hate Stephen A. Smith just as much, but he kind of makes sense in his blog http://stephena.com/?p=227

  • Toon

    [Comment ID #79856 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How would they get Tayshaun?