Return of Bynum could mean that Lakers want to move Odom and his $14 million salary.

L.A. Times: The issue now is making the pieces fit with one problem position, small forward . . . where Odom would have to go with Bynum at center and Gasol at power forward.

Jackson wants a shooter there badly enough to start his favorite Martian, Vladimir Radmanovic.

The weakest part of Odom’s game is shooting, a problem that came home to roost with Garnett backing off him.

Then there’s Odom’s $14-million salary, as the Lakers assume as much as $90 million in additional salary and luxury tax over the next three seasons with Gasol.

However, from the day they made the trade, the Lakers never thought they would end up paying that much, suggesting they were already thinking of moving Odom.

Indeed, Odom was in their package for Gasol until Memphis owner Michael Heisley took him out, asking for lesser players who afforded more cap relief. Odom then surprised everyone, meshing smoothly with Gasol to give the Lakers twin towers who were wizards with the ball and, according to San Antonio Coach Gregg Popovich, the NBA’s best passing team.

If the Lakers had gone on to win a title, with all the good feeling that went with it, they might have given Odom the extension that he’s now seeking.

Since they didn’t win a title, with the Finals highlighting Odom’s limitations in what could be seen as a preview of next season, they’ll surely shop him this off-season.


    Only if they’re gettin’ The Matrix(Shawn Marion and add Udonis Haslem).

  • BringDFishBack

    He’s too inconsistent. If he could play 15/10/3 every game, he’d be great. But he disappears too much. I really like the idea of an Odom/Pau for Camby/Prince swap, as both the Pistons and Nuggets are looking to make some moves. I really don’t see Pau leaving though, but if we could work out something where we got a Prince or Battier type for Odom, I’d be extremely happy.

  • Ko-Pau19

    I have always been a big fan of Odom. I admire his versatility and his skills as a basketball player, but as a Laker fan, I think we have seen what he can and can’t do as a player. As a result, it is obvious that the “Odom experiment” is a failure. I’m not a bandwagon fan. I will always support my Lakers and whatever they decide to do, I’ll welcome with open arms.I am just saying that in my perspective, Odom has done the best he can in this team, and sadly to say, sometimes your best isn’t good enough for this team.

    So whatever happens this summmer, I just wish Odom the best.He’ll always be a Laker for life whatever happens in the near future…


    Only if The Matrix comes(and package Udonis Haslem in that deal).


    Only for The Matrix and Udonis Haslem,CALL PAT RILEY!

  • LakerNation1

    id be lying is i said i wouldnt feel bad if LO goes….

  • LakersFirst

    He is perfect trade bait, a $14M expiring contract and he actually has talent (I mean someone took Kwame Brown and his $9M expiring contract for crying out loud).

    The Lakers are in need of a defensive player.

  • Sako

    I don’t want to trade him if we’re not gonna get an all-star SF. If we’re gonna trade him, I want Caron Butler back.

  • Short Diezel

    bye bye ODOM… pick up a real small forward who can play both ends of the court CONSISTENTLY… ron artest?

  • Rinnegato

    After what happened this past season, i’m done playing GM haha I’m just gonna sit back, relax, enjoy my ice cold lemonade, and wait to see what Mitch can surprise me with when training camp starts! He has my respect on his GM abilities, there was no way I could’ve called a Pau Gasol/Ariza addition to our line up this season! Totally blind-sided me heheh

  • Kobe8>24

    i would lve to see Shawn Marion with the Lakers but his salary might be too big, if not then bring back Caron Butler..

  • lakerfan

    Caron Butler? Why did they even let him go? Man I wish he was still in purple/gold.

    Well I guess if you can let go of Shaq you can let go of Butler.

    Look. Unless Lamar takes a pay cut, I say let him walk.

    I’m still pissed that we lost. I can’t even watch ESPN because the Celts highlights only make things worse.

    I’m assuming we pick second to last in the first round. I don’t foresee getting someone that can help right away. I say oackage that with Odom for a PF.

    Lakers!!!! muy bien!!!

  • 123kid

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    i think that was the worse idea for the lakers to have done, when they traded caron butler! but odom is gonna be a good trade bait! but i think the only possible offer the lakers have a chance for is doin business with the heat.


    Y’all have slapped in the face with the TRUTH again(no pun intended),I forgot C.Butler,thanks my fellow Lakers but seeings I’m from DC and have seen a lot of crazy trades,I don’t think(not feel)they’ll entertain a LO/Butler trade,especially if(or when)Arenas and Jaminson Leave,maybe.

  • gugy

    Mitch Go For It!

    Odom is an underachiver. He played well at the end of the season and at some playoff games but when we need him the most he disappear like at the finals. Sorry, I am tired of his inconsistency. His salary is a great tool to land much better player on Lakerland.

    Bye Odom, you had your chance.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #40945 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They had the 28th pick (Detroit and Boston pick 29th & 30th, as they had better records in the regular season), but it was traded in the Pau Gasol trade. The only pick they have in the draft is 58 overall (28th in the 2nd round).

  • http://golakers golakers

    I know we’re all extremely disappointed at how things went in Game 6. So much so that we want change, and we want it now. I just think about the season we just wittnessed and I am more than satisfied. Thes is no way I thought we would be watching our Lakers in June. I wanted to believe, but I thought they were still a year away. Well, it turns out I was right. Next year they will be the team to beat. It isn’t time for change. It’s time to reflect on just how incredible this team was and is. They treated us to the best Western Confrence shoot out in history. They fought hard throughout the play-offs and deserve our highest praise. The fact of the matter is, the Celtics were better. Their defense was better. Their bench was better. They wanted it just a little more. That doesn’t make Luke a bum. The Lakers didn’t quit. They were beaten.

    I say all that to say that I can’t wait for next season. I am certain the Lakers will win their next Championship in 2009. Experience is the best teacher. There is no way the Lakers will let another team make them feel how they felt after Game 6. Go Lakers!

  • lakerschamps08

    idk… but only trade him if we gonna get a pf/c or pf and a sf… but yea maybe marion and haslem, haslem would be great for this team.. hasle and ronny be perfect do the dirty work guys.. but trade LO only if we get someone(s) very valuable to the team…

  • asdf

    odom for artest

  • kb24 4life

    im a big LO fan, i love his versatility, he´s a guy that can put up a triple double on any given night.. he just has to work on making his layups.. it was a dissapointment to watch him in the finals.. but i say wait until february and if nothiing else, trade him in the deadline..

  • lak4lif

    I say we trade odom later and trade fluke walton and vladi rad-man for caron butler, then trade odom for for the marion

  • ricky

    im a big fan of lamar odom. i say we keep him for the time unless we get a great deal for him. we can always wait till the deadline if we really have to make a move, so what im saying is that its still very early to make such a drastic change. like i have said before, we only need minor tweaking here and there, not a big makeover. sure, odoms’s expring $14 million would be great trade bait, but i still want to see what this current team can do once bynum returns. his rebounding, ballhandling and passing would mean more to this team than scoring points.

    we need another good defensive SF and a strong PF. we can also use another shooter as well.

    1. corey maggette – offense, some defense, tougness
    2. shane battier – perfect fit, shooter, defense, toughness
    3. mike miller?? probably impossible to get since we stole gasol already from them – shooter, scrappy defender, hardworking
    4. kwame brown- yes, kwame brown. when healthy, he can provide another big body and can do some good things defensively
    5. udonis haslem – energy, hardworking, defense, hustle player (similar to ronny turiaf)

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #40955 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • ckk

    i love Lamar and too see him go would be really sad since we all know the type of person he is, the only way we should trade him is if we get an amazing deal, Shawn Marion or Ron Artest particularly if not keep him.

  • http://golakers golakers

    Not Odom for Artest. Odom and Artest. Let’s not forget how many times Lamar led the team in rebounds and assists. I think Lamar finally does get it. He fits well in the system the Lakers are running. If they replace him with a new face it will be a new guy having to learn a complicated offense with probably “less than Lamar” results. It really isn’t broke, so why try to fix it? Artest has expressed interest in playing with Lamar. They are buddies from back in Queens. If Ron decides to opt out, he may take a long look at putting on the purple and gold.

  • Michael_23

    The Lakers wouldn’t be thinking of this move is there’s no Andrew Bynum. Because of Andrew coming back it will really clog up the front court.

    So with LO moving to SF he’ll have to play the perimeter move offensively and defensively. Magic was an excellent SF, heck he could dominate any position right?

    But I agree, we need someone who can slash and hit the perimeter jumper. I would agree with trading but ONLY for quality players. We’re not gonna trade this guy for 3 or 4 players obviously. But just ONE good quality player would do.

    Artest? Good choice.

    Oh yeah, and Luke Walton, but he has a lot of years left in his contract so it’ll be more difficult for him to leave …

  • thevoiceofreason

    I love Lamar Odom. He played great basketball until the finals. You guys are being unfair with the guy. He shows improvements when you put great players that take pressure off of him. Who cares if we don’t have a 3 point shooter. We already have Kobe and Fisher. We would destroy all the teams inside with Odoms great ball handling and passing.


    Some folks,I guess,didn’t hear that artest wants to stay in Sactown(makes me laugh when I say it,SAC-TOWN,HAHAHAHAHA).

    Refer to Ricky’s and add Richard Jefferson,Mickael Pietrus,Kelenna Azubuike,Tayshun Prince and Udonis Haslem(who we need).

    I’d take Maggette and Azubuike or Pietrus and Haslem.

  • RoWyN

    Wow. So this is what losing a series against a really good team do to some of the real fans that not too long ago were bragging about how great our lakers were.

    blame it all on odom. blame it all on pau for being so soft. blame it all on luke d fluke.

    One thing that separates the great teams from those who just made the playoffs and were never to be heard from again, is their ability to not get rattled in times of defeat. the pacers, the sixers, blazers, kings all made too much (in)significant moves the season after their best year. The next year, they had tostart over from scratch, until they all forgot how it was again.

    The best teams of the past, accepted defeat and continued to trust their team. Yes they made a few changes but all just make sure they remain competitive. Nothing’s wrong with Kobe-Pau-Lamr lineup. If sumthing, its because it was supposed to be Kobe-Pau-Lamar_Bynum.

    The real fans are the ones that say, “Damn we lost. But we’ll get them next time!” I know I’m one.

  • RoWyN

    BTW. I don’t mind getting Artest, as a matter of fact i hope it happens. But I seriously hope it’s not to the extent that we’ll have to give up Mr Mismatch (when he chooses to be). If they want VladRad or Luke (or both!) then fine go ahead but not any of kobe-Pau-Lamar-Bynum. I still have hope and will continue to be proud of bleeding purple and gold. Green is too effing ugly.

  • http://golakers golakers

    I’m one too. I don’t want to see any of this season’s team gone. Add Bynum and it makes Lamar even more effective. Phil says he wants to make changes. I think he may be referring more to what’s between the players ears than the talent on the floor. They have to adopt the same mind set as the Celtics. Us against the world. The embarassment they felt after the finals will serve to make them more resillient. A good defensive coach added to the mix would help also. Phil has proven that team defense is not his strong suit.

  • kelvlam

    hmm… monkey odom got some really long arms that grab so many offensive rebound when he was on the ride though…

  • Russel Westbrook

    it seems to m that Phil wants to keep him. he is a point foward just like pippen. a point forward is needed in te triangle


    Rowyn,sorry but even Mitch said before the season ended that he was looking to improve with some players.Did you hear Phil after game 6,”WE NEED SOME PLAYERS”,meaning even if they get Artest they still NEED someone else.

    Yes,I love what The Lakers were able to do this season but not enough to bring that ‘Chip back home,TOO YOUNG and experience was the teacher,remember we have 1 all-star compared to their 3.

    I say we keep LO but if Caron Butler is availible,go for it but if Artest opts out,they keep’em.Business is Never Personal(EPMD).

  • tradekwame11

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    We can get more then that
    2 ways to do it

    Odom for Marion and Haslem
    Odom for Artest, 1st Round pick, and Mikki Moore(hard worker,doz dirty work, and tough)

  • SliqRiq

    Keep LO with Bynum coming back that front line will be a force!!!!

  • lakerschamps08

    tradekwame11 i like ur trades..but as i heard on loose cannons when artest was talking it sounds like that he wants to play with LO in if LO is gone THEN NO ARTEST BUT THATS JUST MY OPINION.. HOPEFULLY WE KEEP LO,UNLESS ARTEST SAYS HES STAYING WITH HE KINGS

  • Odom the worst player

    Odom has to go, his salary is too high. I think we can get a couple of players for that salary. My main problem with odom is he doesn’t even try on defense. He just hold both hands in the air, and never even try to block shots.

  • D Lo

    He’s long gone. I’ll miss him some days, some days I won’t….exactly like Lamar would play. He would be a force one day and a cupcake the next.

  • BringDFishBack

    The motivation for moving Odom will not be Bynum. No one knows if Bynum will come back the same as he was before. If the only reason they would trade Odom is to make more room for Bynum, they will wait till mid season when they know Bynum is producing the way he was before the injury.

  • west213

    ….by the way if Artest wants to join the lakers then he has to become free agent, and doing that we dont need to give out any players to gain him.

  • tradekwame11

    [Comment ID #41011 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what if we put

    Artest # Mikki Moore for Radman, Luke, Mihm

  • sclakerfan

    It’s funny, if you read the Sacramento Kings Blogs, they think that Odom AND Farmar for Artest is a bad trade for THEM! I don’t think other teams want Odom as much as we think they do.

    Only way Riley accepts Odom for Matrix and Haslam is if he made some secret deal to come back to the Lakers as their President or part owner.

    Although I hope that Odom and Kobe can convince Artest to sign with the Lakers for the MLE, I think he and his agent are still trying to work out a better deal for somewhere in the low $10 million a year range or a promise for a sign and trade. Think about it this way. If you had 2 similar job offers, one paying $40K a year where you can work with your friends in a city you want, or another for $140K a year in a different city, which would you take? I think most people would take the $140K a year. Unless it was someone near the end of their career trying to win a championship before they retire, like Karl Malone, players almost always go for the $$. You would think that someone making $7 million a year wouldn’t care about a few extra million, but trust me, they do. I have a friend who makes $500K a year, but he thinks he’s not making enough because his buddies in investment banking make over a million a year. Unbelievable!

    I hope I’m totally wrong and Artest signs for the MLE, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

  • lakerlover

    i like odom…



  • kPoAbUe

    i doubt that Coery will come because i think maybe clippers will sign Agent Zero and Magette will stay with Brand. I think he is the reason why we even made it to the Finals yea sure he was not inconcistant but give a guy a break he went through alot of stuff during his 4 years in LA. With Bymun coming back and if i pray Artest coming he will stay. U guys we dont need that much improvment we got Bymun coming back and hopefully getting Artest here.

  • KB24Blkmamba

    Lamar Odom needs to be traded.He doesn’t have the championship hunger that the Lakers need to win it all next year. My suggestion based on what I am hearing in the sports talk shows is get Elton Brand as well as a Ron Artest. In addition, get any savvy or smart veteran player(s) similar to our championship runs early this new millenium. Other than that, LAKER nation should be fine next season and hopefully we get home court advantage like the damn CELTICS did this year.

  • jay

    Look everybody, LO and Artest are homies, since they been 9 yrs old. artest is friends with Kobe. we can not Odom go.mitch needs to fix his mistakes of vlad rad and luke walton(i dont care about bball IQ, i car about heart and going to the rim and defense) WE REALLY NEED AND RICK FOX/DOUGH CHRISYIE TYPE OF PLAYER. if celtics can do it with perkins, i sure there is a player who can do the same things as him. so i say the only keepers on our team would be



    mike miller

  • lakerschamps08

    [Comment ID #41043 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea that woud be great but kings not gonna do it… but that be like stealin u know like we did with gasol..LOL

  • Sako

    What Lamar needs to do is become Kobe’s best friend this summer and do everything that Kobe does… except Vanessa.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Trade, trade, trade. I would trade LO in the off season. This will give new guy time to learn DEFENSE and triangle. I will miss his rebounds and thats it. I have been waiting for this great “Scotti Pippen” type player for 4 yrs now, where is he? LO has very low esteem and desire to be a great player, ever watch his interviews? also low basketball IQ. From all the suggestions I wish we can pick up/trade for Shane Battier or Shawn Matrix or Udonis or Shawtay Prince or Mike Pietrus or Caron Butler and long shot Artest

  • fred0s

    I don’t get why the Lakers would want to trade Lamar Odom without first trying to see what the frontcourt combination of Lamar/Gasol/Bynum would give them. If anything, this trade should be done by the deadline, where we get closer to an expiring contract (which would make him a more valuable piece). I honestly do believe that if this current roster stays in tact, even if no significant piece is added, they have a great chance of breaking the 70 win mark this season along with sweeping the playoffs.

  • Nabil

    I’m with you yellowpurplefever! It’s been 4 years! He ain’t no Scottie Pippen on D!

    I like the Prince. GREAT Defender, GREAT teamate, solid shooter, champion. Or the Matrix perhaps, but his history is that he wants the spotlight and doesn’t like being the 2 or 3 guy, remember? I like both those guys over Artest because they just seem more long, versatle, athletic, young (I don’t know this, but Artest just SEEMS older and closer to loosing his quickness), and stable-minded. Any of the 3 would be great.

  • Soichiro

    why trade lamar? he’s a great thrid option this year behind Kobe and Pau.

    The Lakers were just neutralized by Boston and so did Lamar.

    If there’s anyone that should be traded, it should be Luke Walton and Valdman.

    Get better players who play defense. =) Much respect to the two. But we need more than softies to make it again to the finals.

  • Nabil

    Exactly. Lamar IS a softie, when you get down to the heart of the matter.

    Lamar and Smush Walton (or Vlad Rad) for Prince and McDyse.

  • Laker for life

    Lamar should really stay in LA.
    He fits well to Phil’s Triangle offense and he DOES play with passion on the floor. I don’t understand why people talk negative about his presence. He did make key plays, both defensive and offensive throughout the season. We should get rid Luke, Rad, and Mihm. Pick up Artest.

    STOP TALKING SHIET ON LO.. dam fukin annoying.

  • hellbydante

    I know this is a really long shot but, i’d love to see Rashard Lewis in purple and gold for Odom… We should have snatched him when he became a free agent last season….

  • Keep Odom

    Without the Caron-Kwame trade we would of never ended up getting Pau. Besides without Odom we would of never ended up getting as far as we did because of his rebounding. There is no way that Pau could of rebounded all by himself without Odom. That being said, I would hate to see Odom go but if it meant that we could improve our team I would do it. I would love to see Redd, T. Prince, or at least a starter who can defend and shoot the mid range jumper. Bynum and Pau will clean up the rebounds. Unfortunately, I doubt that we will see Odom back in a Lakers uniform.


    so this could be lamar’s last season? F’uck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xtro

    I hope Mitch can get Artest w/o giving up on Odom. We’ve yet to see how Odom will thrive when Bynum returns in the line-up.

  • andrew bynum

    get artest

    PG Fish
    SG MVP
    SF Artest
    PF LO
    C Pau
    6 Andy
    7 Ariza
    8 Ronny
    9 Jordan
    10 Sasha
    11 sun yue
    12 george hill

  • dilip

    Dont trade Odom!
    If you guys havent noticed, rebounding is our biggest weakness, and odom is a monster on boards, even on bad day. without odom, we will be even worse!
    Give him a chance playing with bynum and gasol, we will gobble up rebounds!
    All he has to do is fill in blanks for the game, he wont need to be super 15/10/5 consistent with AB coming back

  • mauriceaj

    He is an excellent rebounder, passer, a decent shooter, fits well with the triangle, and has been with the guys for 4 years…..give him a chance……

  • tradekwame11

    [Comment ID #41069 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how bout

    Artest = Luke, mihm, 2011 2nd round pick, and some $$

  • Smush Walton

    If Only…
    we had traded Odumb for Kwame instead of Butler.

    Butler comes to play, Odumb doesn’t.
    Odumb is a half-brain – just listen to him in an interview.

    Odumb is just going through the motions.

    With both Pau & Bynum in the lineup that would only mean more dribbling and outside shots from Lame-O and we have all seen what a DISASTER both of those are! Clumsy charge fouls, traveling violations, ridiculous turnovers, blown layups, point blank misses, airballs, bricks.

    Time to go, four years of waiting for this numbskull to live up to his potential is enough! We need someone with brains, heart, determination not some flea-brain pothead who gives half-ass effort out there, never improves, and constantly makes the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Smush Walton

    Think about it…Odumb hit the nightclubs right after Game 5, arriving AFTER MIDNIGHT! Can you imagine Kareem, Magic, or Kobe doing that?

    That clearly shows that winning the title was not his TOP priority. Obviously he was not focused nor had the heart to win a championship…

    Why did he not rest or use the time to watch videotapes to improve himself? (Because he is not a cerebral player – in his case “half-brain” is an exageration!) He’s a NINE YEAR VETERAN, for crying out loud, not a HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN!!!

    Hopefully there are teams out there that will overlook his mental shortcomings and are willing to give his “versatility” a try, (and hopefully it is one we will see in a future playoff series.)

  • Smush Walton

    Here is what we can look forward to with another year of Lame-O on the court (we’ve seen it over and over again folks)…

    When he cannot get to the basket on a transition, Odumb will always start to dribble the ball and juke around like point guard… he will then ALWAYS either commit a stupid charge/offensive foul (because everyone else in the NBA knows which side he goes and the defender will be PARKED on Lame-o’s left side), shoot a brick, or clumsily stumble on a drive and turn the ball over… we have seen this over and over and over again! (The guy is STUCK ON STUPID!)

    He is the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tin Man all in one! He desperately needs to make a trip to OZ and ask the Wizard for a brain, heart, and courage.

  • http://golakers golakers

    I still like BringDFish’s idea best. Give the team as presently constituted a chance to play together. If things don’t continue to improve, consider making a change before the trading deadline. If Artest would consider playing for the Lakers for less money, and if Lamar would be the greatest attraction that we have to get a money player like Artest, then it is worth waiting to see. Lamar is still one of the better rebounders and assist men in the league. I wish he would make make layups and free throws, but he’s not as bad as some of you might think. A lot of players would not be comfortable in the role of third fiddle. I think Lamar still has plenty of upside. Don’t forget, with Lamar, we almost made it. With Andrew and possibly Artest, there would be no doubt.